Kim Bo Hyung Going Crazy
SPICA’s a really hit-and-miss group that rarely ever gets everything right at once. Their debut single, “Russian Roulette,” came the closest, but “Painkiller” suffered from bad styling, “I’ll Be There,” while great, was the wrong sound and concept for the group, and “Lonely” ripped-off Girls Aloud and SISTAR too blatantly to be taken seriously. The girls finally cracked the top ten last month with “Tonight,” but its perfect tumblr hipster concept was a lot better than the actual song was. (A song that was primarily successful because Lee Hyori promoted it on her reality show.)

I’m not sure why, but one of the members has randomly pulled a Song Ji Eun and released a depressing solo ballad called “Crazy Girl”. I won’t overreact and say that it shits on everything SPICA’s ever done, but it definitely equals the group’s best stuff.

Kim Bo Hyung can sang, but best of all, she’s got a fantastic emotional range. She’s expressive and soulful, without ever sounding too maudlin. As for the song’s production, I’m thankful to tell you that it doesn’t sound like some sterile piano-led OST ballad (thank fucking Christ). It’s dark and foreboding, with the kind of ’80s rock ballad electric guitars that I wish Miley Cyrus had added to “Wrecking Ball”.

It’s hard to find a good contemporary big-voiced balladeer in K-pop because most artists just record the same syrupy OST tracks ad nauseam. There’s only a handful of artists worth listening to in the field, with the divine Baek Ji Young being the best of the bunch. “Crazy Girl” is good enough to add Bo Hyung to this small group, but I do wish she’d recorded it with SPICA instead. As “Russian Roulette” proved, SPICA’s the strongest when at their darkest and most dramatic, and they could really use a song this good right now.

Check it out below, and let me know if you have any idea what the hell is going on in the porno exorcism possession art class mess of a music video, because I sure as hell don’t.