T-ara Number 9
It must be really embarrassing to be a Korean netizen right now. After devoting the past fourteen months to hating on T-ara non-stop, they’re going to feel really foolish secretly playing the group’s epic comeback single, “No. 9,” on repeat — which is exactly what every K-pop fan is going to be doing for the foreseeable future.

T-ara’s probably the best K-pop act when it comes to making stupidly catchy hook songs, and “No. 9” definitely plays to that strength. But until now, T-ara’s never quite been able to merge their darker material, like “Cry Cry” and “Day by Day,” with their signature fizzy K-pop bops. Sure, “Lovey-Dovey” was actually about being really lonely and depressed, but it’s still not the kind of song anyone would ever consider to be anything more than a deliriously catchy dance ditty. “No. 9” bridges the gap between the two sides of T-ara, taking the girls at their most emotional and sticking them in the middle of the club with Shinsadong Tiger. The end result sounds like a mix of “Day by Day” and “Sexy Love” on steroids.

Like a lot of K-pop songs, the lyrics are both silly and deceptively clever: The title refers to the classic hit, “Love Potion No. 9,” about a gypsy concoction that sends a man on a delirious kissing spree — it’s referenced repeatedly during the chorus alongside a shout out to Sailor Moon’s Tuxedo Mask.

Yes, T-ara combined a classic sixties rock hit and ’90s anime in the same chorus. Is that genius or what?

For the official music video, T-ara’s ditched the mini-movie concept and just made a really glossy K-pop dance clip. The focus is put squarely on the group’s charisma and choreography without having any big cinematic storylines to take away from their individual charms. With “No. 9” essentially serving as a reintroduction of T-ara following their scandal and return to a six-member lineup, this is the absolute best video that they could’ve possibly done right now.

Both the video and the song embody the typical K-pop formula of synchronized choreography, pretty faces, and hook-y dance music, but it’s the typical K-pop formula at its absolute best. Of course, T-ara is the one to deliver this. Who else?

Now check out the nine best moments from the “No. 9” comeback, below!

1. Soyeon’s stunning new face

Soyeon Number 9 2

2. Super sexy but still classy. When will your trashy fave?

Number 9 sexy

3. Hyomin’s tattoo describing loyal QUEEN’S who were just slayed by “No. 9”

T-ara Number 9 Dead

4. Boram’s face looking so sucked, tucked, sliced, diced, filled, and puffed that it could burst like a balloon at any given moment

Boram Number 9

5. I’m addict, I’m addict, I’m addict, I’m addict!

Dancing Number 9

6. Qri eats an entire rose, still looks bored

Qri Number 9 Gif 2

7. T-ara dipping it low >>>>

Number 9 T-ara Squat

8. Eunjung orgasming from the sheer ecstasy derived from 6-ara’s return

Eunjung Number 9 Orgasm

9. The bloody skull of the netizen T-ara just murdered

T-ara Number 9 Skull