Prince Breakfast Can Wait
After years in pop music purgatory, it’s finally a good time to be a Prince fan again. The Purple One’s videos are on Youtube, his music’s on Spotify, he’s kind of on Twitter, and he’s actually singing about sex again on the release of his new single, “Breakfast Can Wait.” Prince even has a sense of humour now, sticking the Dave Chapelle parody of himself on the hilarious “Breakfast Can Wait” cover art.

The King is back, bitches.

The “Breakfast Can Wait” video doesn’t actually star his Purple Highness, but it doesn’t need to. Prince takes it back to the old-school days of Janet, Michael, and Paula with a troupe of dancers telling a story through REAL choreography. None of that basic shit or trashy moves solely designed to titillate and nothing else. This is funky performance art, honey!

Prince just served up some golden era of pop realness and left me bald. Who else but the Soft & Wet one?

Prince Gif