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Since Bore-oncé’s busy filming fifty thousand different music videos for her eternally-delayed comeback single/future flop, I’ve been left with no choice but to come for Solange’s weave instead.

Now, we all know what a lying thievin’ no morals no class no conscience self-absorbed egomaniac witch from hell Bore-oncé is, but can the same also be said about her sister? For years we’ve all overlooked Solange’s bratty behaviour because she’s the talented Knowles sibling with some artistic integrity and legitimately good music, but has it all been bullshit?

Dev Hynes –the hipster who produced Solange’s “Losing You” and accompanying True EP, and then blew both out the water with Sky Ferreira’s instant classic, “Everything Is Embarrassing”– has exposed Solange’s fraudulent ass in a recent interview with The Fader.

Hynes says the two former friends and collaborators had a falling out after Solange got salty over some of the True reviews that described her as Hynes’ “vocal muse” (The Fader thinks it was Pitchfork’s glowing piece that sent her over the edge). She popped off on Twitter at the time, angrily writing: “Y’all got it all the way wrong. Ive been writing and producing my own voice since 02, nigga … I find it very disappointing when I am presented as the ‘face’ of my music, or a ‘vocal muse’ when I write or co-write every fucking song … Sexism in the industry ain’t nothing new.

Fair enough, but Hynes says he wrote most the album himself, including “Losing You” and “Bad Girls” — which he wrote and recorded before he even knew Solange! Apparently, Solange’s big contribution was “mostly structural and vocal changes.”

Sound familiar? Hell yes it does. “Structural and vocal changes” are how Beyonce snags her fake credits. Just listen to “Resentment,” in which Bey changed ONE WORD and then added a run or two at the end to be listed as a co-producer and main songwriter.

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Anyone that’s heard Dev Hynes’ new album (Blood Orange’s Cupid Deluxe, which is excellent, by the way), or heard “Everything Is Embarrassing” knows exactly who was behind “Losing You,” and it sure as hell wasn’t Solange’s pancake ass.

While I’m sure that Solange contributes MUCH more to her music than that hack Beyonce does, what is it with this family and taking credit for everything they possibly can, even when they don’t deserve it? Solange is already respected as an artist and nobody ever questioned her credits before, but that’s not enough for her — she needs to be recognized for EVERYTHING. You know what that is? It’s the behaviour of spoiled fucking brats, that’s what. Entitled kids that grew up with silver spoons wedged up their asses who think they’re more important than everybody else.

Since The Fader article hit, Solange and Hynes have both gone at it over Twitter. Hynes went in with a handful of thinly-veiled subtweets, while Solange tried to act all classy and nice about it by praising Hynes and saying that she “just wished you were honest about the making of my album,” which is funny because we’ve all seen Solange act like a salty bitch in the past. There was that time she made a fool of herself on Fox News, or when she threw a tantrum on Twitter and accused the Miami police department of racism because she was denied entry into a nightclub while holding a giant inflated banana. Now she wants to act all sweet and rational? GURL. Now it just looks like she’s sweatin’ because her ass was called out and is trying to make Dev Hynes look like the bad guy to save face.

Blood Orange busted you, Solange, just like countless others busted your sister in the past.

Anyway, everyone knows that “Everything Is Embarrassing” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “Stealing You,” so whatever.

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