SHINee Everybody
SHINee’s been promoting non-stop this year. It’s the busiest they’ve ever been, but I guess SM Entertainment’s trying hard to keep the band relevant now that they’ve hit the five-year mark that often signals the death of most big K-pop acts. We all saw what happened to 2PM, whose “A.D.T.O.Y.” is still the best R&B song of the year but still managed to tank because the boys hadn’t done enough to keep themselves relevant in Korea.

Anyway, SHINee’s back, and they’re doing dubstep on their new single, “Everybody.” It’s the fourth big fat dubstep single to come out of SM Entertainment in the past year, following TVXQ’s eurodance-driven “Catch Me,” Super Junior-M’s melodramatic “Break Down,” and EXO’s genre-mashing “Wolf.” Of the four, “Everybody” sounds closest to “Break Down,” only super gay. I’ve been calling it the Kylie Minogue remix of “Break Down” all week.

It’s my least favourite of the four SM Entertainment dubstep singles, but I still love it. SHINee never disappoints, and SM hasn’t misfired all year except for Henry’s bland solo.

As a single, “Everybody” really comes to life on stage. SHINee, dressed like sexy Nazis, perform their hardest, most challenging choreography to date. And remember, this is fucking SHINee we’re talking about — they’re already beasts on stage! With “Everybody,” they’re picking each other up off the ground, holding each other up in the air, and turning into wind-up dolls and shit. It reminds me why I love K-pop because it shows what entertainers are truly capable of if they push themselves and work hard. When will Americans?

Check it out below.

P.S. Blonde Jonghyun, please sit on my face. Thank you.

  • Nicole Naeun

    This is my favorite SHINee comeback of the year! I love, love, love “Everybody” it’s such an anthem (idk what anthem, but I’m gonna sing it out loud like it’s Stars Sprangled Banner or something).

    And I agree with you, it’s the live stages that bring the song comes to life. They all look the sexiest this era, Taemin is so f-ing hot, and I can finally see Minho f-ckable again. Kween Jonghyun remain as flawless as ever.
    Oh, and I freakin’ love the sexy gay Nazis outfits!!

    • To be honest I loved Dream Girl the most! Even though I HATED that song at first I now love it so much.

      • i loved “dream girl” from start and there’s no way “everybody” can come close to a scratch of it

    • chris_divine

      Lol, I really thought I was the only one that thought they looked like sexy gay military men!

  • anthony

    I really enjoy the song and the live stage is incredible. I would think SM would give f(x) the 3 comeback special but I guess they don’t need it as much.

    • um

      poor fx is lucky if they get one comeback a year

  • UncleFan

    #1) Great song – even better than the last one!

    #2) SHINee keeps delivering amazing performances, but I have mixed feelings about this comeback. I can’t shake the feeling that their natural Korean fanbase has mostly moved on to other groups like EXO, for example. The songs are cool, but SHINee’s *concept* seems like it got lost in the woods at some point. SM never figured out a way for these guys to graduate from flower boys to cool dudes, and my suspension of disbelief is starting to crack… at some point SHINee is going to look like a bunch of old guys dancing around in tights and eyeliner.

    • oppar is not yours

      Everyone from any other fandom has moved on to EXO lol.

      • teamintfortae

        Yeah, I kinda get that feeling too, UncleFan.

        That being said, I think SHINee are ageing pretty well for the moment. The members are about as old as the EXO members in general, with the youngest EXO member being 19 and Tae being 20.

        And I rather like SHINee’s gay. I don’t think they’re ever going to be able to pull off the faux-badass thing that BAP and EXO do, and I don’t want them to. I kind of see them drifting down the path charted by Big Bang. As for them being old guys dancing around in tights and eyeliner, I don’t think they’re going to last that long. I love them and all, but let’s be realistic – the burn-out has already started.

        That being said, this is a fantastic song, fantastic album and fantastic choreo. It’s better than Dream Girl and WSS, and it’s currently sharing 2nd place with Sherlock as the best SHINee title track ever (first place going to Lucifer, of course).

        • UncleFan

          I agree with your ranking of Lucifer and Sherlock – those are my favorites, too! I guess deep down what I was always hoping was that SHINee would evolve into TVXQ 2.0, and we would get to hear them sing deeper, darker songs like Mirotic.

          • but that’s what everybody’s been saying about “everybody”‘s choreo: that it’s VERY tvxq. but i agree with you guys that it’s a way too light song… i really don’t like this one next to the other excellent [musical] releases they had this year.

