Shakira 2013
There’s been a huge delay in the return of Shakira. The Colombian diva originally shot the music video for her RedOne/Afrojack-produced comeback single, “Truth Or Dare (On The Dance Floor),” back in June of 2012,  but its release was derailed when she fell pregnant to that hung soccer player. She’s spent the past year focusing on motherhood and working on The Voice, but now Shakira’s getting ready to relaunch her pop career with a new single (finally!) that could drop any week now.

RCA Records announced the good news in an interview with Billboard, calling the comeback track, “an event single,” and confirming that an album will follow in early 2014.

They said, “And then we’ll have a new song from Shakira that’s gonna be an event single, we plan on having out before the end of the year.

Not quite sure what an “event single” is exactly, but it sounds big and important.

According to Shakira’s long-running fansite, Shakira Media, the Colombian diva’s manager confirmed to them in an email that the song officially drops on November 18.

At first I was like, “I don’t give a shit about Shakira’s comeback,” then I remembered how much I loved “She Wolf,” “Loca,” and that fuzzy barely audible recording of “Truth or Dare,” and suddenly I changed my mind.

But please Shak Shak, don’t come with some JLo “Live It Up” bullshit or I’ll kill you.