Stacie Orrico Comeback 2013
Back on my old blog (before I upgraded to the legendary arcadey) I followed Stacie Orrico’s career like a stalker. There was never much to write about her, but whenever anything –no matter how small or insignificant– happened in Orrico’s world, I would write about in the hopes that it was leading up to a comeback (who can forget the classic “Light Years” studio video?). Eventually, after years of nothingness, I finally accepted that Stacie Orrico would probably never return.

But they say good things happen when you least expect it, right?

This week, Stacie officially confirmed that she’s making a comeback with a new album and a virtual concert. Yes, you read correctly. New album, new concert. This is not a drill!

Anna Faris Gif

The concert will be held on November 6, and it’ll contain old music, new music, and covers. The new album has no release date yet, but Stacie will be updating us all on its progress through Youtube videos and social media stuff.

For those of you wondering where Stacie’s been all this time, she was studying women’s lit, finding herself, being creative and artistic, and just generally “living [her] twenties.” She’s also pursuing an acting career now, which we all hope and pray won’t interfere with her restarted music career.

I am literally dead and crying right now and having flashbacks from early high school when my friend brought the “Stuck” CD single and “Bounce Back” was the b-side and I made her play it all the time.

God truly does exist.

[Via MuuMuse]