T-ara Number 9 Gaon
That T-ara reign JUST WON’T LET UP!

In its second charting week, T-ara’s “No. 9” has shot from No. 20 to No. 5 on the official Gaon singles chart. Yes, TOP FIVE, BITCHES!

This beats the No. 11 peak of T-ara N4’s “Countryside Life,” and is just one spot lower than the group’s last single, “Sexy Love,” which reached No. 4 last year. “No. 9” also spends a second consecutive week at No. 1 on the Gaon Social Chart, which is ranked when Gaon users “share” a music video through social media (through Twitter, Facebook, Me2day, etc), while the Again mini-album debuts at No. 2 on the albums chart, just behind SHINee.

“No. 9” is still ranking in the top ten of the Melon real-time chart and is floating in and out of the top five on the Instiz iChart, so the song’s run is far from over just yet. Also, don’t forget that T-ara’s already planning to return in December with a brand new single.

And to think that people actually said T-ara was over and would never be successful again. Ha!

In other surprising chart news, this week’s No. 1 single belongs to none other than SHINee’s “Everybody.”

This I did not expect.

“Everybody” was huge on the digital charts for about a day or two before plunging, but I guess those early sales were enough to take SHINee straight to the top. The song’s gonna suffer a huge drop next week, but congratulations to the group for bagging the sixth chart-topper of their career. Although, for the record, let me say that it’s bullshit that “Everybody” can hit No. 1 while TVXQ’s superior “Catch Me” and EXO’s “Wolf” only reached the top twenty and top ten, respectively, while Super Junior-M’s awesome “Break Down” had to settle for being a Chinese single.

Another shock this week comes from Nine Muses, whose latest single, “Gun,” somehow debuted at No. 16 to become the highest-charting single of their career (“Dolls” peaked at No. 17). Of course I believe that the heavenly Nine Gods deserve this success, but “Gun” has been flopping on Instiz and Melon all week, so I have no fucking idea how this actually happened. Anyway, it’s going to have an enormous second week drop, so I wouldn’t start celebrating just yet.

I’ve been giving Nine Muses’ current situation a lot of thought, and think that they should’ve released “Gun” after “Dolls” and promoted it as a sassy summer single (it’s built around bloody surf guitars, for Christ’s sake!), and then warmed up the cooler seasons with the dance-pop “Wild.” It would’ve worked better for the group as “Wild” would sound like even more of a musical reinvention following “Gun,” which is so obviously a Sweetune production.

Last and sadly least this week is poor Kahi, whose epic comeback single, “It’s Me,” falls to No. 51 this week after debuting at the already lowly position of No. 45 last week. No matter how you look at this, it’s a huge flop. Even people like Lee Jung Hyun and Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA could get in the top 30 and 40 with their singles this year. I blame Pledis for this failure, both for waiting so long to bring Kahi back and then for putting her out during the most crowded K-pop comeback rush of the year.

“It’s Me” is brilliant and the choreography makes every other female dancer in pop music look like a basic bitch by comparison. And can we please take a moment to acknowledge the perfection of Kahi’s concept outfit of pointed-toe heels, high-waisted men’s pants and matching blazer, and an early-2000s Britney-style midriff?

Pray for Kahi’s kareer, y’all.

  • Taku

    I’m fucking pressed at Kahi’s floppage. Ugh.

    Fucking Pledis. <_<

  • Alan3200

    T-ara ranks 2th On GAON Album Chart

  • Jafet

    YAS! T-ara slaying everyone and their mother!
    I’m VERY surprised at SHINee going number 1 but I’m even more surprised at you saying Wolf is better than Everybody.
    I agree 100% with the Nine Muses part

    • I love Wolf. It’s edgier and more interesting. The operatic elements, weird lyrics, and howling hook are so epic. On paper I love “Everybody”, but in reality I never find myself compelled to listen to it. I think I kind of played all of SM’s dubstep singles to death so SHINee’s doesn’t feel that fresh or exciting.

      • i hate shinee’s everybody because it’s embodies the two things that make me cringe this year: dubstep and daft punkness

      • byoing~byoing.

        Totally agree. Everybody is a generic piece of trash that can be sung by any other boy group. It has none of that Shinee charm like Dream Girl and Clue/Sherlock/Note/WhateverTheFuckTheyWantedToCallit had. When I first heard it I thought it was Teen Top’s the new song. Shinee and BAP are the only boy groups I like so it always kinda hurts when they release pretty average singles ’cause then I have to start investing time and effort into finding another boy group to fap over but no one comes close to Jonghyun.


      • Quang Phạm

        The only times I actually listen to Everybody is when I watch their flawless performances. Them choreography!

