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I don’t have the time nor the interest to catch up on all the SBS¬†Gayo Daejun performances, but you best believe that when I woke up this morning the first one I hit up YouTube for was Lee Hyori’s joint stage with CL. There was no way I was gonna skip Miss Korea performing with her¬†dongsaeng and undisputed future of pop music, baddest female CL!

These two queens started off by copying Brown Eyed Girls’ “Kill Bill” concept with a spaghetti western remix of Hyori’s “Bad Girls,” before seguing into a hip-hop version. CL murdered every bitch in Asia with her rapping, while Hyori showed that she’s still the hottest woman in K-pop after all these years.

Things really took off when it was CL’s turn to do “The Baddest Female.” This Kween left me gasping for air with her SWAG and plagiarized “I Got a Boy” helicopter hair whipping. Then Hyori stepped back out and started popping her pussy and bouncing her tig ol’ biddies and it was GAME OVER.

Every time I see CL out on stage shutting shit down I silently scream to myself, “WHY ISN’T SHE A GLOBAL STAR BY NOW! BITCH SLAYS NICKI AND BEY!” YG should at least slap her on an A$AP Rocky or Big Sean single or something. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Anyway, get yo’ life to these two deities below.

  • Tayiou

    I was completely slayed by this. Had Kara and GG already performed by then, i’d just give up on life.

    • I wanted to do a post like this about The Divine Nine performing the iconic “Express 999” but the camera work was so fucking terrible that I didn’t even bother :(

      • Tayiou

        It’s not the cameramen nor the producers fault, after being destroyed by this performance and Slay-ara’s, I’m surprised they could even keep on broadcasting.

      • Josh Chinnery

        Those bitches gave zero fucks when it came to the performance of Express 999; it was sloppy and I almost cried from how terribly they wrecked the damn thing >_>

  • I wasn’t really feeling this performance for the most part.

    But 6:39 is where it went DOWN!

    As soon as the back-up broads got ushered into the darkness of up-stage and CL and Hyori started doing their little dance, I was sold.

    CL is never going to catch any mainstream Western shine. But she can sit knowing that her swag puts most chicks under a Pyongyang tram.

    • I mostly agree except I think all the parts with CL were amazing, the Hyori solos weren’t as good. Hyori isn’t that good of a performer in general, she mostly just slays because she’s pretty and she’s Lee Hyori.

      • But CL always shuts it right the way down on stage, so for me it’s a given.

        I want to know when YG are going to revive the ‘CL and Minzy’ duo. I’m tired of Dara and Bom taking up stage and song time – dragging CL and Minzy’s swag coattails down like dead-weights.

        • I was surprised that 2NE1 actually released a legit good song again with “Missing You.” First time I really liked them again in years. It also helps that Minzy is prettier now since getting her whole face done, Soyeon style.

          Anyway, still don’t care that much about 2NE1. Would just rather solo CL since she has all the talent, swag, and star power, and “The Baddest Female” >>>>>>>>.

  • wow CL actually slayed proper like.

  • Dub

    Imma let Hyori and CL finish, but Lee Sem had the best performance of all time. She eye-fucked the cameraman and the entirety of South Korea in the span of 10 seconds.


    In all seriousness though, that Hyori x CL collaboration was amazing.

    • byoing~byoing.

      Why does Star Empire keep trying to make Eunji a visual for the group? Girl looks like a crack whore and that’s why she’s my eternal bias. She’s like the ugly duckling of the group that’s never gonna grow into a beautiful Lee Sem.

      • Dub

        I think Star Empire are just confused as to what to do with her. She’s not as good a singer or rapper as Lee Sem and she’s also one of the lesser attractive members in the group. They’re not just going to kick her out of the group. They’ve gone through enough member changes and they finally got the lineup right. They’re pretty much trying anything and seeing what fits her best. I will say tha they got her look right during Gun. She looked hot with the short wavy hair.

      • UncleFan

        Cuz dimples >>>>>> talent any day. #JusticeForEunji

  • 364Leinad

    I think we all need to be honest with ourselves here
    Lee Hyori and CL collab >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your fave

  • KingBeaArthur

    CL SLAYEEEDDD!!! But the best part was 6:39 easily!

  • my self

    Sorry but what? I wasn’t slayed by this performance but it was ok. CL isn’t a global star because she is just like Nicki but Korean version. CL’s solo song rap is pure gibberish and is equally ridiculous as Nicki’s raps. Just because its in hangul, a language that a vast majority of international K-pop fans don’t even understand, doesn’t make it sound better or have more hipster swagger.

    The performance overall was good but that joint dance towards the ends was making me laugh.

    • yurp

      I disagree completely. CL isn’t anything like Nicki except that they are both female rappers. They have completely different styles and it sounds like you don’t know much about different rap styles. Besides, Nicki goes from creepy school girl to barking dog in like, a second. *shutters*. CL has potential for international fame, Though unfortunately I think a lot of western culture is not very interested in an Asian artist so it seems.. I really liked this performance, and I don’t even like Baddest Female all that much. I actually hated it when I first heard it, which was disappointing considering that it was her first solo song… (which imo should have been MTBD which is a much better song)

  • Alex

    “CL murdered every bitch in Asia with her rapping” ugh

  • LizzyG

    Definitely some swag here. Miley, pay attention.

    • lol…very interesting analysis…. not.

      “imitating” is something pop culture does since the flintstones era, and it’s not just about “street swag”. any mild wikipedia research can prove you that, just do some reading for chrissake

      • LizzyG

        Ok troll, this era has been called nostalgic for a reason. I never said inspiration never happened in life, what’s happening now is a particularly ridiculous “tribute” to old school. How does the ever so reliable wiki describe this era huh? (Rhetorical, rather not hear from you again)

        And look I wasn’t trying to pick a fight, it’s my opinion. You however are rude, go scratch.

  • um

    the best part of this was when the camera cut to zico and park kyung pretending to enjoy this. CLs solo was the worst song released in 2013 and I feel bad for Queen Hyori having to collab with that hot mess.

  • Josh Chinnery

    So… Anyone wanna make me a gif of CL and Hyori at ~6:45 with the “Bitch I’m Fabulous” caption? Pretty please :3

    *ahem* Life was served to me during this performance. I was a lil skeptical of what was going to go down when this was announced, but I voluntarily handed over my wig when I watched this. I give zero fucks about how redundant CL would be in the western music scene; I want a CL English single NAO!!!

  • Strawberryicon


  • still can’t see the video, but i’m with you on every single word about CL. it’s about time 2NE1 disband and stop holding CL’s star back with those lameass dead weight members.