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Even though I’ve been hyping up Paris Hilton’s new single “Good Time” to the high heavens, deep down I secretly thought it’d be really bad. Legend P already told anyone who would listen that she was changing from the chic pop diva of her self-titled debut into a full-blown EDM artiste, so I was expecting her new music to be something along the lines of a female Pitbull. With that said, “Good Time” does sound like a female Pitbull (with a Lil’ Wayne feature, of course), but as it turns out, that’s not such a bad thing.

This Afrojack-produced floor-filler is so damn good that it’s actually making me sort of love “Work Bitch.” Paris and Weezy even give Britney a shout out in one of “Good Time’s” many flaw-free lyrics.

Flawless lyrics #1: “I came here just to party! Oh please don’t you hate on me, yeah!

Flawless lyrics #2: “Oh, I love it (love it).

Flawless lyrics #3: “Whoa let’s party, yeah, let’s party and have a good time!

Flawless lyrics #4: “If you’re not here to party, move and get outta my way!

Flawless lyrics #5: “I walked up to her big butt, and asked her ass, ‘But what?’

Flawless lyrics #6: “She fucked me like she loved me / love is such a science / do you think it’s love / thanks for not replying / It’s Paris Hilton, bitch!”

As Paris herself would say, this song is huge. And hot. And literally EVERYTHING.

The only thing that could possibly make it any better is an official Heidi Montag remix. Just the very thought of a back ‘n’ forth between Legend P and the Superficial songstress is bringing tears to my eyes.

Kim Kardashian can now move the fuck over. Let us not forget, who owns the throne.