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With all the new releases I dived into last week, I was a little musically burned out and didn’t really listen to too much stuff this week. I returned to the ballads from Miley’s Bangerz after all these other bitches’ new albums reminded me just how savagely Milegend Godrus crushed the competition this year, and I also got into Yasutaka Nakata’s latest J-pop productions.

Over the next week, I have Blood Orange’s Cupid Deluxe and Billie Joe + Norah’s new Everly Brothers covers album on my “must listen” list, and am also looking forward to clogging my ears with some random Christmas music and some new K-pop.

Miley Cyrus – Rooting For My Baby

Even though I’ve been stanning for Bangerz since it dropped, I was actually playing the original leaked standard edition up until a week or so ago. When I finally played the full deluxe album on Spotify, I discovered the divine “Rooting For My Baby,” and it’s been on repeat (along with my fave, “Adore You”) ever since. Miley served Kaleidoscope-era Neptunes by the way of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” realness with this song. “Rooting For My Baby” is better than every track on Prism combined. I know we overuse the “when will your faves” phrase around here, but seriously: WHEN WILL YOUR FAVES??

Meanwhile, I’m gunning for “SMS (Bangerz)” to be Miley’s next single for a break between ballads, followed by the defining “Adore You.” Who would’ve thought that out of all the pop gurlz out right now, Milegend would be the one have the best ballads?

Shiina Ringo – J’ai trouvé l’amour

Shiina Ringo was billed as the Fiona Apple of Japan when she blew up the J-pop scene in the late nineties. Most of her music is either melodic alt-pop or rock, but for her new single, “J’ai trouvé l’amour,” she’s teamed up Yasutaka Nakata for one of his signature electro-pop singles. Nakata’s been on a bit of a dubstep trip since producing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Invavder Invader,” so “J’ai trouvé l’amour” is rife with quaking wobbles and wubs wubs. It’s deliciously dark in a way that we haven’t seen Nakata do since his incredible Star Trek collaboration with Kyary, “Into Darkness,” and only further highlights how badly he needs a new J-pop pet to channel his sinister side through.

Perfume – Sweet Refrain

More dubstep from Yasutaka Nakata, this time through Perfume. Naturally, “Sweet Refrain” is much brighter and twinklier than Shiina’s “J’ai trouvé l’amour,” and every bit as catchy. The dubstep here sounds obtrusive on the surface, but Nakata actually uses it cleverly to create a foreboding, dramatic pre-chorus, before launching into an uplifting electro-pop hook. Some fans won’t like this, but for me it’s another amazing smash from Perfume.

Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

I really want to completely hate this new Lily Allen single. The sentiment is beyond clichéd and outdated, but the stupidly inane “BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH” chorus is just too catchy to ignore. As far as lame top forty pop singles go, this is definitely more enjoyable than some of the other stuff out there. BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCHHHHHH!

  • NierOrFar

    i’m so happy you love “Rootin’ For My Baby” It’s my fave. Bangerz is a solid pop record. I am very impressed with Milegend Cyrus. It took a few listens but i seriously enjoy almost all the songs (Still not into every FT. Future songs in albums…except for Loveeeee Song. That’s flawless in it’s own right)

  • sooo it was from you whom i’ve read the feetwood mac comment about “rootin’ for my baby”! and yes! everytime i listen to “bangerz” it’s so simple and easy, it is the best mainstream pop album of the year. i just think it’s too long…but maybe that’s my current k-pop mindset.

  • Nicole Naeun

    “Hard Out Here” is f-cking catchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I can’t stop listening and singing and popping my pussy to it!
    It’s haaard, it’s haaard, it’s hard out here for a bitch it’s haard, for a bitch, for a bitch~

  • Okoulova

    I just don’t get the need to constantly hate on Prism. We all know by now that you don’t like it and think it’s awful, horrible,, blah blah effing blah. But in all seriousness, is it like obligatory to remind us about it? It just looks like a useless shade just for the sake of shade. You are paying way too much attention to something that you despise, so it kinda looks suspicious

    • There’s no other crappy pop diva albums to reference though. Avril, Gaga, and M.I.A. all released good albums and Britney Jean and Beyonce’s albums aren’t out yet, so Katy is the only big pop gurl this year to release a terrible album. And Prism is one of the worst eras to hit pop in years.

