Utada Hikaru Kingdom Hearts III
You might need to sit down for this one.

Reports have emerged that Utada Hikaru is temporarily ending her musical hiatus by recording the theme song for the new Kingdom Hearts game.

Farrah Abraham Gif 1

Utada’s father confirmed the glorious news on Twitter, and a bunch of video game blogs and websites are now running with the story.

Following her break from the music industry for “human activities” back in 2010, the past year has seen Hikki slowly but surely easing back into the spotlight. In November, she released the Evangelion single, “Sakura Nagashi,” and in April, she started hosting her own radio show in Japan.

Also, someone saw her sitting on a subway in London back in March.

Kingdom Hearts III currently has no official release date, but a gameplay trailer is already out, so I’m thinking we might hear something early next year?

Although we have no idea on what Hikki’s new soundtrack single is going to sound like, I’ve gathered some irrefutable evidence that proves that it’ll be amazing and perfect.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Utada Gif

  • KingBeaArthur

    You did NOT use that Farrah gif!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you.

    Her voice is heaven sent. I can’t wait!

  • Alexander Pavlov

    Really hope it’s a new song and not a remix of one of the previous ones.

  • bluesatellite

    ‘Simple and Clean’ and ‘Passion’ gave LIFE. I hope this one will be yet another masterpiece. And LOL @ “someone saw her sitting on a subway in London back in March”. How random!

  • Mandy

    Honestly she really can’t do any wrong, I love all her singles and albums :D

  • Humbz Beltrao


  • Josh Chinnery


  • Andi

    She could literally release a recording of herself humming and I would stan for it. Utada is a goddess among plebeians.

  • Bluebeat

    LOL maybe she took a hiatus to wait for Square Enix to finally make KH3 xD
    I hope the OST for both English and Japanese versions will sound great.

  • Queen! About the only J-Pop star I still care about. Although moving to Japan in a month so that might change.

  • Kris

    I need new Hikki in my life! Sakura Nagashi slayed me for a good while and I am hoping that she does a new album soon! Another Kingdom Hearts song would do the trick!

  • iAmAwesome

    Not gonna lie, I was also waiting for KH3 like a crackhead outside his dealer’s house mAinly for the third intro song by Utada. ✨

  • ICONI3

    I’m interested in what she has to say this time. You’re right she been through a lot since 2010. Her mother just recently committed suicide. So while I’m not “write a song about your dead mom” team, I know she def is going to give her all musically.

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