K.Will You Don't Know Love
In my post on Kim Bo Hyung’s solo debut, I mentioned how hard it is to find genuinely good Korean ballads, and that there’s only a small group of artists who can do them well. K.Will is one of those artists. He’s the closest thing to a male IU, in that they both sing like angels and are equally at home making us feel melancholy as they are at delivering feel-good pop or sexy slow jams (as heard from IU on the fantastic Modern Times).

Like a lot of Korean singers, K.Will tends to match his music with the seasons, so his latest mini-album, Will In Fall, is Autumn themed. Lead single, “You Don’t Know Love,” is a gorgeous midtempo built around fluttery piano, warm acoustics, and K.Will’s divine voice. Even though the lyrics have him chastising a bratty girlfriend who doesn’t know how to act right, his voice still makes me melt into a puddle of bodily fluids.

Pie Gif

Seriously, is there a male singer more pleasing to the ear than K.Will? His falsetto is so beautiful it could get a transsexual pregnant. Actually, Jonghyun could probably give him a run for his money, but that’s the only other person. None of these Western dudes can come for Willy or Dino, that’s for sure.

When it comes to music videos, K.Will’s thing is to hire the popular idols of the moment to star instead of himself. “You Don’t Know Love” has some model and one of droids from that EXO group. Why couldn’t he have cast someone flawless that I stan for, like Yongguk and Yunho? He could just repeat the gay storyline from “Please Don’t,” but with a kiss scene to take it up a notch. Who’s with me?