Perfume After School Oricon
J-poppers and K-poppers, I have some good news, and then some more good news! Firstly, Perfume’s LEVEL3 album has just topped the Oricon weekly chart, making it the trio’s fifth consecutive album to do so.

LEVEL3 sold 165,748 copies, which is their lowest first-week sales for a studio album since their 2008 debut, Game. You don’t need to worry though, because these numbers are actually pretty good for Japan right now. A lot of albums have topped the Oricon chart recently without even hitting the 100k mark, so don’t freak out and start questioning Perfume’s popularity or anything like that.

Perfume’s albums always sell gradually, and LEVEL3 will receive a sales spike in December when they hold their Tokyo Dome concert, so I think we’ll see this era close out as a fairly successful one overall.


In even better news, After School’s glorious “Heaven” debuted at No. 7 on the Oricon singles chart with 18,596 copies sold.

This is huge for After School, as not only did “Heaven” bag higher first-week sales than their last two singles, “Lady Luck / Dilly Dally” and “Rambling Girls / Because of You,” but it actually sold more than both singles’ TOTAL sales. Pretty impressive considering “Heaven” isn’t a double A-side and that hallyu has really died down in Japan since After School debuted. Thank god they’re back on the upswing now, because for a while there it was looking a little dicey for the pole dancing troupe.

I know After School hustled really hard to get these sales by doing as much Japanese promo as possible, so I’m super happy for them. “Heaven” is easily one of the best singles they’ve ever released, and don’t even get me started on the amazing music video, so a huge congratulations is in order.

Lord Godney, I just love it when my faves slay the charts.