          • UncleFan

            “it’s VERY tvxq…” You mean the new, dub-steppy two man TVXQ? I’m talking about the old school 5 guy TVXQ, but yeah, I see what you mean.

          • nah i meant the genius engine choreography, not musically wise… and i don’t know nor care bout 5-peopled-tvxq

    • chris_divine

      I don’t believe SM are confused about their concept for Shinee, and many people assume that this is so.

      Shinee is SM’s experimental group. Basically the group that they like to bump all the artsy heads at SM together and come up with different concepts/themes for them. Even for the Dream Girl/WSS era, SM said they got artists from outside SM to work on their concept art. Even with their music, they have always been a bit different. Sherlock was the first ‘hybrid’ song and their Dream Girl/WSS album had really unconventional tracks.

      Tbh, they are a pretty unconventional group and thats why with every album/mini album they release, they have a new concept and don’t necessarily have an image (though they were the first androgynous kpop boy group). But even though they are so ‘different’, they manage to stay in the top tier groups category because SM always makes sure that they stay relevant by giving them the best songs to sing and perform.

      • sixX

        This is what I’ve been looking for! I’m so happy that you see SHINee’s concept like this. :)

  • Dub

    Love the choreography. Hate the song.

  • Allen Alexander

    SOMEONE was working for a promotion in SME’s dance department because with this being their third comeback this year, you’d think there’d be no real reason for them to go as hard as they are right now. It’s truly impressive.

    I don’t know how I feel about the comments of people saying they’re losing fans to EXO though. I think if anything, SUJU is losing fans to EXO, while SHINee safely straddles the line of being sure-sellers but nothing too over the top or explosive. They’re incredible consistent whereas I feel like with EXO they’re kind of loose cannons right now…things can either go really well or really horribly.

    • Allen Alexander

      Plus can we just talk about SHinee’s FORMATIONS though!? I love the part where Onew goes crazy in the background with Taemin in the front and they are moving like one big machine. I think they’re doing perfectly well with their concepts and they take this one to a whole new level!

      • IT’s FANTASTIC!!

        it gave me a huge tvxq’s catch me vibe… in a very good way

  • KingBeaArthur

    SHINee, my SHINee <33
    SHINee have always had a special place in my heart, since "Ring Ding Dong" was actually my gateway song into K-Pop. The ride has been extraordinary, and seeing how far they've come [grown man Taemin and Minho specifically] has been a joy in itself!

    "Everybody" really does come to life live; the choreography is honestly the real standout out this era! They're delivering on TVXQ's level!

    • Blah

      YASS!!! SHINee are my faves. I must have burst the replay (reference) button watching “Hello” on youtube!

  • Really wasn’t feeling the song initially but watches the performances and the MV have made me like it. Still not the best from them Lucifer/Sherlock have that title. The choreo is incredible though, TVXQ duo level.

  • 364Leinad

    I like it. Better than Why So Serious but not as good as Ring Ding Dong. Taemin’s plastic face is B-EAUTIFUL!

  • “P.S. Blonde Jonghyun, please sit on my face. Thank you.”

    hahaha my very thoughts!

    honestly the only thing making me care about this song is their outta-the-world performance, because the song itself is just bleh – it’s the weakest from this year’s SM’s releases [i don’t actually count henry’s singles “trap” and “the-number-ones-feat-amber”, cos apparently SM let him produce the whole boring affair].

    gonna get back to you latter about the album…

  • Sommer

    THANK YOU ARCADEY MY LIFE IS RELEVANT NOW, SHINee was what got me into k-pop and SHINee are the only people keeping me around nowadays.
    At first I felt a little slapped in the face after sitting through the first like seventeen seconds of the MV, but then that super homo harmony you were talking about started to sift in and all was good. Imo as overused as this dubstep sound is, this is still one of their best comebacks since Lucifer.

  • Jonathan Fink

    LMFAO @ “P.S. Blonde Jonghyun, please sit on my face. Thank you”. !! I love this review and how blunt the reviewer is !! Very entertaining read !! I love this entire comeback! I agree that it’s not the best SM dubstep single but the song is ctachy and fun and the dance is SO CRAZY !! I wish them tones of success !!

  • chris_divine

    YES!!! Totally agree.

  • chris_divine

    And omg I can’t get enough of platinum blonde Jonghyun. Kpop stars dye/change their hair all the time to signal a new era, but his was deffo the best of the year. Also, can we talk about the now blonde Onew please? Since when was Onew this hot???