Lady Gaga Aura Lyric Video
I’m still completely shell-shocked by the fact that I’m actually in love with Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP era so far. What I thought would be one of the lamest pop records of the year is turning out to be one of the best, and I’m enjoying every fucking minute of it. That’s the MIRACLE of ARTPOP for ya.

The brilliantly weird “Aura” –which we first heard in demo form back in early August when everybody thought it was called “Burqa”– was officially released today in lyric video form to promote the new Robert Rodriguez film, Machete Kills. “Aura” was rightfully compared to Tarantino when it first leaked, so hearing it as part of Machete Kills is more than a perfect fit.

The studio version of “Aura” sounds virtually identical to the leak and the live Swinefest version, which means that it’s fucking awesome and 10x more interesting than what most of these other top forty divas are doing right now. It’s what I imagine a Whitney Houston acid trip to sound like.

Infected Mushroom, who originally produced “Aura” for themselves before Gaga’s camp bought it for ARTPOP, have already called Gaga’s take on the track “too cheesy and commercialized,” but whatever. I get that they have to say that to keep their indie cred, but considering that one of the members is currently dating Tara Reid, are they really in any position to throw that kind of shade at Mother Monster?

Lady Gaga Aura