Sia Elastic Heart
When I heard the stale cornbread that is Celine Dion’s “Loved Me Back To Life,” I knew it was officially time for Sia to start writing songs for herself again. She hasn’t exactly returned to her solo career just yet, but she has started offering up some soundtrack contributions here and there. Earlier this year, she closed out The Great Gatsby soundtrack, and now she’s collaborated with The Weeknd and Diplo for a cut from the latest Hunger Games film called “Elastic Heart.”

Like theĀ Twilight series, The Hunger Games is a terrible film franchise with far better music than its actual movies. “Elastic Heart” is no different, although it fails to come close to the dizzying heights of Sia’s own albums. Diplo plays it fairly safe on the production by his standards, but Sia’s twisted, throaty wail of a voice provides the perfect sparring partner for The Weeknd’s delicate lamenting.

All in all, a decent soundtrack effort. But I am getting a little tired of hearing the American top forty Sia all the time (I consider tracks like “Diamonds” and “Loved Me Back To Life” as Sia songs, since the artists behind them do nothing to differentiate themselves from Sia’s distinctive style). How ’bout a return to the fizzy quirk-pop of We Are Born, or the unrelenting nightmare that is Some People Have Real Problems? All the dusty old Sia stans like myself would appreciate it.