Sky Ferreira Night Time My Time Artwork
Model, socialite, singer, artiste, and flaw-free felon, Sky Ferreira, has released the artwork for her upcoming debut, Night Time, My Time.

According to a press release, the cover was shot by French art house filmaker, Gaspar Noé, in some trendy Parisian hotel. They say the shoot was consensual, but I think not. I believe the Irreversible director and Terry Richardson assaulted Sky and then photographed her as she took an angry rape shower afterwards. Judging by the menacing “Don’t touch me! Don’t you fucking touch me!” look on Sky’s face, she’s about to get some major I Spit On Your Grave style revenge on the two men who stole her innocence.

Don’t be shocked when Gaspar and Terry’s dead bodies show up somewhere butchered beyond recognition.

Night Time, My Time drops October 29!

I Spit On Your Grave




Hostel II’s Rape Shower


My Time, Night Time

Sky Ferreira Night Time My Time