Perfume Level3
Since the second Perfume’s LEVEL3 leaked two weeks ago, my Twitter and Gmail have been blowing up with demands for a Perfume post. I actually can’t remember the last time I had so many requests to write about an album. Perfume stans go hard, y’all.

It’s an interesting album for the group because they’ve dived even further into the EDM world than ever before: Only one song (the horrendous never-shoulda-been-a-single “Mirai no Museum”) clocks in under five minutes, while previous hits like “Magic of Love” and “Spending All My Time” have been extended and remixed. With EDM being the new pop and all, a dance act like Perfume has no choice but to get even dancier if they wanna keep the swagger jackers at bay.

One thing I noticed about LEVEL3 is it’s obvious nods to some of Perfume’s past music. The 11-minute “Party Maker” –which seems to be the most talked-about track among fans– is clearly an updated version of “Edge.” Both are relentless electro anthems with unusually long running-times. The only difference is that “Party Maker” leans a little closer to sounding like a mammoth club remix that you’d find on a pop star’s maxi-single, whereas “Edge” is more like an original dance track.

Take a listen.

Perfume revisits old territory again on “Sleeping Beauty,” which uses an almost identical fluttery synth loop as the one from their Game cut, “Butterfly.” I don’t know if this was done intentionally for the old-school Perfume fans or not, but either way, those synths deserved a second time in the sun and I’m glad they got it.

Take a listen below, and let me know what you think of LEVEL3 in comparison to Perfume’s past albums.