      • Okoulova

        Hi Jacques! Been a reader of your blogs fro a long time, but commenting for the first time. All because I couldnt find the logic behind your Prism shade. Im no stan, just a casual music lover and I do respect your taste in music. But I honestly dont think that Prism is THAT terrible. Its a very much calculated and safe project, aiming to produce as much hit songs as possible, thus making it sound like its all over the place. But its the point with Katy i guess. She and her team know that shes the singles artist. Maybe her plan will ultimately backfire. I mean I dont see Unconditionally rising to the top of Billboard Hot 100 any time soon, even though I think its superior to roar. But she has dark horse and walking on air taking part of the thunder. My point its more like a collection of wannabe hit singles, than a full LP with a theme. But it doesnt make it awful. If we look at avril, yes, her album is great. its really cohesive and nice, if you are into poppy rock. But honestly it’s the same Girlfriend formula, and she’s been milking it for too long. Where’s Under My Skin 2.0. Gaga is Gaga. Her album is so hit n miss. She just doesnt know what she wants. She wants to be creative and artsy, but general public won’t buy it. So she tried to mix born this way with fame/monster. Thats why we have clusterf!cks like Swine/donatella/aura/, and nice jams like manicure, fashion, gypsy, sex dreams, and then pretencious dope and ridicoulos hoodrat jewels and drugs, plus your body 2-point-0 with r.kelly. Oh, and dont get me started with britney. Girl will flop hard! My point… no one is serving great POP this year, well except maybe for miley, who came hard when noone was expecting, but still is Bangerz really the best of the best? No. Anyways… Hope you get back to blogging sometime soon. Meanwhile, get your groove back on! And cheers!

      • Kris

        I feel like you and me are the only ones who don’t like the Nyquil that is Prims…

        • It’s such an awful album and people should be ashamed for liking some so vapid and uninteresting… and poorly written! My god the lyrics are bad

    • bluesatellite

      Ugh yeah, exactly! I have to disagree with you that Prism is all over the place, because actually it’s a cohesive album. It’s not the best damn thing (as Avril would say), but it’s really good. What part of it is “terrible”? It’s enjoyable pop music with some cliched lyrics, but it’s good pop music nonetheless. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who genuinely likes the album lol. Thing is, as a music fan, I don’t come in with too many expectations, I’ll take the music as it comes, if I find it good, I’ll like it and buy it. I think the pop girls have served up some solid stuff this year, nothing amazing, but still good.

      • SOME cliched lyrics? Every track has terrible songwriting LOL. And the album is just so bland. I was shocked at how safe and banal it was when I listened considering that Teenage Dream was a lot of fun.

        • bluesatellite

          LOL, but the music is good! And she sounds good! I get where you’re coming from, tbh. I get how people may say it’s safe and banal, but I still enjoy it a lot. I love the moody and refined feel and the fact that there’s no tripe and abrasive stuff like U R So Gay or Peacock. I mean, come on.What Katy is doing is no different than what Mariah, Whitney and (especially) Celine did in the 90s – they stuck to the tried and true formula. Okay, the former two did veer into the hipper side of things in the late 90s, but still. I’ve listened to safer and blander than Prism (The Colour of My Love, for example). Why so much hate on Katy? And I’m not saying this as a stan or whatever, because I’m not! lol

          • I know what you’re saying but the songwriting is terrible, and Katy’s gone beyond the mainstream to just utter banality. There’s no substance there and even though some of the songs are very catchy, you can find better from virtually ALL of her contemporaries. Bangerz, Avril Lavigne, ARTPOP, Warrior etc are all super mainstream pop albums but they at least have some personality and a little edge to them. Prism is the safest pop record ever made. I also must admit that I’m personally turned off by Katy’s personality this era too, which has factored into my dislike for the entire Prism era. I’m annoyed that she keeps saying Prism is more mature than Teenage Dream when it’s ANYTHING BUT, and I hate that she said it was a “dark” album on MULTIPLE occasions and then at the LAST MINUTE she not only changed the concept, but did the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of dark! How do you go from dark, to a concept that’s ALL ABOUT LIGHT!!! It’s insane. I can’t believe more people aren’t calling her out for that.

            She’s really such an idiot and SUCH a coward. She clearly got scared at the last minute and didn’t want to make anything that could possibly be controversial or not successful, so she made the most people pleasing album that she could and then convinced herself that it was a quality mature body of work when it’s the opposite. She’s the worst.

