Serebro УГАР (Waste)
Just when you thought that Serebro –one the only non-asian girl groups worth paying attention to– couldn’t push the envelope any further than they already have, the Russian sexpots have gracefully raised the bar to rape and murder in the music video for their latest single, “УГАР” (English: Waste).

At times it’s actually hard to tell if they’re actually being sexually-assaulted or simply just having rough sex, but I think they just blurred the lines so they wouldn’t get in trouble. It’s meant to be rape, but if anyone criticizes them for it and tries to ban the video, they can just say they like it rough. (The number he did to one of ’em on the hood of the car looked like a good time tbh.)

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Serebro’s wearing pieces from the Rihanna For River Island collection while they’re being violated and abused. Don’t they realize that dressing like Rihanna probably isn’t the best way to avoid a good ol’ fashioned raping, or this considered conservative wear by Serebro standards?

Serebro: Your honour, we were attacked by a Russian man in an underground parking lot. We were raped, physically assaulted, and then killed.

Judge: Yeah, but, you were wearing Rihanna For River Island…

Serebro: Just because a woman is dressed provocatively doesn’t mean she deserves to be raped! Frankly I’m appalled that you could even suggest such a thing.

Judge: Normally I would agree, but you know, it’s Rihanna For River Island. What’d you expect, a kiss goodnight at the front door?

Serebro: This is an outrageous violation against women’s rights! You’re no better than our attacker!

Judge: Well maybe next time you should try fighting back, just like t.A.T.u. did in that video where they played vengeful prostitutes who killed their rapist.

Serebro: That’s murder. We just want justice to be served and to have our attacker punished by the law.

Judge: Take ’em away, boys.

*The guards grab Serebro and drag them away to the same prison from Orange Is The New Black*

Judge: And let this be a lesson to all women dressing in Rihanna For River Island: If you wear it, you will be raped, and I won’t do a damn thing about it.

In other news, is anyone else excited that Serebro finally let the blonde member sing? Maybe DJ M.E.G. insisted, since technically it is his song. Funnily enough, Blondie was actually spared from the rapin’ while her brunette bandmates were fucked over the hood of a car and dragged by the weave across the parking lot.

Things are finally looking up for Blondie!