Miley Cyrus SMS Bangerz
It’s always frustrating when fans, washed-up producers, and bloggers talk about the possibility of a “Blackout 2.0,” as if creating a sequel to the one of the greatest pop albums of the last decade is as simple as putting a bunch of hot songs together and having Britney Spears sing them. Blackout was a moment in time created by a perfect storm: A rebellious Britney had lost the plot and axed her entire team, pop music was in the early stages of transitioning from urban and hip-hop to more electronic territory, celebrity tabloid culture had reached terrifying new heights, and Danja had just stepped out on his own after breaking away from Timbaland.

Like many of history’s most forward-thinking and iconic albums –from blockbusters to cult classics– nobody is ever going to make a Blackout 2.0. But that doesn’t mean that artists can’t pay homage to Britney’s accidental masterpiece, which is exactly what Miley Cyrus has done with her Queen B collaboration, “SMS (Bangerz)”.

Miley mashes Blackout’s soulless urban-pop with Salt-n-Pepa’s bouncy club classic “Push It” (which has either been sampled or ripped-off) with some help from partner in crime, Mike WiLL Made It, and “Toy Soldier” songwriter, Sean Garrett. Miley talk-raps all her lines, intentionally exaggerating her Southern accent on the chorus as she exclaims, “I be struttin’ my stuff!” over hip-hop snares and a looped and mutilated trap music refrain. Once Britney shows up on the second verse with her signature gum smacking growl, “SMS (Bangerz)” almost sounds like an official “Freakshow” remix. Everything is deliciously lowbrow and dissonant, and the same end-of-the-night bottom-of-the-bottle emptiness that haunted Blackout permanently lingers overhead like a purple haze.

When Britney was first named one of Miley’s feature creatures, it felt like nothing more than stunt casting from Larry Rudolph. But after hearing “SMS (Bangerz),” it’s clear that nobody else but Britney could’ve been slapped on the track. Regardless of who actually produced it or how much it resembles “Push It,” this is Britney’s sound, and it requires a certified co-sign from The Holy Spearit herself for anyone else to use it. Without that, Miley might sound like a wannabe, as opposed to a successor paying homage to the pop icon who came before her.

The largely negative reviews that “SMS (Bangerz)” is receiving so far only further solidifies its status as the dirtiest, dankest, most downright amazing club jaunt of the year. Before eventually reaching cult status, Blackout was also unfairly maligned by critics and pop fans who chose to review the person instead of the fuckin’ bangerz music. Miley’s sleazy Queen B collabo will be seen the same way in the not too distant future, even though it’s ultimately only going to add to Blackout’s legacy, rather than forge one of its own.

Score: 9/10

  • UncleFan

    Great review! Lowbrow is the new highbrow, in my opinion, and has been since the time of Chaucer. Bless Miley for giving me something I can sing(?) along with that isn’t in Korean, LOL.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I fell in love with this the first listen! If anything, it proves Britney is, in fact, not a cyborg!!

  • xtincta

    Britney is the best thing about this song…..

  • Lin Misfits

    Just to clarify, Miley made this song amazing, but Britney helped it become iconic?

  • This is one fucked up article, why did you bother? Its all shades of wrong and really makes you lose cred buddy and I love ya!

  • Not enough Britney.

  • bluesatellite

    I love this line: “Regardless of who actually produced it or how much it resembles “Push It,” this is Britney’s sound, and it requires a certified co-sign from The Holy Spearit herself for anyone else to use it. Without that, Miley might sound like a wannabe, as opposed to a successor paying homage to the pop icon who came before her.”

    However, I wouldn’t give this a 9/10. Probably a 7/10.

    We all know who originated this sound, though… *puts on Robyn’s “Konichiwa Bitches”*

    • AOI

      Yass… Credit where it’s due.

    • Lmao yes it is super Konichiwa Bitches too! I think that album influenced Blackout a lot since I assume Bloodshy & Avant would’ve been very familiar with it

      • bluesatellite

        It’s interesting, she also started working with Max Martin and his production team way before Britney. I swear when I first heard ‘Baby One More Time’ I thought it was Robyn! And I wondered why her voice became more nasal lol. Their paths always seem to cross for some reason. The Bloodshy & Avant connection is spot-on AND I just remembered that she did back-up vocals on ‘Piece of Me’. Wow

        • Britney has really put her own stamp on the sound though, separate to Robyn. That’s always been the great thing about Britney. It’s not like other pop artists where their songs are interchangeable and always sound exactly like someone else’s song.

          • bluesatellite

            I agree, esp since these days Robyn is more known for her sad disco niche. I stopped being a Britney fan after the In The Zone era (I guess I was just growing up) but I still listen to her stuff and check her out every now and then.

