Avril Lavigne Let Me Go
Okay, so I guess “Rock N Roll” is officially done. They tried, it flopped, it’s over. God damn it.

After trying to do the whole Max Martin thing again, Avril Lavigne’s shifted gears and released a top forty rock power ballad with Chad Kroeger called “Let Me Go.”

Kroeger produced it, so it sounds exactly like a Nickelback song. It’s mainstream radio rock fodder that any cornball under the song could sing, and I fucking love it. The chorus doesn’t even match the song’s title, and the video sees Avrilegend watching her hubby through some Sony iPad thing.

When could your fave ever possibly…?

But seriously, is anybody here really surprised that Avril Lavigne has now evolved into the female version of Nickelback? I feel like we should’ve seen this coming since “Complicated” dropped.

Hold on tight to your neckties and cargo pants, because Avril & Chad are headed straight for the top 20 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock and Adult Contemporary charts.