Seo In Young Love Me
Seo In Young has always been pretty good (“Into The Rhythm,” anyone?) but she’s literally been EVERYTHING since last year. Elly’s move from mere cool K-diva to perfect pop goddess of the East started last year when she split with Star Empire (home of the legendary Nine Muses) and started her own agency. It’s not really her music that changed for the better (it’s always been great), but her image: Elly’s a certified Korean style icon, and her natural fashion know-how has helped shape most of her post-Star Empire comeback concepts for the better. In this sense, she’s a lot like Rihanna, who didn’t truly flourish until she embraced her inner fashionista and took control of her image.

The independent Elly continues going from strength to strength with her latest single, “Love Me.” It’s been billed as a return to dance-pop for the songstress following her ballad, “Let’s Break Up,” from this past May, but it falls more in line with the synthy R&B of Primary and Co. (which explains the Gaeko feature) than your typical camp K-diva bop.

Unlike Brown Eyed Girls, who did nothing to change Primary’s signature production on their slinky single, “Recipe,” Elly’s just taken a few elements of the sound and put her own spin on it, creating a song that falls somewhere between K-pop and K-indie. It’s smooth, sophisticated electronica, with melancholy lyrics that make it one of those damn K-pop songs that are much better enjoyed when you can actually understand what’s being said.

Love me again,” Elly sings on the chorus. “Without you, I’m trapped in a lonely birdcage / Love me again / Take me out / So I can smile again.

The official music video is essentially a Nylon magazine shoot come to life, which couldn’t possibly be any more fitting for Elly. I can already see Katy Perry copying a lot of these looks as her Prism promo progresses, except that she won’t be able to pull any of it off properly and the clothes will just end up wearing her.

Following Brown Eyed Girls and now Elly, I’m glad to see more mainstream female artists experimenting with the kinds of sounds that have been hogged by the K-indie and [the primarily male] K-urban community for so long. Considering that “Love Me” is currently smashing the digital charts and is on its way to becoming the second top ten hit of Elly’s career, we’ll likely see more K-pop artists following the trend over the next year.

Trendsetting Queen.

  • Lin Misfits

    Just wondering, we know who your female biases are in Kpop, but what about the males? Thanks :)

    • As in male soloists? I don’t even have any. I only like male idols in groups.

      • Lin Misfits

        Oh okay, then what’s your male group biases? Also what about Psy? He’s a male soloist no? :o

        • John Norman

          what about psy lol

          • Lin Misfits

            He said he doesn’t like any male solo artists in particular, and I asked if he forgot about Psy, since he’s a huge fan.

      • Fawoo

        I too only like male idols in groups, TOP & CAP & Hoya in a group orgy with me. It’s the only way~

  • KingBeaArthur

    This song… O.O soooo good! She’s been killing it since “Anymore” and has yet to release a dud for me!

  • mergong

    Ho-ELLY shit, that post-chorus is EVERYTHING

  • Andi

    It’s honestly a bit unsettling how perfect Seo In Young is; everything she’s released since “Anymore” has been a total K.O. in my book, and she truly is one of the best-styled K-pop stars.

    • She’s such a queen. I seriously think people are gonna steal her looks too, like how she came out recently saying she did many things before Gaga hahaha

      • MIKEE

        Spillin’ that tea!! YAS. Made me love her even more. The true originator of hip-bone fashion and cut outs tbh.

  • Ciejowski


  • AlanaKang

    love the beginning beat to the song..nice production

  • gawd! her blond hair just looks just like a deity’s!


    It wasn’t until Anymore/Lets Dance came out that I really paid her any attention. It forced me to check out her back catalogue and I realized she hasn’t released anything that wasn’t absolutely flawless. Though I can’t stand k-pop ballads, when Lets Break Up came out it truly changed my entire perception of ballads and I actually became somewhat of a fan of them (well I appreciate them much more now lol). I love her and Love Me is just what I needed. Seo In Young, slay on slaya.

    • “letter” is just as gorgeous! i love her ballads on the “forever young” EP because they flee from the usual OST-ness that mainstream k-pop ballads tend to choose, but still maintain the drama-queeness

      • MIKEE

        Exactly! The OST-ness is what gets me. It’s just, not every ballad has to sound like it’s ripped straight from a K-Drama. I think Yoon Mi Rae did a great job with that as well this year with Touch Love, which was actually meant for a drama.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I love seeing how she continues to release smash after smash. Good for you homegirl :) This song is one of her best for sure!

  • ICONI3

    Loving this song. I’ll have to check her out again since I haven’t really payed attention to her since her Jewelry days.