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The past few months have been so lovely and serene without any new Beyonce music to stink the place up. It was like a gift from the gods every time her big comeback project received another push back and delay (and there certainly were many). But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so I’m here to regretfully inform you all that Mrs. Sharter is almost ready to release her new single.

It gets worse.

According to NY Daily News, the “Run The World” flopstress is pushing out her next turd on December 3 — the same day that Britney Jean hits stores!

Not Mrs. Sharter trying to outshine The Holy Spearit…

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Check out the official (and fairly sensationalized) report from the Daily News below.

With Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus all behind much-hyped fall releases, Bey is planning to step up and knock them all out of the spotlight with new top-secret music she recorded a few weeks ago.

Beyoncé decided to wait until early December so her single will come out right after Gaga, Katy and Miley release their albums. It’s all because she wants everyone to know exactly who the queen is, a source tells Confidenti@l.

Bey had planned to put out a big song in early 2013, but kept pushing it back when she realized she wasn’t going to have any real competition on the charts. Then she got wind of the jam-packed fall release calendar and dreamed up her pop-world power move.

“Many in the music industry have gotten intel that Beyoncé will put out a single in the fourth quarter, some time from late November to early December,” our insider says. “It’s an official single and it’s timed perfectly to push out all the others. It will be out before the end of the year.”

Our source adds that Ole Music Publishing in Nashville is working its magic and will hand the “massive” song over to Columbia Records — Bey’s label. Pepsi bankrolled the whole project.

Insiders tell us the track and video will land on Dec. 3.

Oh hell, NO.

This tired ass lyin’-about-her-age has-been is not coming for Godney’s ratty weave with this tacky cheap shot. And on what planet is Beyonce supposed to outshine Miley, Gaga, and Katy with a December single release? This washed-up soft drink spokesmodel delayed her comeback all year because the competition was too strong, and now she’s paid some desperate House of Deréon intern three nickels to leak a spun story to the Daily News claiming that she’s purposely trying to play with the big dogs. It ain’t 2008, honey. Bey isn’t one of pop’s A-listers any more. Britney’s the only one she can compete with now, and even that’s gonna be a stretch.

But really, trying to overshadow Britney’s album is a low blow, even by Beyonce’s rock bottom standards. A bit of common courtesy between pop divas would be nice, but then again, we are talking about the same woman who stabbed her so-called “sisters” in the back just to make a solo career for herself. Right?

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  • DeVante

    Work Bitch is so dreadful, I don’t care. That deserves to flop. Mariah’s releasing on the same day as Gaga. Single vs album isn’t that big of a deal. I did have a vision of Adele, Beyonce, Britney, Gaga, Katy, and Mariah all releasing the same week and it was amazing.

    • I actually don’t mind it I was just really disappointed with it being her lead single. It’s a fun song though, but not Britney lead material.

      P.S. you’re so hawt

      • lildarien

        So thirsty Jacques.

      • DeVante

        Thanks hairless bum boo

    • Bluebeat

      I agree. On the bright side, recently spoke to Billboard and he said that her album won’t have songs similar to that single. So its safe to assume that they are listening to our feedback and are working on the album a bit more.

      • Josh Chinnery

        Don’t get your hopes up yet; if is still on this album, then it could get a lot worse XD

        • LizzyG

          Oy, truth.

  • XXX

    i see no lies

  • Abraxas

    “Bey is planning to step up and knock them all out of the spotlight” – No way she (or anyone else, I’m looking at you, katy and gaga) will outshine Milegend Cyrus this year. Bow down to the Bangerz queen.

    “Beyoncé decided to wait until early December so her single will come out
    right after Gaga, Katy and Miley release their albums. It’s all because
    she wants everyone to know exactly who the queen is” – OMG so lame! She was just struggling to find some space for herself after all the Big Ones dropped their albums so she could hope to get some attention.

    I really hope Miley will release SMS (Bangerz) so that she and Britney will receive all the major attention, while Gaga will try to get her throne back as the one and only complete performer out there (along with Miley).