          • bluesatellite

            Lol this is the part where ‘what you don’t know may just save you’ applies – I don’t exactly keep up with Katy, I basically just listened to the album and decided that it’s good and I like it. But I’m gonna have to disagree about Prism having no personality, it’s still got that Katy Perry factor despite being mostly edge-less. It all comes down to taste I guess. I do like Bangerz (so yes, Rooting For My Baby is really good), parts of Avril Lavigne and Warrior and a few tracks from Artpop (nothing can ever make me like let alone stan for Lady Gaga though I do like/don’t mind some of her songs) though. So yeah. I don’t know, probably I’m not as invested in pop stars and pop culture as most of you lot are so I’m, like, whatever lol. For me, if your music cuts it, then come what may with rest.

          • Saboya Gregory

            I have to agree with you.
            If this is her first album, it would be generic & I probably wouldn’t be checking for it/care at all
            But this is her THIRD album. Both of her previous albums offered up relatively decent lyrics, some emotion, some killer hooks, some pop perfection, some attitude, and some controversy (bi-antics, cock anthems, diet Morissette odes), which shows she wasn’t afraid to be a little outspoken.
            But those albums were a little less accessible to everyone (i.e. little girls). So on the third album she had a choice to create something really radical and possibly tap into a more mature audience, or continue making money off of teeny boppers. She obviously went with the latter.
            But her decision to flip the script & make the most vapid, pointless record of the year keeps the babies (and basics)/her bank balance happy. The fact that she decided to push an album to the lower common denominator and fetuses of the world out of fear and greed is gross
            And you have your right to bash it for a good two years to come, since the label’s planning to drag the tired LP through 2015, probably with a re-release somewhere in there(god forbid). So everyone’s going to be subjected to her uncreative, witless trash for a HOT minute.
            Even if she follows this up with a smash record, I’d be too turned off to care. Beyonce had some slaps on her last record but I can’t get into the product, if the supplier is everything that’s wrong with the world (not quite, but both Katy & The BeyHIV are pretty awful in context with society and the underlying values they reinforce).

          • Thank you for preaching this truth!!

          • Saboya Gregory

            No prob. I did a whole 15 page research paper on enlightened sexism in the media, centered around the image of “Beyonce.” Her reinforcement of eurocentric beauty ideals maintains the ongoing
            stigmas/racism towards African Americans and the “boss chick” facade
            that makes it look like she’s a strong independent woman when she’s
            anything but. In a survey of grade-school girls, about half cited
            Beyonce as their idol, not because they admired her drive, but because
            they wanted to wear all the clothes in her clothing line. Yay to
            #styleofsubstance.And, of course, there’s a lot more but I’ll leave it at that…Basically, I just felt obligated to quickly write up something to let you know you’re constant shade against Bey & Perry are 100% warranted, no matter what anyone else says. Unfortunately, Helen Keller could probably gauge the situation better than most of these people…

  • Andrew Rod

    Don’t hate on Lily is hard out there for the bitch already lol. Anyway, dude you got to lay back about Prism, is not even that bad and you even say you didn’t take a full listen, it have at least 2-3 good tracks and agree with some users that you don’t need to remind us all the time how bad it is cause we already know it, but on something I agree a lot Miley have definetly a JAM and she crushed the rest of huge rentable pop divas this year. On a side note outside what you show us here but named, how epic is that album of Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones, is just so ahhh *eargams* it kind of deserve a grammy is like the best meeting on Rock with a female turning to Folk-Country-Bluegrass-Americana since Robert Plant and Alison Krauss album.

    • I’m waiting for Norah + Billy to hit Spotify before I listen!

      • Andrew Rod

        I just downloaded, but before for what I can heard so far it sounded pretty great

  • contranova

    When are you going to talk about goddess Dami Im? :)

    • byoing~byoing.

      Probs when she doesn’t sing songs that are cliche pieces of shit.

  • James Smith III

    lily allen song is my jam!! Cant believe all the hate she is receiving for the video though, it really isn’t bad at all.

    • Aviator

      Did you and I watch the same video… ?

      Song is balls out amazing though.

      • James Smith III

        Yeah it was a “rap” style video with Lilly Allen an a bunch of twerkin and champagne

        • Aviator

          That’s the problem, though. She talks about how the industry does so much wrong and how degrading it is to females — and then has a majority black group of back-up dancers and slaps their asses while they twerk.

          It’s kind of obvious why she’s getting (and deserves) flack, lol.

