T-ara Nine Muses
Let me check Metacritic and Wikipedia to see what pop albums non-K-pop fans have to look forward to in December. Um, there’s Britney Jean. Barf. Some Emeli Sandé EP. Double barf. And there was a Karmin album due out, but it’s been pushed back to next year. Did the lead single flop or something? Anyway, I’m still gonna give it a QUADRUPLE TIMES INFINITY BARF, just because it’s Karmin.

As for me, I’m gonna get my life to the LEGENDARY T-ara on December 3, and the GOD-LIKE Nine Muses on the 4th.

Slay-ara’s just dropped an MV teaser for their new single, “Do You Know Me?,” and it’s all kinds of epic. Hyomin has pink hair, Eunjung’s revisited her White: The Melody of The Curse days by going platinum, and if you head on over to T-ara World and check out the behind-the-scenes photos from the video, Qri’s rocking curly pigtails and a beret.


The teaser is for a ballad, but I guarantee that the real song will have some epic beat drop and turn into another typical T-ara hook song. The retro musical concept they’re doing for this comeback is going to hypnotize Korea and K-pop fans everywhere like it’s the “Roly Poly” syndrome all over again, and the haters will just have to deal.

I already know that this shit is gonna be even better than “Number Nine,” and since “Number Nine” was a perfect 10/10, then that must mean “Do You Know Me?” is gonna fall somewhere between an 11/10 and a 10000/10.

The Nine Slayers surf-pop masterpiece/Rainbow “A” knock-off “Gun” somehow flopped harder than G.NA’s tits without a bra, so the Fine Nine are rushing out a new digital single called “Glue” in the hope that people won’t forget about them by the time 2014 rolls around. I feel like they should’ve just made this a Prima Donna repackage, but stupid Star Empire probably couldn’t afford to manufacture any more physical albums.

The audio in the group’s “Glue” teaser is giving me discofied Daft Punk-meets-Jamiroquai realness with a twist of the underrated “Who R U,” while the visuals are serving erection-inducing class and sensuality.

In other words, if your fave isn’t Nine Muses, then you suck at life and should kill yourself.

Apparently this comeback is rated 25+, blowing the widely-used Korean 19+ rating out of the water. Who else but the Nine Gods could restrict a single to everybody under the age of 25?

  • Nicole Naeun

    December is the month of disco music! Can’t wait for these legends to slay my soul <3

  • i love that korea is intuitively guessing it’s summer in brazil and giving me all the hot dance music i wish for the season!

    i’ve been squealing like a school girl everytime a new t-ara teaser drops. eunjung’s and hyomin’s hairs are perfection… and jiyeon makes me want to be straight! o.O

  • Lin Yang

    No shade or hate, but I laugh when people say T-ara is going to serve legendary, 10/10 music lol

    • Nicole Naeun

      I actually do think that “Roly-Poly” is one of the MOST FUN songs I’ve ever heard in my life, hence it’s legendary.

      And “Bo Peep Bo Peep” has one of the most ridiculously iconic concepts (including the perfomance concepts such as the chuseok cats concept) ever lmaooo!

      • Lin Yang

        Whatever makes you happy

    • James Smith III

      u wish ur fave could serve effortlessly catch songs with hooks that never leave ur mind

      • Lin Yang

        lol and you know who my faves are?

        • FreakyFlyBri

          Doesn’t matter who your faves are, they probably aren’t making better music than T-ara. So laugh all you want to disguise the tears you’re crying inside that your bias didn’t record Roly Poly, Sexy Love, Number 9, Lovey Dovey, or Day By Day.<3

          • Lin Yang


            I don’t think there’s anymore that I can say.
            Plus, let me remind you that the comment wasn’t made with ill, or hateful intent.
            I was merely expressing my opinion that wasn’t meant to attack anyone, like everyone does here.

            Okay bye!

    • Queen’s for T-ara

      all T-ara mvs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>any kmv group who isn’t for davichi,seeya and sg wannabe

  • Dub

    I’m right there with you. Nothing else matters in December, but these 2 releases.

    Gun wasn’t a total flop. It’s their highest charting single, but sadly it was lacking the longevity that Dolls had.

    • Dave99

      I would agree with you – but then there’s the fucking Slayon Pope Christmas release. Basically the holy trinity returns again.

  • Quang Phạm

    Glue MV looks… low budget?

  • KingBeaArthur


    Not 100% sold on “Glue” (I’ll wait until the final product drops) but I’m crazy ready for T-ara!!! Eunjung is giving me more than required!

  • t-errorist

    The T-ara teasers have been so low budget and messy. I love them. The video looks like it will be filled with Oscar worthy acting too.


    The Nine Muses teaser reminds me of the amazing Gangkiz Mama MV.

  • ICONI3

    omg 9muses sounds a lil like their best song ever “figaro”..or is that one of my deluded wishes?

    T-ara…They never disappointed and they won’t start now.

  • mity

    well, with you now there wull be 5 persons that are gonna be expecting for those uhmm.. beings? gOod for them, i bet they will soon reach the number of sales of kesha or Jessie J LOLOLOL :)

    • T-ara’s sales are higher than Jessie J’s already though…

      • mity

        HAHAHAHA WOW!!!! great achievement!!!! hahahaha LOL

        • FreakyFlyBri

          Your broken English and poor use of sarcasm are giving me life!

  • James Smith III

    does anyone else wanna see Eunjung perfomr “White” from that movie…that song used to give me life

  • Queen’s for T-ara

    T-ara <3

  • heraldc

    I am more excited about T-ara’s comeback rather than Christmas. XD

  • mamai00

    Mehh. All that matters to me now is Flower’s new MV. It’s everything I tell you XP


  • oneclearnight

    Sounds like 9 Muses are serving up some Figaro-realness once again!! Flawless. One of the most consistent girl groups out there, lbr.


    So dead at Nine Muses acting like the PrimaDonna album never happened. But Glue is giving me Figaro/News/Wild realness. I’m always here for anything new from my Nine Goddesses.

    Idk if I’m ready for T-ARA’s impending takeover. This is literally going to be Roly-Poly Part 2. I have never been a religious man but I now accept you Lord Jesus Christ as my saviour, you have brought my faves back to me therefore I will devote my life to you.

  • Joshua Strickland

    What about Crayon Pop? D:

  • Josh Chinnery

    “Anyway, I’m still gonna give it a QUADRUPLE TIMES INFINITY BARF, just because it’s Karmin.”

    AYO, NIGGA!! I’m normally down for yo shady ass (even when you shade my faves and snatch dem wigs so fast, they lose the ability to sing for a week), but nigga… Acapella may have been a terrible song, but Karmin is still amazing and you need to recognize. #WitYoRatchetAss

    *ahem* T-ARA better snatch my wig and hand it back to me on a platter with how early KKS started on his hype campaign for this repackage. I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t enjoy Number 9, because it’s still serving me life, but I wish they came more with the b-sides. And as for 9muses… I don’t particularly care, but Sweetune can do no wrong to me XD

  • Aviator

    I am thankful for anything that the nine bombshells want to drop. I still have Prima Donna stuck on HEAVY ROTATION, so a new single to open up 2014 is all good with me.

    I wouldn’t have minded a video for “Ping” but …