  • T.

    seriously this woman. she better get nine people to write her a fauxminist hymn to sing over a tired beat with a EDM twist to be HUGE in belgium.

    who run the world, bey? everyone but you.

  • Lin Misfits

    I can’t with Cntrl+Ceyonce.

    • Moses Kim

      holy FUCK. I’m halfway across the world and even I felt that ether.

    • dead,buried and resting in peace.

    • iAmAwesome


      • cde

        Why don’t you have a blog I follow?



        • iAmAwesome

          I should? I’ll call it That Orange Juice and just copy and paste Jacques articles tbh. Lol

  • Tanay Tiwary

    “Mrs Sharter” Jacques let me have you hahaha

  • Matthew Charlery-Smith

    Beyonce’s a “Grooooowwwwwwn Woman” does whatever she wants…

    I think I would fall over dead if Miley Cyrus outsells Beyonce! Can’t believe I just read that Beyonce wouldn’t release a single because the competition “Wasn’t strong enough”. She still thinks the world buys the Mathew Knowles Propaganda Handbook Volume 7! Clearly she didn’t listen to her own horrible songs:

    Chow Down/I Been On (The Toilet)
    Grown Weave-On
    Snippets On the Sun

    It really couldn’t have got any worse. Her whole campaign was desperation from dawn! Hopefully she’ll have a new colour weave (preferably dark) for this new era.

    Jacques, your comment on about Beyonce parodying a Black woman was quite spot on. Loadsa white girls think this is what being black is.

    • DM

      I Been On (The Toilet) HAHAHAHAHAHA


    • Josh Chinnery


      Nigga came for that weave and boy did he leave with it!!

    • Thank You Rkd!

      beyonce boyfriend is leaving her for his wife.

  • KingBeaArthur

    smh Didn’t Rihanna just pull a similar stunt with the “Pour It Up” mv? Bey can’t even deal original shade now! Girl bye.

  • Bluebeat

    You forgot to talk about how Rihanna’s new single flopped and for the first time in 4 years she’s not gonna release a new album for 2013 (since Rated R back in 2009, she dropped an album every year) Let the real DIVA Games begin!! I wanna see who’s gonna get nominated & snobbed for the Grammy’s this December. What a great way to end 2013~!!

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith

      Which single flopped?

      Anyway, I’m glad she’s not. After 7 albums she needs a greatest hits with a few new tracks added, a year or two off and then a relaunch for 2015 if she’s not gonna make everyone sick of her.

      • Bluebeat

        Pour It Up did and its from her Rated R. She hasn’t released anything new yet that’s for her next album.

        • Matthew Charlery-Smith

          Really? I thought it was on “Unapologetic”. It still went platinum though didn’t it? I’ve heard fans complain that this era is a mess. What do you think? I don’t follow her closely enough but I recall “Loud” and previous album campaigns being run better.

  • cde

    My #LIFE has been given to me. U r back with a #Shady Beyonce post. I live

  • Akie_Of_Winterfell

    Beyonce and Gaga are sisters bound by the same ratchet vaginas. The day Godney dropped the “Britney Jean” album title, Mother Nose-ther tweeted about Been-us.

  • Stef

    unless she’ll release duet with britney. think about that. ;)

  • gc

    won’t believe it till its actually CONFIRMED by HER! Im over these releases/leaks! “Grown Woman” would’ve been HUGE (if it would’ve been officially released)! But if she does releases something the day Britney releases her album, that’ll be hella exciting!!

    • Josh Chinnery

      So true about Grown Woman!! Female should have had a mastered single the day it leaked with a Remixes EP out the next week. Such a wasted opportunity and she wonders why nobody takes her serious >_>

    • XXX

      don’t know about grown woman… liked it at first, but it became boring the third time i heard it…best thing about is the intro

  • iAmAwesome

    “but kept pushing it back when she realized she wasn’t going to have any real competition on the charts”

    Hahaha HAAAAA! That coming from the camp of bitch who hasn’t had a number one since 2008?

    • BritneySucks

      She doesn’t need number one hits to slay Britlooney like she has since 2003. 4 outsold Femme Fatale in the first week and in world wide sales without a number one….I hope she releases her album the same day as Robotney just to crush her and all her stans as she’s been doing for a decade.

