miss A 2013 Comeback
It’s been over a year since miss A released their last single, “I Don’t Need a Man,” but the drought is set to end early next month when the girl group returns with a new album.

There’s no details outside of the early November comeback date and that J.Y. Park himself is producing the music (yet again), but I’m pumped.

A year is the longest miss A’s ever gone without making a comeback, but the break was needed. “I Don’t Need a Man” underperformed on the charts and the group had little going for them (in the eyes of the public, that is) outside of Suzy’s solo stardom. Now miss A’s got a second star in Fei, who was a breakout on the variety show circuit this year, and that’s gonna be a huge asset to the foursome this November.

On the downside, we’ve also got Min, who just got miss A some bad publicity after tweeting a racist Rick Ross meme. She apologized and it took it down so people are probably over it now, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I’m here for another “Goodbye Baby” (aka best girl group song of 2011) and the immaculate Kween of Heaven ~Jia~ being promoted as the true star of miss A. I’d also like to see Suzy try out a super sexy concept, just because I think it’ll suit her in the same way sexy suits Ga-In and HyunA. We all know Sunmi’s “24 Hours” probably started off as a miss A demo.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Iconic divas. I really love them so I can’t wait for their new music. And as for Suzy she is a goddess <3

  • Dub

    They need to come back with something attention grabbing.

    Touch was such a snooze. They should have released Lips as the lead single. What a waste! My thoughts on I Don’t Need A Man are always changing. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I find it utterly boring. Everything about it, from the song, the MV and the promotions was kinda bland.

  • Kris

    oh great…a miss bAsic comeback *plays Sunmi’s 24 Hours8

  • ICONI3

    Damn I forget they existed. I loved everything from them pre-I don’t need a mess. Here’s hoping JYP really brings it since Wonder girls are pretty much dead.

  • “immaculate Kween of Heaven ~Jia~ being promoted as the true star of miss A” YES.

  • KingBeaArthur

    …”24 Hours” does sound very miss A-y but that just might be JY adding a bit too much of his signature juice to the mix.

    I’m ready for their comeback. IDNAM was just a small bump in the road. I’m prepared for my Jia & Fei Fei goddesses to return with Suzy and Hoodrat.

  • phil

    How was Goodbye Baby the best K-Pop song of 2011 when there’s Sixth Sense?

  • Blackbeat

    I thought they were going to debut in China?

  • FreakyFlyBri

    Ehh, I’ll withhold judgment until I hear the song. The only thing they’ve ever done that I really liked was Touch, which really doesn’t get enough credit since it’s basically the blueprint for Sistar’s Alone (No tea, no shade, but Touch>>>>>>Alone). The concept and song was simply flawless.

    Wish them the best!

  • i’m with you about suzy! she’s so damn orgastic in “goodbye baby” that when i first watched it i never expected her to be the youngest member of the group. she’s legal now and she should embodies her sexiness EVERYWHERE from now on!

    as for the album… if it were last year it being JYP-produced would cause me to raise an eyebrow. but JYP redeemed himself SO MUCH this year as a producer! 2PM’s album, was great and did anybody cared to listen to his september EP? AWESOME and classy stuff!

  • Orihime

    Only here for Min, Fei, and Jia…Suzy can go kick rocks. They BETTER come out with some fire because not only has it been a while since we had a straight up HIT from Miss A.

  • Indili

    My queens <3 Jia is rocking my world lately. And Fei & Suzy don't get tired of being hot.