Utada Hikaru Kingdom Hearts III
You might need to sit down for this one.

Reports have emerged that Utada Hikaru is temporarily ending her musical hiatus by recording the theme song for the new Kingdom Hearts game.

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Utada’s father confirmed the glorious news on Twitter, and a bunch of video game blogs and websites are now running with the story.

Following her break from the music industry for “human activities” back in 2010, the past year has seen Hikki slowly but surely easing back into the spotlight. In November, she released the Evangelion single, “Sakura Nagashi,” and in April, she started hosting her own radio show in Japan.

Also, someone saw her sitting on a subway in London back in March.

Kingdom Hearts III currently has no official release date, but a gameplay trailer is already out, so I’m thinking we might hear something early next year?

Although we have no idea on what Hikki’s new soundtrack single is going to sound like, I’ve gathered some irrefutable evidence that proves that it’ll be amazing and perfect.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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