T-ara Again 1977
After more than a year of feeling like K-pop’s most delightfully controversial group, T-ara, was over and done with, the bad girls are finally back on top again. Well, not on top like they were during the “Lovey-Dovey” era, but about as on top as a girl group who suffered one of the worst scandals in K-pop history can be.

Despite what the haters say, “No. 9” has been doing incredibly well since its release almost two weeks ago. It’s been at No. 4 on the Instiz iChart for days now, No. 9 (hehe!) on the Melon real-time chart, and even placed second on the last episode of Inkigayo, just behind IU’s “The Red Shoes.” Although “No. 9” debuted at the so-so position of No. 20 on the Gaon chart, it’s set to jump into the top ten (or possibly top five) when the chart is refreshed in the next two days.

The success hasn’t come without hard work, though. T-ara’s literally plugged the song anywhere and everywhere that will have them, performing through injury on every single music program (including Show Champion and MTV’s The Show) and K-pop festival around. They’ve also been attending random movie premieres just to be seen, held a fan signing, accepted every variety show offer that’s come their way, and even sat in the audience of Superstar K5 just to get on TV.

Slay-ara’s worked damn hard to get this comeback off the ground, and it’s paid off.

To keep the comeback of the century going, T-ara’s already confirmed that they’ll return in December with a retro-themed repackage single called “What Do I Do.” The Shinsadong Tiger-produced track samples a classic 1977 Korean hit of the same name, and just like they did with “Roly Poly,” it’s supposed to be trendy enough for the youngsters to love but nostalgic enough for the older generation to bop to. You can check out the Again 1977 album artwork, which is a superior version of f(x)’s Pink Tape cover, above.

I’m loving Smart-ara marketing to the mature generation that doesn’t read malicious online gossip. The “Like The First Time” legends are slowly snatching their crown back, and there’s nothing the netizens can do about it.

Stay mad, coz Qri doesn’t care.

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