  • Jafet

    I’m in love with this song and Britney’s part reminds me of the “the “I got problems up to here, I’ve got people in my ear…” part in Fergie’s Glamorous

    • Burk Kyler

      Damn I use to love Glamorous…

  • Mandy

    I really was hoping for something epic since all of Miley’s “Bangerz” tracks are great (Still have the album title though) But this is nothing more then an album gem, not an offical single

  • Guest

    Omg how can anyone not like this? I’m loving the hell out of this.

  • ICONI3

    Omg how can anyone not like this? I’m loving the hell out of this. 4×4 is my jam though.

  • Legend X

    I love the song and Britney’s parts just take this to a whole new level. I just wish it wasn’t so short!

  • Nicole Naeun


  • Britney Lover


  • Blah

    It sounds really 2007 and that’s why i love it, can’t stop listening to it… it’s come full circle.

  • justemry

    I’m sold on this. I wasn’t from the snippets, but YES to the whole thing. It’s giving me pumped-up “When U Gon Pull It?” 2013 teas and I’m all about it. #gotmylegsandmyheadinthesamedirection

  • Ich

    Not that good, just decent and average. We’ll have forgotten all of this by december 3rd.

  • LizzyG

    It’s catchy but did I want to put it on repeat, no. I heard the whole album, Miley is a ghetto wannabe. Britney never tried to be faux ghetto. But that’s the trend right now, all the kids that didn’t get to experience the 90s/early 2000s hip-hop are trying to recreate it for themselves. Has anyone ever seen that pic where they show The Breakfast Club and then teenies trying to dress like they’re from the 80s? This is what Miley looks and sounds like to me right now but with a different era. Naya Rivera is doing it right and Zendaya. Miley, you can’t make swag happen to you, it’s either there or it’s not. I hate that she must feel validated by the charts.

  • Burk Kyler

    I thought it was just ok, not bad but not good… it shouldn’t be a single, but I like all her “non feat” tracks on Bangerz, especially Adore You, Drive, 2013 I Got That Boom Boom: Getitright…

  • We must be getting pretty desperate for Britney to drop something ground-breaking if we’re honestly going to give Miley Cyrus anywhere near this much credit!


    I must say though, after listening to the album in full, I love, love, love ‘Adore You’… It’s probably one of the best Miley recordings ever…. while ‘My Darlin’, which features Future, is a close second. There’s a few more that actually push Miley’s vocal work front and center, which I like.

    ‘SMS (Bangerz)’ though? No. It’s catchy album filler for sure, but it’s just too ratchet for me. Just an opinion.

    But Seriously …

    Adore You
    My Darlin’ (Feat Future)
    Wrecking Ball
    Love Money Party (Feat. Big Sean)
    Maybe You’re Right
    Someone Else

    all flaw-free.

    • Kamarul Sulaiman

      Where the heck is FU?? That is probably the best track from Bangerz

      • Lol, I wasn’t quite feeling that one… Didn’t care for some of the vocal production… It’s not bad though! Actually, it kills me to admit it, but the whole album is pretty decent. I actually think ‘Bangerz’ may be the worst thing on it

    • SMS is just too edgy and hood for a whitie Katy Perry stan like yourself!

  • Adam

    Your recent reviews have confused the hell out of me. This is possibly the worst thing Britney has put her voice on and it gets a 9/10. Meanwhile Work Bitch gets a 2 or something lol.

    • Well Push It is one of the best songs of the 80s and Blackout is probably Britney’s best album (or one of them), and since this sounds like both, naturally it slays. Work Bitch sounds like a song without a chorus, so naturally it’s terrible.

  • Andrew Rod

    OMG exactly my thoughts, Jacques and I are so connected *psycho overly attached girlfriend stare*, as soon as I heard it I feel that it was a continuation or leftover from “Blackout” mostly “Freakshow” it’s really good and I’m surprise overall by the album, Miley really stepped up, converting a hater of her voice like me into really like the album, her voice still a little annoying, but the tracks are so good and I don’t even care, if I can take Katy’s top 40 uninspired tracks and her voice, I can take Miley really stepping up tracks from “Bangerz”

  • iAmAwesome

    Wtf is this ratchet mess? Sounds like they took “Hannah Montana” Miley Cyrus and an old Blackout demo from a vault somewhere and put it over “Push It”

    Sigh, Godney works in mysterious ways.

  • vjx89

    I think this song is a Hot ratchet ass mess, but i’m pretty sure i’ll be spinning my wig like an helicopter after a few drinks in the club.

  • Kris