Farrah Do What U Want
Since everyone is buying Lady Gaga’s new Christina Aguilera “Your Body” remix, the musical gods have officially upgraded it from a #promo single to an official single.

The previously scheduled second single, “Venus,” has now traded places with “Do What U Want” to become a #promo single.

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Whoever writes Gaga’s Tweets posted this earlier today: “Don’t worry monsters! We are still scheduled to release #Venus this Monday with a snippet on Friday! AND it will STILL have its own video! However we are overwhelmed by the worldwide response + excitement for DO WHAT U WANT feat. R KELLY & are happy to announce it as 2nd Single!

I was going to use this as excuse to make fun of Mother Monster for caving in to #sales and switching her singles like a #desperado, but according to this mystery Twitter account, it was Interscope’s decision to make the change, not Gaga’s. They tweeted this info before Gaga even made the official announcement, and I’ve been following them for a while and noticed that they do get some insider tea before anyone else (it’s probably some gossipy gay Interscope intern), so take that for what you will.

Haha, Lady Gaga — artiste, reverse Warholian experience, and Marina Abramovic’s live-in tampon– doesn’t have creative control over her own singles! “Na na na na, you’re just a puppet, just like everyone else, na na na na na!

I’m just kidding. Gaga isn’t a puppet — it’s just that Interscope learned their lesson from STILLBORN THIS WAY and are running this campaign RIGHT.


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