  • it’s a pity indeed that pledis has failed to make kahi’s comeback a great deal like they did with their every other group [HELLO VENUS had an effing live album for chrissake!! i love them but they’re damn nugus!]. they should release another single from her EP and bring her out in a better momentum – and it should be the sex-turned-into-song HEY BOY!

    i was also surprised by shinee’s but not much. korea licks ass of every boy band in k-pop, and even if shinee has the worst song of the high profile comebacks from october i could actually foresee this number one if i had put some thinking.

    at last i couldn’t agree more about nine muses’ gun. the song is somewhat of a lackluster although i believe it’ll grow on me as time passes [just like “wild” did]. as for their album, it’s an interesting piece of sweetune heavy 80’s tunes – blatantly copying some madonna early career sounds like “burning up” and “physical attraction” in some songs – still, it’s far from coming close to “sweet rendezvous”‘s flawlessness.

    • byoing~byoing.

      Nine Muses’ ‘Gun’ era is flawless to me only due to the fact that my supreme and flawless bias Eunji doesn’t look like a crack whore this promo round.

      • hahaha she indeed looks hotter now… but i miss her rapping! she was actually decent on that instead of the faux singing from “gun” =/

  • byoing~byoing.

    Nine Goddesses are finally getting some love! If they released this a month or so later though I think it might of peaked higher. Star Empire really wants to test their popularity but still, they’re gonna tumble faster down the charts than 2NE1’s singles now.

  • t-errorist

    YASSSS. My queens are rising from the ashes. I am so happy I don’t have to worry about them breaking up anymore due to a flop single.


  • Dhruv Angrup

    I’m enjoying the hell out of everybody but still I agree with you on the superiority of wolf and catch me to this song and still not doing as well as they should on the charts….but then again shinee has always been sm’s best boy group when it comes to digital charts…tvxq and exo handle the physical aspects of the charts…
    On another note…. What’s your opinion on park ji yoon’s mr lee…it’s going to be a strong contender for the best song by a female soloist this year

    • I’m planning to post Mr. lee, just haven’t got around to it yet!

      • MIKEE

        Get your shit together! There are some fine ass Mr. Lee’s up in that bitch!

  • t-errorist

    Poor Kahi is like the Nicole Scherzinger of Korea. She was meant to be the HBIC in a girl group because no one gives a fuck about her as a solo act. :'(

  • ICONI3

    O_O I’m a little shocked to see IU be pushed down so easily. This comeback is great, but looks like it won’t have the same longevity as her past releases.

  • Allen Alexander

    I’m not surprised by SHINee at all! What the song lacks in innovation it makes up for by sheer force of delivery. I am VERY okay with the song being the way it is given everything they packaged it with.

    I like Number 9. I’ll just keep watching the video and not the performances.

    Upset for Kween Kahi but I’m not surprised. Is there no true recipe to give her a hit? She has it in her. She deserves one. What is the missing element here?

    • Scandalous

      She really does have one in her. But I don’t think she was successful even as a member of that group she was in. She was way underrated, while everyone screamed for the other tall girl.

  • Scandalous

    Aw Poor Kahi. I actually listened and liked this song. She can dance too, always a plus. Sometimes people don’t know what’s good. Its like, oh I’m this groups fan so I will only support them and no one else. Psh, w/e kpop world


    1. Number 9
    2. It’s Me
    3. Gun
    4. Confused
    5. Everybody
    That’s my ranking and I’m sticking to it. Btw I’m a little pressed u don’t give two shits about AOA tbh.

    • i was thinking the same. at first i thought it was cos it’s another “alone” rip off, but it’s so damn delicious! Y_Y

      • MIKEE

        Confused is a definite earworm. You know what I should’ve done is thrown BESTie up in there, I fux with them even though they’re flopping HARD.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I’m sorry, what? How the fuck did “Catch Me” not even hit the top 10, let alone #1??

    Congrats to T-ara! The word “comeback” is used so flippantly when it comes to K-pop but T-ara, Block B, and IU have had real comebacks!

  • a_chan

    Kahi’s failure saddens me. She is a talented performer and doing the best she possibly can in terms of choreo, song choice, styling etc. But the thing is, she never really had the fan base to go solo. At this point Pledis should throw her in a project group with Son Dambi and pray it works out

  • Darwin

    I knew that if there was gonna be a leader that would get T-Ara back on top, it would be Queen Qri. She’s the one that hasn’t had any rumors, she’s quiet, she’s cute and she means business. So happy and so excited for the re-released.
    Next week top 3!

  • PoopyFaceTomatoNose

    why ya’ll hardcore fans gotta praise everything
    everybody is a shit song
    wolf is a shit song too

    its just like sones thinking i got a boy was a good song
    no it was a piece of shit too

    just cause you do things differently
    doesn’t mean they’re any good

    • Guest

      this coming from a guy named PoopyFaceTomatoNose. puh-leeze.

      • PoopyFaceTomatoNose

        I guess someone isn’t a fan of Family Guy.

        But at least your name is more valid than mine, Guest.

  • Poor Kahi. I’ve been enjoying It’s Me a lot more than the other groups mention tbh