Kim Bo Hyung Going Crazy
SPICA’s a really hit-and-miss group that rarely ever gets everything right at once. Their debut single, “Russian Roulette,” came the closest, but “Painkiller” suffered from bad styling, “I’ll Be There,” while great, was the wrong sound and concept for the group, and “Lonely” ripped-off Girls Aloud and SISTAR too blatantly to be taken seriously. The girls finally cracked the top ten last month with “Tonight,” but its perfect tumblr hipster concept was a lot better than the actual song was. (A song that was primarily successful because Lee Hyori promoted it on her reality show.)

I’m not sure why, but one of the members has randomly pulled a Song Ji Eun and released a depressing solo ballad called “Crazy Girl”. I won’t overreact and say that it shits on everything SPICA’s ever done, but it definitely equals the group’s best stuff.

Kim Bo Hyung can sang, but best of all, she’s got a fantastic emotional range. She’s expressive and soulful, without ever sounding too maudlin. As for the song’s production, I’m thankful to tell you that it doesn’t sound like some sterile piano-led OST ballad (thank fucking Christ). It’s dark and foreboding, with the kind of ’80s rock ballad electric guitars that I wish Miley Cyrus had added to “Wrecking Ball”.

It’s hard to find a good contemporary big-voiced balladeer in K-pop because most artists just record the same syrupy OST tracks ad nauseam. There’s only a handful of artists worth listening to in the field, with the divine Baek Ji Young being the best of the bunch. “Crazy Girl” is good enough to add Bo Hyung to this small group, but I do wish she’d recorded it with SPICA instead. As “Russian Roulette” proved, SPICA’s the strongest when at their darkest and most dramatic, and they could really use a song this good right now.

Check it out below, and let me know if you have any idea what the hell is going on in the porno exorcism possession art class mess of a music video, because I sure as hell don’t.


    i love spica’s inclination to dark love songs… they have a WONDERFUL 90’s style ballad on their “lonely” EP, called “since you’re out of my life”. they sound perfect mainly because the song’s delivered with emotionally dramatic performance and not only big vocals.

    in that department, bo hyung’s single shits on many other k-pop stars who can convey great technical vocals, but lack on the dramatic side of a good ballad [i’m looking at you sistar – there ia said it! *waits the stones*].

    besides i’m LOVING this sexually charged images that k-divas are displaying this year. it still displays many esthereotypes, but it’s more dense and adult, instead of the etternal lolitaness of k-pop.

    • byoing~byoing.

      No, I agree. Even though my knowledge of singing is pretty limited outside of musical theory, Hyorin isn’t the creme of the crop when it comes to K-Pop vocals. She’s decent, yes and anyone who says otherwise is fixating more on her tone rather than her technique. However, she rarely produces anything that amazing above a D5 and her intonation and consistancy are always off. :/
      Although, I don’t think this is necessarily her fault. I feel that K-Pop trainers rarely focus on legit vocal training and this is based on two things. 1) Overworking of artists and 2) The improvement of artists top tier artists. I honestly think some managers don’t know what they’re doing when they give some singers parts. They don’t identify the vocalists tessitura (mode voice/where the singers are most comfortable singing) and kinda just throw them in the deep end. e.g. No Playboy – you had Erin belting. And she’s now Nine Muses lead rapper. Seriously. People need to get their shit together before they start promoting a group. Also, the lack of improvement with K-Pop artists is absolutely appalling. Everyone pretty much starts out the same as where they finish up and the slightest amount of improvement is pounced on by rabid fans. You shouldn’t be congratulating a singer if they can achieve vocal resonance with their middle voice. God, I’ve had no training and I can do that.
      That’s why I feel Ailee is the strongest singer because she was primarily trained in the US and then moved over to Korea where she was under a completely competent singer.

      God that was quite a rant. I hope you found it interesting though~ (:

      • byoing~byoing.

        BUT. Despite ratting on Hyorin a fair bit, she’s only been in the game for 3 years, so I guess she’s got room to grow. Although I think Luna will surpass her in skills purely based on the fact that SM artists seem to show the most growth out of all the top tier K-Pop groups… even though I’d only peg Kyuhyun and Taeyeon as the best in SM with Luna. YG definitely has the worst vocalists out of the ‘Big 3’ but who needs technique when you’ve got swag, right?

        • i definitely loved your explanations about vocal technique. my knowledge is further limited than that and all i know are “high/low notes” and “falsettoes” [the thigns i can name lol].

          however i pay very much attention to a singer’s ability of conveying emotions and drama through PERFORMANCE. for example, i know madonna is a limited singer, but she’s one of the best performers out there because she can easily transmit her songs emotions through her singing.

          when it comes to k-pop,considering the language barrier, that’s what i mostly pay attention to and that’s why i said technique is overrated, because we have these gorgeous singers belting big fat high notes that mostly doesn’t mean a thing to the song’s atmosphere and moods

        • um

          Kyuhyun is the best vocalist in Kpop IMHO. Someone did a vocal analysis on him [on a kpop vocal analysis blog?] and he had one of the better analyses; if not the best. He can pull off many tones, and he has emotion in his voice which so many idols lack.

  • KingBeaArthur

    This song is BRILLIANT! Bo Hyung is a powerhouse! I love the darkness of the mv. Korea needs to be shaken up every so often by real sexuality and reality. Real life is not like a Crayon Pop mv..

    As much as it pains me to admit it, but you’re 100% right about the quality of Spica’s singles. I liked but never really connected with Russian Roulette; I live for Painkiller, but everything after that feels like they were throwing darts and decided to go with whatever concept hit. It helps that the group is talented so they at least have that to fall back on if nothing else.

    • Top

      I was about to say the same. First, I don’t want to admit it so much what a failure Spica is, even though it’s such a talented group. second I don’t feel connected with Russian Roulette etiher, i love Spica because of Painkiller.

  • byoing~byoing.

    MV synopsis:
    The guy lives a double life as a drag queen when he pops acid and he’s trying to retrace his steps from his last trip.

    Seriously though, it’s a shame that SPICA releases dud songs. I honestly hate the raps that Juhyun has had outside of Russian Roulette. They’ve wrecked every single SPICA single especially Tonight. She’s not as irrelevant and terrible as Moonface in 4minute but they really need to collaborate with some stronger composers. : Also they just come across as boring. They probably are an interesting bunch of girls and all that, but they’re not cute enough to garner popularity through CFs and they’re just so for lack of a better word (outside of Jiae and Jiwon)… ugh. If Lee Hyori wanted to really chuck them a bone she’d let them collab with her connections. Surely Boa has some strings she can pull considering she was a vocal coach to a few top idol groups? idk. I feel bad that South Korea is still interested in basic bitches (although 2NE1 seems to be waning a bit in popularity. Where’s this October single ladies?) and overlooks talent, but I guess their top 10 breakthrough will hopefully get them some of the attention they deserve.

    tl;dr – if they hooked up with some better producers, they’d be getting the popularity they deserved.