Farrah Do What U Want
Since everyone is buying Lady Gaga’s new Christina Aguilera “Your Body” remix, the musical gods have officially upgraded it from a #promo single to an official single.

The previously scheduled second single, “Venus,” has now traded places with “Do What U Want” to become a #promo single.

Farrah Abraham Gif 1

Whoever writes Gaga’s Tweets posted this earlier today: “Don’t worry monsters! We are still scheduled to release #Venus this Monday with a snippet on Friday! AND it will STILL have its own video! However we are overwhelmed by the worldwide response + excitement for DO WHAT U WANT feat. R KELLY & are happy to announce it as 2nd Single!

I was going to use this as excuse to make fun of Mother Monster for caving in to #sales and switching her singles like a #desperado, but according to this mystery Twitter account, it was Interscope’s decision to make the change, not Gaga’s. They tweeted this info before Gaga even made the official announcement, and I’ve been following them for a while and noticed that they do get some insider tea before anyone else (it’s probably some gossipy gay Interscope intern), so take that for what you will.

Haha, Lady Gaga — artiste, reverse Warholian experience, and Marina Abramovic’s live-in tampon– doesn’t have creative control over her own singles! “Na na na na, you’re just a puppet, just like everyone else, na na na na na!

I’m just kidding. Gaga isn’t a puppet — it’s just that Interscope learned their lesson from STILLBORN THIS WAY and are running this campaign RIGHT.


Stone Cold Gif

  • It would be a stupid decision not too tbh, even if Venus is better, it’s #1 on itunes pretty much everywhere, it’s just unfortunate that the day before she decided to tweet “I don’t write music for the charts”

  • Patrick

    “Stillborn This Way” – Probably the greatest thing you’ve ever written.
    ALSO, I LOVE how the Farrah pic has a TMZ watermark, amazing.

    • It was the only one I could find that showed her butt LOL. I have her sex tape but couldn’t find a scene where she flashed her butt without a dick in it.

  • Do What U Want is the first Gaga single EVER that I haven’t loved first listen. And as the 2nd single? Ugh. Give me Venus please.

    p.s. Why do you keep putting that tacky Teen Mom ho in Gaga posts?

    • T.

      and the answer is: WHY NOT?


    some gossipy gay Interscope intern HAHAHA love you

  • Lin Misfits

    WAIT I’M CONFUSED. Is that brunette chick actually Gaga?

    • Gaga wishes!

      It’s Queen of Life, Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham.

      • Lin Misfits

        Oh awks, because it actually does look like Gaga. Maybe when she was younger or something LOL

  • Pez

    I wonder how they reacted to Gaga’s objections. “But I am the voice of a generati-

    • SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Josh Chinnery

      Snatched every sorry tress sitting upon her po’ head

  • Tim Konings

    Jacques, what do you think of the ‘ARTPOP’ snippet?

  • ICONI3

    What I don’t get is why are the monsters mad? Did they forget Gaga didn’t pick her lead single either(Jimmy Iovine did). It’s impossible for an artist to be 100% in control on a major label.

    • Josh Chinnery

      This mess. American pop artists are more controlled most of these people know, so whenever stuff like this happens, it doesn’t surprise me. At all.

  • Nicole Naeun

    LMAO @ everything!

  • Guest

    I’m seriously DYING at all of these Farrah gifs. That sex tape was such a lol

  • kom’ron

    I’m seriously DYING at all of these Farrah gifs. That porno was such a lol

  • STILLBORN ThIS WAY….. I can’t with that! OMG.
    Ya, ‘Do What You Want’ is catchy…. but i’m here for ‘MANiCURE’ and ‘ArtPOP’ frankly

    • Honestly I’m here for the whole album lol. It seems to be the perfect mix of Gaga’s creativity with the stern guiding hand of an experienced record label. ARTPOP, Bangerz, and Wrapped In Red for commercial pop albums of the year award tbh

      • You had me right up till the mention of Bangers. That album, minus a couple of unique cuts, is a mess.

        • CountOblivion

          Oh thank you for being the only person here who doesn’t drink the Miley Kool-Aid, that shit is a mess.

  • Memo Memz

    Floptina is gonna come out soon and say that she inspired Gaga to create Do what U want.

    • XXX

      and she would be right to do so…”Do What You Want” does sound like a “Your Body remix” – nonetheless, I like both songs…first song by Gaga I like since quite some time

    • DNNY

      Gaga is most likely to say that she inspired someone… Leave Xtina while out of this —->

      • Memo Memz

        Xtina is the one who opens her mouth once another artist is more successful than her,

  • Indie centric

    But the stone cold Steve Austin giff tho …YASS

  • Britney Lover

    DWUW is the first song from ARTPOP that I didn’t feel…maybe it’ll grow on me but it’s so meh especially after the amazingness of Applause n Aura.

  • Adam

    Stillborn This Way? I hate Gaga with a passion but that is probably one of the tackiest and trashiest jokes I’ve seen in a long time. Smh.

  • iAmAwesome


  • KingBeaArthur

    I’m actually more hyped for “Venus” now!