  • LizzyG

    I used to supported Beyonce because of her talent. But her tactics in the last few years… I’m not sure what would save her at this point, even if the song was amazing, there’s plenty of amazing songs that go no where. There’s plenty of sht songs that top the charts. She has to figure out how to get people back on her side. Unfortunately, I’m realizing most artists don’t have staying power for more than 5 or so years at the most unless they don’t release an album for 6 years or have a breakdown and a come back or retire and then come out of retirement, etc. She should probably give everyone a nice break from her and then maybe people will come looking for her music. Maybe she’d even be wise to do a Destiny’s Child album and tour, maybe people would respond to that.

    • LizzyG

      PS “Mrs. Sharter” had be on the floor, ha :)

  • Bobby

    Please remember this post when Beyoncé reigns supreme and you still all try find ways to make excuses for it. Bow down and praise Beyus!



    • cde


    • Matthew Charlery-Smith

      What was going on here?


        Obvs Beysus was being totally blessed for her amazing talent and power to move people all over the world to her booty shakin beats without the help of her daddy.

  • god dammit beyonce….. back THE FUCK off. Ooooooooo this makes me mad. I usually don’t care about Beyonce enough to stan for her or hate her …. but this? Seriously? That stupid album has been delayed god knows how many times and it just has to start promo on December 3?

    Girl, bye.

    • Bobby

      If beyonce sucks so bad why are Britney fans so pressed? I LOVE BRITNEY and I also LOVE BEYONCE .. I think they are both actually very respectable to one another. But if Beyoncé is “sooo over” .. a flop .. a clone .. a tranny .. etc….. as everyone claims why is anyone even concerned? … Haters gonnn hate.

      • People aren’t concerned, it just seems tacky to release it on the same day, like she has to hog everyone else’s limelight.

        • Bobby

          I don’t see that as hogging anything really .. Im sure Britney will have single #2 out by then .. Miley will be on 3 or 4 maybe … Gaga will be on 2nd or 3rd .. Katy will be on 2nd or 3rd (although what is going on with her second single? Roar is yesterdays news and “dark horse” was demoded to promo single right?) … we also don’t KNOW the single/video will drop that day. Ive read sooo many conflicting stories about the release date I am not getting my hopes up as I have been since September of last year when Superbowl rumors formed.

          But people are really taking it overboard as if Beyoncé and Britney have beef – not so much on this particular blog .. I myself was going to refrain from even reading the comments as I usually do on any Beyoncé post you do on here but on other blogs people think shes really shady. I get your satire though and I don’t think you are concerned.

          • It really has nothing do with beef lol, I’m just being a sarcastic ass because it’s fun… I don’t have a problem with Bey at all… I just think it’s hysterical she’s chosen this of all days to make a comeback … Why not a week later?

      • BritneySucks

        They’re pressed because they know Beyonce slays the shit out of their mentally incapacitated fav

  • Just for fun …. Let’s spark a debate ….. who will reign supreme this holiday season in the Diva Pop Showdown? First week impact sales …

    Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, or Beyonce? I’m gonna put my predictions 1-4 in order, DESPITE how much it pains me to do so…..

    1. Lady GaGa with 400-500k
    2. Beyonce with 350-450k
    3. Katy Perry with 300-350k
    4. Britney Spears with 250-300k

    Don’t get me wrong Britney stans, I think the Queen B should definitely be #1 this Holiday season. But let’s be honest, with the lazy opening week sales of ‘Femme Fatale’ at 350k (off the back of #1 Hold it Against Me) and the lackluster release and reception of ‘Work Bitch’, it ain’t looking too good for homegirl …. Unless single #2 slays. (On my knees in prayer as we speak).

