SHINee Everybody
SHINee’s been promoting non-stop this year. It’s the busiest they’ve ever been, but I guess SM Entertainment’s trying hard to keep the band relevant now that they’ve hit the five-year mark that often signals the death of most big K-pop acts. We all saw what happened to 2PM, whose “A.D.T.O.Y.” is still the best R&B song of the year but still managed to tank because the boys hadn’t done enough to keep themselves relevant in Korea.

Anyway, SHINee’s back, and they’re doing dubstep on their new single, “Everybody.” It’s the fourth big fat dubstep single to come out of SM Entertainment in the past year, following TVXQ’s eurodance-driven “Catch Me,” Super Junior-M’s melodramatic “Break Down,” and EXO’s genre-mashing “Wolf.” Of the four, “Everybody” sounds closest to “Break Down,” only super gay. I’ve been calling it the Kylie Minogue remix of “Break Down” all week.

It’s my least favourite of the four SM Entertainment dubstep singles, but I still love it. SHINee never disappoints, and SM hasn’t misfired all year except for Henry’s bland solo.

As a single, “Everybody” really comes to life on stage. SHINee, dressed like sexy Nazis, perform their hardest, most challenging choreography to date. And remember, this is fucking SHINee we’re talking about — they’re already beasts on stage! With “Everybody,” they’re picking each other up off the ground, holding each other up in the air, and turning into wind-up dolls and shit. It reminds me why I love K-pop because it shows what entertainers are truly capable of if they push themselves and work hard. When will Americans?

Check it out below.

P.S. Blonde Jonghyun, please sit on my face. Thank you.