T-ara Number 9
It must be really embarrassing to be a Korean netizen right now. After devoting the past fourteen months to hating on T-ara non-stop, they’re going to feel really foolish secretly playing the group’s epic comeback single, “No. 9,” on repeat — which is exactly what every K-pop fan is going to be doing for the foreseeable future.

T-ara’s probably the best K-pop act when it comes to making stupidly catchy hook songs, and “No. 9” definitely plays to that strength. But until now, T-ara’s never quite been able to merge their darker material, like “Cry Cry” and “Day by Day,” with their signature fizzy K-pop bops. Sure, “Lovey-Dovey” was actually about being really lonely and depressed, but it’s still not the kind of song anyone would ever consider to be anything more than a deliriously catchy dance ditty. “No. 9” bridges the gap between the two sides of T-ara, taking the girls at their most emotional and sticking them in the middle of the club with Shinsadong Tiger. The end result sounds like a mix of “Day by Day” and “Sexy Love” on steroids.

Like a lot of K-pop songs, the lyrics are both silly and deceptively clever: The title refers to the classic hit, “Love Potion No. 9,” about a gypsy concoction that sends a man on a delirious kissing spree — it’s referenced repeatedly during the chorus alongside a shout out to Sailor Moon’s Tuxedo Mask.

Yes, T-ara combined a classic sixties rock hit and ’90s anime in the same chorus. Is that genius or what?

For the official music video, T-ara’s ditched the mini-movie concept and just made a really glossy K-pop dance clip. The focus is put squarely on the group’s charisma and choreography without having any big cinematic storylines to take away from their individual charms. With “No. 9” essentially serving as a reintroduction of T-ara following their scandal and return to a six-member lineup, this is the absolute best video that they could’ve possibly done right now.

Both the video and the song embody the typical K-pop formula of synchronized choreography, pretty faces, and hook-y dance music, but it’s the typical K-pop formula at its absolute best. Of course, T-ara is the one to deliver this. Who else?

Now check out the nine best moments from the “No. 9” comeback, below!

1. Soyeon’s stunning new face

Soyeon Number 9 2

2. Super sexy but still classy. When will your trashy fave?

Number 9 sexy

3. Hyomin’s tattoo describing loyal QUEEN’S who were just slayed by “No. 9”

T-ara Number 9 Dead

4. Boram’s face looking so sucked, tucked, sliced, diced, filled, and puffed that it could burst like a balloon at any given moment

Boram Number 9

5. I’m addict, I’m addict, I’m addict, I’m addict!

Dancing Number 9

6. Qri eats an entire rose, still looks bored

Qri Number 9 Gif 2

7. T-ara dipping it low >>>>

Number 9 T-ara Squat

8. Eunjung orgasming from the sheer ecstasy derived from 6-ara’s return

Eunjung Number 9 Orgasm

9. The bloody skull of the netizen T-ara just murdered

T-ara Number 9 Skull

  • ICONI3

    “I’M ADDICT”? Why did I think it was “I’m adding”? lol

    • amdary

      Because like me you thought No. 9 was an ode to KKS’s failed plans of turning 6-ara into 9-ara. Hence the “I’m adding” as in I’m adding Hwayoung, Ahreum and Dani.

    • JonatanMejia

      I honestly thought she said adding, also. I was singing “I’m adding, I’m adding” and my expression was like “ooooh okay, yeah makes sense since it’s called number 9.”

    • Quang Phạm

      It’s ‘I’m a dick’.

  • twerkdol

    “Boram’s face looking so sucked, tucked, sliced, diced, filled, and puffed that it could burst like a balloon at any given moment”


    And I already said this on twitter but I am so gay for Eunjung <3

    • jknlet

      I think there is a new sexual tas and is HAMSEXUALITY, i became Hamsexual LOL what does it have this girl for us “girls” too? is just crazy ♥

      • Yes, HAMSEXUALITY!! Ham so beautiful she makes men faint and turns women into lesbians

        • FilmPuff

          Jacques can you give us you’re take on their stage performances? I think it’s the best I’ve seen them live. Qri was not terrible and Boram was actually… good?!

          • I barely even watched it coz I’m so snowed under with all the K-pop comebacks today LOL. I haven’t even finished my work at Popdust today coz I was writing about IU, T-ara, and Gaga all day. Check back with me on the weekend once i’ve gotten all the new K-pop out the way and have had time to truly soak up the legendary T-ara’s comeback stages

          • FilmPuff

            I know right? 9 Muses are soooooooo good live. Hopefully this time they’ll start to have the success they deserve. Sera’s voice is pure perfection. T-ara and 9 Muses have made my day.

        • i become a lesbian everytime the BITCHY QUEENS TRIO show up (eunjung, hyomin and jiyeon).

          and i know we’re all in love with eunjung’s fair return to the t-ara spotlight, but can we get a WOWZA for maknae’s body?! it’s beyond stunning!

  • byoing~byoing.

    Where’s the mention of Boram’s perfect rapping $killz? Her husky voice and her lyrical flow had netizen’s quivering in their boots as they attempted to write bad things about T-ara. And then when she perfectly mimed her part in the chorus they were that slayed that they have now devoted their lives to Boramism, where being small and plastic is all that matters. <3

  • Lin Misfits

    I’m loving this new segment you’re doing where you pick out your favourite moments in a particular MV.

    Keep it up :D

  • T-ara the best

    You are always so great . The orgasm part is perfect.


    I have been saved. Forever will I devote my life to the worship of Slayara. They had me at “you are my Tuxedo Mask,” just dead.
    Ugh they all just look so good!! They are the epitome of plastic surgery done right! **side eyes park bom**

  • AOI

    Once again, T-Ara slay my worthless body beyond any possible forensic identification :-S Ok, that’s a wrap. All other lesser girl groups better retire now from the music business, ’cause T-Ara just SHUT DOWN THE WHOLE KPOP INDUSTRY 0_0

  • Rockwell J.

    I just what to know what nonsense Knetizens will make to ‘bring them down’. Becausw according to the music charts they might not be prescandal high but someone is damn well listening to and downloading their tracks.

  • i can’t! I JUST CAN’T PUT ONTO WORDS THE SHEER PLEASURE THIS VIDEO’S GIVEN ME! i’m still slayed with such perfection and i believe i’ll be able to comment more actual words and thoughts along the weekend…

  • Jessica_RBT

    This sounds like swedish schlager music.

  • Who’s the chick that says “I’m addict”, Hyomin? Hottest one of them all. Damnnnn

  • Felix

    I still don’t get what No.9 means. Based on the lyricist’s Krenglish, I’m not sure if he or she has even heard of or understand the song “Love Potion No.9” to make a reference to it.

    But on second thought, you may have a point there. Sso ripped the books, Hyomin and Jiyeon set a fire, Qri ate the rose, etc.. They must have been looking for that Gypsy’s recipe to make another Love Potion No.9

    • I think they’re referring to the guy as No. 9 because they want him to act like the man in the song does after he has the potion.

      And good work noticing the ingredients! I didn’t think of that but I definitely think you’re spot on with them trying to make another one. Also, what’s with all the crucifixes? I love how T-ara’s MV seems just like a normal MV but it’s layered with all this stuff <3

  • KingBeaArthur

    Hyomin and Soyeon destroyed my life (followed very closely by Eunjung)! That chorus is so effortless and stunning: who could hate this song??

  • syhrn

    The electro beat in this song >>>>> Work Bitch’s tbh. Britney should’ve gone this route with her first single!

  • t-errorist

    This is the T-ara I became obsessed with. I was screaming like a pathetic prepubescent fangirl when I watched the MV for the first time.

    I laughed my ass off for a good minute when I saw the #1 best moment. Ilu~! ♥

    • it was 3AM here in brasil and i was controlling myself to not do the exact same thing u described

  • Andi

    OMG, my QRINCESS is looking so flawless with that 70cm red weave. I swear, every time T-ara release something, my biases in the group change. It’s just so hard to choose when they’re all so perfect!

  • Steveronii

    Jiyeon <3

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Pure perfection!!!! Everything about this comeback is fucking iconic!!!!!!!! <33333333

  • chris_divine

    so shocked you ain’t covered shinee’s comeback!

  • 364Leinad

    Is there a banana in my pants or am I just happy to see Jiyeon?

  • 364Leinad

    R.I.P your fave.
    They died the way they lived, being slayed by T-ARA.

  • Orihime

    bitch!! I am so dead @
    “The bloody skull of the netizen T-ara just murdered”

    And I’m so happy that 6-ara is back. We don’t need no other hoez in this group. Keep it the fuck cute.

  • Quang Phạm

    The epileptic flashing lights are back!

  • wariofart

    I thought the No. 9 related to how the number “9” sounds like the word “suffering” and was considered unlucky. But that’s cool about the Love Potion stuff. #SLAYARA

    • 364Leinad

      I thought it was a homage to Revolution 9 by the Beatles lol.

  • Ryan Park

    I’m adding, I’m adding, I’m adding, I’m adding, I’m adding. XD

  • t-errorist

    OMFGGGGGGGGGGG. Number 9 is #2 on Instiz real time chart rn. It was #3 8 hours ago so it’s holding a steady position in the top 5. Their other single is #10! Yes, the queens are here to slay!!!


  • donttouchmykimchi

    OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE EUNJUNG’S GIF. And basically her in the whole video. AND OH MY GOODNESS. In the GIF, it looks like she’s saying “aigoo”. This is going to be my new favourite GIF!

  • Moses Kim

    This has been on repeat for, oh, only the past four days. Such a good song.

    Also, am I the only one who fantasizes about this being the lead single for Britney’s new album? She would’ve knocked a song like this out of the park.

  • Queenie

    best thing in the mv: Jiyeon hotness !!!

  • Bryan H

    You would have to pic the worst possible screenie of Boram, she looked really sexy with her hair down.