    Beyonce will inevitably debut high, because let’s face it, the whole world has let her sit on their faces with anticipation for this ‘epic’ new album, despite the fact the album probably never existed …. factor in the fact that she probably won’t write whatever it is that gets released (and she won’t let the ‘Run the World’ as a lead single fiasco), and the fact she’s coming off a sold out world tour… she’s pretty much a shoe in for a solid debut.

    with ‘Roar’ all over the universe right now, and no competition anywhere in site on October 22, Ms. Perry should easily move 300,000 copies of ‘Prism’…. and let’s be honest…. the little monsters will definitely make sure GaGa has a soild debut as well…..

    just a guess ;)

    • Agree with your Gaga numbers, but I’d swap Katy and Beyonce, and lower Britney’s number to about 200k.

      • FreakyFlyBri

        Britney’s going to benefit from the holiday season, a time where her numbers are usually solid. Femme Fatale sold as little as it did because she released it during a dead period for her, so I’d say 300,000 is a safe estimate…she has no real comeback hype like she did for Circus and her It Girl status has died down but she should be able to pull that out on her fanbase alone, especially if the second single released next month is more radio-friendly than Work Bitch.

    • Bobby

      Im curious to see Gaga’s numbers honestly …. Weren’t “Born This Way’s” numbers only like just about 400k (I know a million but minus the $.99 scam).
      I think Britney will sell about what you said … Katy Perry SHOULD move 300,000 copies but she didn’t even sell that many of Teenage Dream and that was backed off of 2 hit singles upon release. I didn’t know her album was due next week but if it was I expected tons of more promo.
      Beyoncé it could go anywhere from 350k-700k. I am hoping the most for her obviously because I love her but its all going to depend on what direction she is going to go in. My guess is that stadium kind of international sound with a lot of rhythmic beats (based upon Grown Woman and Standing On The Sun aswell as also how much of a noticed fan favorite End of Time was) … After the Superbowl, a sold out world tour, the fact shes been away for so long, and sells albums off her name alone .. I think B will sell extremely well but its all gonna depend upon her promo and song choices. I however do NOT think her team is going to slack upon ANYTHING this time around. Time will tell.

      • ‘Born this Way’ shifted 1million copies… 400k were the $.99 cent versions

        • Bobby

          Not too hot for the “album of the decade”. Cant wait to see what the “album of the millennium artpop” will sell

      • 700k for Beyonce… The delusion is real in the BeyHive.

        Katy Perry will do well because she had the Teen Dream era to really establish herself, so she’ll shift far more albums than she did last era.

        • Bobby

          Bday sold 690k+ in it’s first week .. its not delusion whatsoever especially when I said it all depends how her team works it. Shes not incapable nor did I say it was likely but it isn’t impossible.

          • That was 7 years ago during her peak. Her sales have continually declined since then. In The Zone and Circus did 600 and 500k first-week, but Britney ain’t gonna pull those numbers again in 2013. Same for Beyonce. Britney and Bey are no longer as relevant as the likes of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna etc. They’re the new generation of stars. Britney and Beyonce are the older gen haha.

      • Kel

        @Bobby: Do you know when KLOWN BEY will be releasing a compilation CD of her TOP FLOPS?


    • Burk Kyler

      I say Lady GaGa with 500 K first week and will hold on over time…

      Beyonce will do 375 K and will fall off then she’ll have an amazing third single, cause I’m sure she is doing that double single trick just for the x-mas sales or whatever (it’s really never about the music for her, just about the business…)

      Katy Perry with 200k -250k if she is lucky, singles artist

      Britney Spears 200k – 225k, can we really compare her to the others, she is on her 8TH album! She has been in the game for 14 years, i’m more concern with this whole live Vegas show for 2 years o_o either way she’s still winning

      • I agree… I just feel like this album will be pivotal for her. Madonna did the dance albums to begin… But around her 8th album she released ‘Ray of Light’ and took her career to completely different place. Brit can’t have another ‘Femme Fatale’… It’s time for her ‘Ray of Light’. I haven’t written off long term sales of ‘Britney Jean’ just yet


    Beyonce is a GROWN TRANNY KLOWN, okay?



  • Thank You Rkd!

    I Cant with this bish no more

  • Thank You Rkd!

    and she f’ing with Britney? this girl is lame

  • Salema Shirrelle

    Really??? LMAO is this a joke???? #nufsaid