Cassie Vibe Vixen
I feel like we haven’t heard from Cassie in forever, but it’s really only been six months since her mixtape dropped. By Cassie standards, that’s nothing. It’s basically three seconds.

The 29-year-old popped back up again this week for a tacky photoshoot with Vibe Vixen (that’s Vibe for ya), which thankfully came with an interview that answers everything you want to know.

Here are the important bits:

She’s NOT signed to Drake’s OVO Sounds, but they might be collaborating.

She’s IS signed to a DJing agency, is mastering the turntables, and is going to be working as a celebrity DJ (think Paris Hilton).

She’s going to get back into acting, and is currently looking at agencies and classes.

She tried to collaborate with Big Sean but “it didn’t work out.”

She’s done a track with Solange for some special compilation that Solange has coming out. Cassie does the singing, while Solange did all the production, including playing all the instruments.

She hopes her sophomore album will be out by next Spring (yeah, right).

The RockaByeBaby mixtape was downloaded over 2 million times.

And there you have it. Actress, model, occasional singer, and soon-to-be DJ Cassie Ventura has spoken.

You can check out the full Vibe shoot over at Toyaz World.