T-ara Number 9 Dream Concert
T-ara performed their new single, “Number 9,” at the Dream Concert yesterday, and it was more amazing than any of us could’ve ever possibly imagined. I haven’t been this slayed by a fancam since Crayon Pop’s maiden “Bar Bar Bar” performance.

The choreography! Eunjung’s big note! Qri’s weave! THE CHORUS!!! And this is just a blurry fancam — imagine the REAL thing!!!

“Number 9” sounds like the upgraded version of “Sexy Love.” It’s basically what “Bad Romance” was to “Poker Face,” and it’s coming to snatch every pressed wig in Korea.

Hyomin Lovey Dovey Gif

  • guilherme


  • UncleFan

    Eunjung’s honey thighs, the power note, everything. 6-ARA is back.

  • lildarien

    Boram’s whisper note at 3:00… flawless.

    • Darwin



    this time they went all the way to the top of the ladder and ripped off the QUEEN OF POP MADONNA with the vogue moves! i can’t wait for the dance version because i NEED to learn this!

    • I may have spoken too soon at who is serving the most slayage…



      • Josh Chinnery

        Oh honey, *please* do not to make me choose Y_Y

      • Allen Alexander

        Whoever made this choreo was working HARD for a raise. This is RIDICULOUS.

  • norimix

    I can’t hear the song or see the performance clearly..

  • T-ara the best

    i am dead

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    divine, iconic, etc

    These heavenly harmonies and synths made my worthless life a lot easier, thank u QUEENS! <3

  • Josh Chinnery

    I no longer exist, because this song has slain my entire existence… T-ARA IS BACK AND THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVER!!!

  • Baby Spice

    Cant wait to listen on HQ :(

  • Fawoo

    Not enough Qri.

    If the broadcast version (if there is one, or just whenever they perform on a music show) has less than 95% zoomed in cuts of Qri, I’m going to send period-blood death threats to all of CCM.

    • t-errorist

      Qrisus gets her own catwalk solo during the Sexy Love performance while her dancers continue to dance in the background.


      • Fawoo

        *Slayed forever*

        Clearly Qri is the only one in the group that stylists love because she gets so many hair dye changes. GODDESS QRI – WHEN WILL YOUR FAV HAVE AS MANY EXTENSIONS.

        • Darwin

          Let’s not forget all the iconic intro and outros our queen has had since their debut. Roly Poly wouldn’t be RP without her iconic LALALALA and let’s not forget “T-Ara time to love shhhh LEGENDARY

          • William Love

            boy… can you hear my “boice”? I HEAR YOUR FLAWLESS BOICE QUEEN QRI :D

    • Tony
  • FreakyFlyBri

    I. AM. IN. LOVE. T-ara is NOT fucking around this time. They’re thirsty for tainted netizen blood, and the only way to get it is to slay the shit out of their pathetic lives with Number 9.

  • t-errorist



    • OMG?! is this artwork sample?! HOLY SHIT LOOK AT QUEEN QRI’S POSE! omg i’m exploding with excitement!

      • t-errorist

        It’s a teaser pic for their second title track “I Know The Feeling”. It’s gonna be released on the same day as Number 9.

        Yassss QRI looks amazing. Her hair gives me life.

        • i just read about it… the image is beyond gorgeous and when i read the track will be mid-tempo “like the beginning” screamed into my mind.


  • Ali Jjang

    Why was Queen Qri so irrelevant? Not cool.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Song sounds fantastic!!! I need the HQ version asap!

  • Lin Misfits

    This months comebacks are AMAZING. Don’t forget about IU, her teasers sound great as well.
    Also PSY is rumoured to have a comeback, so I’m eagerly awaiting that confirmation. But I’m excited. These kpop releases sound like songs that aren’t made for money, but because they’re great authentic KOREAN pop songs.

    My body is ready.

  • t-errorist

    HD Fancam


    Soyeon’s new nose is gorgeous. ♥

  • I would expect nothing less.

  • Darwin

    Queen Qri’s already slaying as the new Leader. This era is gonna kick some major asses.
    I love the last part of the choreography with the hand swings. #iconic

  • William Love

    WHEN WILL YOUR FAVES EVER BE THIS FLAWLESS. Eunjung is actually useful again! You know this is the return of old T-ara – their voices all sound the same (which was never a bad thing), and they’re serving up that Femme Fatale era Britney Spears “miming our lines but looking fierce as fuck while doing it” realness. I don’t even need to hear the rest of the EP, i’m definitely buying this one to support the QUEENS of K-Pop

  • gotgotgone

    T-ara alongside BEG are my favorite girls groups today not just in Korea but the world… and this song and performance are giving me everything I want and need. I only got into Kpop and T-ara around the time Roly Poly came out, so its the first time I have seen 6-ara release something new and I am loving it. Cant wait for the video!

  • Orihime


  • yosafbridge

    I always knew that Jiyeon was hot but it’s getting ridiculous now. Her hairstyle, make-up and clothes just came together perfectly this promotion cycle…