Nine Muses Gun
Rainbow’s “A” is one of the best K-pop songs of the past five years, and the new Nine Muses’ single, “Gun,” sounds a lot like it. Obviously, it’s not going to be exactly on the level of Rainbow’s anthem, but it’s still pretty damn good, regardless.

Sweetune (who else?) plays up the signature sixties guitar riffs from “A” in “Gun,” making them one of the main focal points of the song. The jazzy horns from “Dolls” also return for a prominent feature, which helps add Nine Muses’ own flavour to the Rainbow-esque ditty. Speaking of “Dolls,” Sweetune’s taken the same lyrical approach for “Gun” by never mentioning the song’s title in the lyrics (a method the production duo first used on KARA’s K-pop classic, “Lupin”). Despite the similarities to the understated “Dolls,” “Gun” isn’t a subdued breakup ditty; it’s a sexually-aggressive, come-and-get-it-while-it’s-hot ladies anthem — think Dal Shabet’s “Be Ambitious,” but without the juvenile audacity. Just like on virtually every Nine Muses single to date, the Muses are grown ass women who know what they want and still aren’t afraid to say it!

Sera Gun Gif

The music video is the most –or should I say, the first– expensive thing that the Nine Muses have ever done. There’s not an ounce of cheapness to be found! It’s an A-list level concept and video fitting for a top star, or for the God-like beings that are the Nine Kweens. I don’t know much about the plot, but from what I could gather the Jesus Muses play a bunch of hot ‘n’ horny retro babes who make love to male models who stop by the isolated gas station where they work.

Sera looks like the bombshell to end all bombshells, Hyuna is the new HyunA, plastic Gangnam unnie Sungah slayed me, Eunji finally got hot (really hot!), the legendary Leesem brought back the iconic “No Playboy” wig, Kyungri continued being Kyungri, Hyemi is the group’s lone innocent virgin, and Erin ended careers with her vintage shades and bubble blowing skills. Minha was barely in it, so I won’t even comment on her.

I know that similar sixties concepts have been done before in K-pop, but whatever. I feel like I’m reliving the “Hoot” era all over again, except way sexier and without Yuri’s eating disorder to worry about.


In summary, in addition to looking hotter and richer than ever before, Nine Muses just extended their record of consecutive flawless Sweetune smashes to six (out of six!). However, I do feel like “Gun” is going to appeal more to core Nine Muses fans than the general public (they might need to shake up their sound to make that happen), but hopefully I’m wrong.

Nine Muses Gun

Forever ugly crying at this sassy perfection and Rainbow’s lasting impact on the music industry. We can only hope and pray that Sweetune recycles “Mach” next.