Lady Gaga Venus 02
K-pop’s fifty-songs-in-one everything-but-the-kitchen-sink production style has finally crossed over into America.

Narsha H. Christ, I’ve been waiting for this day since Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy.”

Lady Gaga takes the more is more approach for her schizophrenic new promo single, “Venus.” Like any good nutso K-pop song, it comes with multiple hooks (four, to be exact), with enough galactic beat changes to match. Mother Monster even serves some SHINee “loverholic robotronic” nonsensical lyrical realness with the soon-to-be iconic line, “Aphrodite lady seashell bikini.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to quotable catchphrases from “Venus” — just wait until you hear Gaga naming all the planets in the solar system and shrieking about her ass being famous.

Only Queen Gaga –also known as the anti-Perry, as I’ve named her this era– could bridge the divide between K-pop stans and American pop fans like this. #Unity

The only thing missing from “Venus” is random sound effects jammed in everywhere. I wanted to hear whistles blowing, dogs barking, and even more butchering of the English language. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

Take a listen to “Penus” “Venus” below.

Plus, seven noisy K-pop jams.

 1. TEEN TOP – Rocking

2. Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy

3. B.A.P – Badman

4. FIESTAR – We Don’t Stop

5. EXO – Wolf

6. B.A.P – Hurricane

7. 4minute – What’s Your Name

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Venus” is pretty great; not exactly on Poker Face’s level of catchiness just yet, like that insider stated it was on that Twitter account.

    The influences of K-Pop (or whoever started the ‘cram any & everything in’ trend) is apparent on Venus, but that’s what makes it worth at least one listen. I also hear a touch “Rocky Horror Picture Show” [“Dammit Janet” to be specific] on the verses.

    Good one, Gags.

    • I agree. It’s actually my least favourite song I’ve heard from ARTPOP so far, but I still really like it and the fact that it shares so many similarities to K-pop of course makes me enjoy it more. Gaga obviously added her style to this too though, hence the camp eighties intergalactic rocky horror-ness of it all!

  • Lin Misfits

    Song’s executed poorly. I appreciate the hooks, melody, lyrics etc.
    However, if it was fleshed out and composed carefully, each hook could be a good song of their own.

    The issue is just the execution. Plain and simple.
    Jam-packing a lot of hooks into a song can make it catchy, but it diminishes the quality.
    The song’s just dying to be considered edgy, and to an extent it sort of achieves its goal.

    Lady Gaga loves experimenting with music like this (which I appreciate. It’s something Katy needs to learn and practice),and she’s definitely pushed the idea of blending songs way overboard here as the seams of “Venus” couldn’t be anymore loose. But this looseness comes at a price: a incongruous, confused listening experience for all, listenability for none.

    It also seems like an excuse to play the “art card” if Lady Gaga receives hate for the song because people may not understand it.

    In my opinion, the song could have worked with f(x). But they did it better with “Airplanes”.

    • Ben

      You’re wrong. I’m having a blast with this song. It’s super fun to listen to, they lyrics are hilarious and the beat is hypnotizing. I dont care if its radio material or not. Venus, slay me.

      • Lin Misfits

        That doesn’t make me wrong and it doesn’t make you right. It’s an opinion lol

  • Luke

    It’s ok lol Reminds me of that old Sarah Brightman song from the 70s lmao

    • FreakyFlyBri

      “I Fell In Love With A Starship Trooper” is FLAWLESS. Especially the updated remix they put on her double-disc tour version of Fly, I still jam to it occasionally.

      As far as “Venus” goes, I’m not quite sure what the allure is…it’s about on the same level of quality as the weakest material that appeared on the Born This Way album. Her team did her a favor by insisting on making “DWUW” the second single, which is actually a solid song.

      Here for the single artwork, not here for the song. It should have been saved for a surreal/creepy/disturbing pop song like Madonna’s “Bedtime Story” or even a more radio-friendly version of NiN’s “Closer.” I’d definitely be here for Creepyga if the sound matched the artwork. She could pull it off.

  • syhrn

    Hook after hook after hook!!! I also love that the verse and pre-hook/chorus or whatever the hell it is sounds disjointed. Honestly can’t wait for ARTPOP.

  • syhrn

    And also Jacques, now that you’ve listened to both DWUW and Venus, do you think she made the right choice in making DWUW the 2nd single instead of Venus?

    • Fuck yes. DWUW is more radio-friendly and current. Venus is a bit of a novelty song even though I love it.

