Arcadey Now Miley Shiina Perfume Lily
With all the new releases I dived into last week, I was a little musically burned out and didn’t really listen to too much stuff this week. I returned to the ballads from Miley’s Bangerz after all these other bitches’ new albums reminded me just how savagely Milegend Godrus crushed the competition this year, and I also got into Yasutaka Nakata’s latest J-pop productions.

Over the next week, I have Blood Orange’s Cupid Deluxe and Billie Joe + Norah’s new Everly Brothers covers album on my “must listen” list, and am also looking forward to clogging my ears with some random Christmas music and some new K-pop.

Miley Cyrus – Rooting For My Baby

Even though I’ve been stanning for Bangerz since it dropped, I was actually playing the original leaked standard edition up until a week or so ago. When I finally played the full deluxe album on Spotify, I discovered the divine “Rooting For My Baby,” and it’s been on repeat (along with my fave, “Adore You”) ever since. Miley served Kaleidoscope-era Neptunes by the way of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” realness with this song. “Rooting For My Baby” is better than every track on Prism combined. I know we overuse the “when will your faves” phrase around here, but seriously: WHEN WILL YOUR FAVES??

Meanwhile, I’m gunning for “SMS (Bangerz)” to be Miley’s next single for a break between ballads, followed by the defining “Adore You.” Who would’ve thought that out of all the pop gurlz out right now, Milegend would be the one have the best ballads?

Shiina Ringo – J’ai trouvé l’amour

Shiina Ringo was billed as the Fiona Apple of Japan when she blew up the J-pop scene in the late nineties. Most of her music is either melodic alt-pop or rock, but for her new single, “J’ai trouvé l’amour,” she’s teamed up Yasutaka Nakata for one of his signature electro-pop singles. Nakata’s been on a bit of a dubstep trip since producing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Invavder Invader,” so “J’ai trouvé l’amour” is rife with quaking wobbles and wubs wubs. It’s deliciously dark in a way that we haven’t seen Nakata do since his incredible Star Trek collaboration with Kyary, “Into Darkness,” and only further highlights how badly he needs a new J-pop pet to channel his sinister side through.

Perfume – Sweet Refrain

More dubstep from Yasutaka Nakata, this time through Perfume. Naturally, “Sweet Refrain” is much brighter and twinklier than Shiina’s “J’ai trouvé l’amour,” and every bit as catchy. The dubstep here sounds obtrusive on the surface, but Nakata actually uses it cleverly to create a foreboding, dramatic pre-chorus, before launching into an uplifting electro-pop hook. Some fans won’t like this, but for me it’s another amazing smash from Perfume.

Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

I really want to completely hate this new Lily Allen single. The sentiment is beyond clichéd and outdated, but the stupidly inane “BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH” chorus is just too catchy to ignore. As far as lame top forty pop singles go, this is definitely more enjoyable than some of the other stuff out there. BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCHHHHHH!