Namie Amuro Ballerina PV
Back in late August, I told y’all about Namie Amuro’s special project with Vogue Japan and Gucci. To promote the stylish collaboration, Namie recorded a new song called “Ballerina.” We’ve already heard the first half of it, but now the whole thing’s out with an official music video.

Does anyone remember that Dreamcast game, Rez? “Ballerina” is Rez-meets-Blade Runner on acid. Namie is the new Eastern Empress of High Fashion who continues to defy Father Time with her robot beauty and do what we all wish J.Lo would with her music career.

If you’re wondering where all this crazy electro dubstep epicness came from, the music belongs to the 2009 single, “Fire Power,” from American DJ, Wolfgang Garter. Namie just sings over a slightly remixed version of the original. Funny how current “Ballerina” still sounds despite technically being over three years old.

“Ballerina” will officially be released for digital download in Japan on October 23rd. It follows another digital single, “Neon Lipstick,” which dropped on the 16th and was used in a commercial for cosmetics brand, ESPRIQUE (coz Namie stays getting those endorsement deal dollars).

No word on an official physical single yet, but Namie’s got time. She’s still got her dome tour to do, and her latest album, Feel, is the highest-selling for a Japanese solo artist this year.

What an unstoppable, still relevant Queen. When will other J-divas?

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Neonlight Lipstick” is a BEAST!!!

  • Gonçalo Fernandes

    So happy for my favourite J-Pop Queen! She was the one who made me a fan of J-Pop in the first place so it’s amazing to see her still winning with all this endorsement deals and high fashion collabos :-)

  • Andi

    Namie = an expressionless alien goddess that will live on forever

  • Humbz Beltrao

    She better serve PastFuture level of epicness all over again, cause Uncontrolled and Alive were pretty average despite a few tracks.

  • Quang Phạm

    This is the shit!

  • Aviator

    Calling LifeWatch for Kumi and Ayu right now.

    Is anyone even on Namie’s level anymore? Seriously, I am fixing my own wig and I am in the safety of my home. Progressive beat bounces, synthesizer-attuned breakdowns and high notes, slurred English lyrics like she just finished her 4th bottle of sake before recording, “Neon Lipstick” is so much better than the typical ‘Cool’ responses from SoundCloud users. And as for “Ballerina”, you will have to excuse me. I might die before I finish talking about those dark bases.

  • Josh Chinnery

    While I wasn’t exactly enthused by the release of Neon Lipstick (it’s an alright song, but it’s kind of a hard pill to swallow on first listen), but I was totally blown away by Ballerina. The first time I listened to that in full, I surrendered my wig to my kween in adoration; she deserves every last strand!! Ayu and Kumi could NEVAR!!!

  • Lee James

    The whole song sounds like it’s being played backwards.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Flawless beauty

  • mergong

    Just imagine if J.Lo becomes the Medina of America tho….