          • phil

            I guess you missed the “And if you can’t detect the sarcasm, you’ve misunderstood” line which also works for the MV

          • Aviator

            I don’t think I missed anything. Just because she labels the video as “sarcastic” or tries to present the obviously racially challenging aspect of being a modern artist, doesn’t mean she’s progressive or accomplished her goal…
            All she did was flash us the same problems we’ve always had and (and continue to) see / hear without doing anything to visually subvert or reject them. If she had, maybe she wouldn’t have been received as the same type of artist that Miley / Katy / Jessie J is, instead of, y’know, herself. Someone who is counter-culture to that.

  • ICONI3

    I love Shiina Ringo and I’ve been playing her new best album all week. RFB is my fav of the deluxe tracks on Miley’s album. Hmmmm I kept seeing gifs of Lily’s new vid everywhere. Thought the song was gonna be fire…it’s pretty meh.

  • LizzyG

    Most nothing that has come out this year has truly impressed me and I mean on repeat level impress me, with very few exceptions. And my taste is all over the place so I can’t say what formula could impress me but most none of this ’13 ish is doing it. Very few exceptions: Zendaya’s Replay, The Civil Wars The One That Got Away, GaGa Do What U Want (and I think it’s because it sounds like an early 2000 throwback because she’s got R. Kelly, GaGa lost me as a fan at her second era), JT Mirrors and TKO, Darius Rucker version of Wagon Wheel, I’ve still been listening to the Emeli Sande stuff because it’s just that good, Jason Derulo The Other Side, Zedd and Hayley Stay The Night, Paramore Still Into You, Mika and Arianna Popular, is The Xx Angels from this year?, Beyonce Grown Woman Snippet (didn’t like the full song once it came out), Jillette Johnson Torpedo, Katy Musgraves I Miss You, 1D Diana – surprised to say so but yeah (after One Thing and their very poor style choices they had lost me but loving Diana). This was just me going through my playlists and seeing what has the most plays. I didn’t even make many playlists this year, I usually make at least 2 a month. Now going through old playlists, So much goodness.. 2013, you lose.

    • Mirrors was/is amazing! And Suit & Tie <3

      • LizzyG

        Much thanks for doing this Jac, I love talking and finding new music :)

        • No thank you for even reading and caring about these sporadic posts! I hope post a little more frequently in the near future. Not to what I was but maybe twice a week or so. thanks for all your support :)

          • LizzyG


    • LizzyG

      PS Someone awesome who’s equivalent to old Britney (who exists no more) needs to rise up and kick all these silly little bitches out of the game, someone new and fresh who is a triple threat. I’m waiting. I stan for no one.

      • byoing~byoing.

        Triple threats don’t exist outside of Asia anymore. It’s a shame tbqh. I kinda wish Ariana Grande could dance. Maybe next comeback she’ll come back with some dancing.

        • LizzyG

          It’s true, Asia cranks out the triple threats. It’s just hard for me to be loyal fan because I like to sing along with the songs and relate to lyrics and a lot of it is not in English so idk it’s hard to get into for me but some of the videos I’ve seen are A-Mazing and completely entertaining, they dance their asses off. And YES Arianna, her voice is amazing so if she could dance too and I think she’s got enough swag to be cool, she’d be up there. I think she’s going to do well anyway tho, she seems to be rising up already. Kind of weird that they put her after 1D last night tho right? They both could have had their own spots.

  • Marhaebwa


    Lemme tell you though, as much as I stan for that song and the moves and ALL OF THEM, does it not smell of a Sistar throwaway song?

    • byoing~byoing.

      It sounds like more like a RaNia or original 5dolls line up ripoff tbh. Brave Brothers are were, actually still kinda are the main producers for SISTAR so I think we’re always gonna think everything sounds like SISTAR when they release something for girl groups… bar 4minute’s 2013 songs. WYN was so messy compared to most of BB productions. Great song though.

      • Marhaebwa

        This, girl. This. I’m still hooked on BESTie, even though they’re the definition of K-Flop right now…:'(

  • Lily Allen absolutely killed it! KILLED IT.
    I have to admit … I wanna hate ‘Bangerz’, but I keep winding up on it again.
    Avril Lavigne has been on repeat too… Minus whatever the fuck ‘Let Me Go’ is.

    The saddest part of this fall is the stench of Britney’s ‘Perfume’ :(

  • byoing~byoing.

    All the bonus tracks on Bangerz are fucking amazing. I can’t believe you don’t have a physical copy yet, Jacques! If you don’t get one by Christmas I’m going to buy you one. I don’t even care.