  • Monáe

    I see … Gaga started listening to queen Grace Jones’ catalogue. I like the influences, but something’s not clicking, at least not for me. The production is poor overall and that desperate bridge is trashy. The song itself is ‘faggish’ and there’s no commercial potential, not outside the gay clubs so this is another misstep imo. I wonder when will her fans run out of money and stop buying like 1000 copies each just to keep her songs up in the charts … for 2 days.

    Now that I got half of the website pressed, I recommend you to go and listen to Queen Grace’s epic and timeless ‘Nightclubbing’. Thank you, mwah! xoxo

    • syhrn

      I’m a fan, but I actually do agree with your sentiments. Only her little monsters will eat it up. My friends who are casual listeners hate the song.

    • It was a smart move to change the single for sure.

  • Adam

    The song is a mess. Terrible lyrics, melody structure etc. The only good part is the pre-chorus when she makes you think she’s gonna go all 90s dancehall only to bring you back to earth with that terrible chorus.

    I feel like you’ve fallen victim to some kind of ear infection lately. Something has been clouding your judgement because these are the worst songs she’s every put out and you’re acting like they’re her best.

    I can’t believe this was going to be her single lmao.

  • There’s no question in my mind, GaGa is a genius. Taking time out of the spotlight (I’m talking to YOU Rihanna) payed of ten fold. People are curious about her again, and these songs are delivering! ARTPOP will be the pop music event of the fall.

  • gotgotgone

    Every new song that is premiering for ARTPOP is getting me more and more excited for the album, and I was not anticipating this album at all earlier in the year. Also I cant believe she produced this song she should definitely pull a Prince on her next album and produce and write everything or maybe just an ep a full album would probably be dreadful.

  • Blackbeat

    Her new album has tons of dub-steps in it. I still like it though. I’m glad she’s singing about other sings now.

  • Most k-pop fans don’t like this style at all though xD so not really “bridging the gap” but I agree with anything you say here. Gaga is giving me everything this era. She’s doing a whole range of styles but somehow they still all seem to fit together.

  • contranova

    it would have really slayed if she made a reference to SAILOR VENUS aka T-ara referencing Tuxedo Mask in No. 9

    • 364Leinad

      Your kidding right? Such epic slayage would surely destroy the world as we know it.

  • Andrew Rod

    I’m liking this new “slow down” not so over the top new songs she’s putting out, I mean my ears still buzzing over how noisy and over the top annoying “Born This Way” and “The Fame Monster” where, on other note none of the songs I have heard from Artpop so far sound or scream “hit” to me and still they are pretty damn good, I’m waiting to heard the whole thing when it leaks.

    • syhrn

      I’m confused. Isn’t this song SO over the top? Jacques even compared it to a noisy kpop jam.

      • Andrew Rod

        it is, but is very like easy is not forced like BTW of TFM where, I say “not so” which means that still is a little bit.

  • LizzyG

    At this moment, after first listen I have zero feelings about this song. At least I didn’t hate it, some songs a HATE. Like Miley’s songs or Katy’s or Lorde (I got very upset when I heard her song on hot 97 this weekend), when I hear them I want to break my car radio, like take my shoe and just keep hitting it until it stops playing. But this, I can take or leave it.. so far. Maybe it’ll grow on my like Work Btch and Applause did, I sing those with the radio now. But no I haven’t downloaded them, let’s not get carried away here ha lol

  • Ben

    Applause was a mess, that body song was boring but VENUS is totally rocking it. THIS COULD BE LOVE THIS COULD BE LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEE

  • The ARTPOP reign just isn’t letting up! Applause is flawless and gets better with every listen, the VMA performance was one of her best (and would’ve been more iconic if Miley wasn’t so attention & promo seeking), Swinefest was intimate and the music was great, and all snippets have been great. Now Venus! I love it! A shame I can’t stand Do What U Want, and the lord knows why it’s going to be a single, but Venus more than makes up for it.

  • iAmAwesome

    …this shit gave me a headache (and lol @ her learning all the planets.) She made a smart move by releasing that song with that child molester instead.

  • Blackbeat

    I was reading the comments on other sites and I agree, it was definitely a smart move to release DWUW as the single instead of Venus. On the bright side, we’re getting two music videos from her~

  • Maruwa Anita

    KPOP post-2008 actually copied what Gaga did (the concept, the saccharine music) in THE FAME, THE FAME Monster (don’t misunderstand, I’m a KPOP fan). But, because of ‘Born This Way’, people started to forget how great was THE FAME (I hate Born This Way anyway), the saccharine music that people should address GAGA as one of the inventor. And Because KPOP consistently does the saccharine music from 2009 until today (unlike GAGA), then people think that those music belong to KPOP, NOT American POP… and when GAGA released Venus, Applause, etc, people think that Gaga’s music sounds like KPOP, not the opposite way…