Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Mottai Night Land
For those of you bored to tears by the all-inclusive blandness of Katy Perry’s Prism era, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu –Harajuku performance artist, style icon, eyelash designer, and possible trauma survivor– is back to save pop music again with her latest single, “Mottai Night Land”.

This one sounds like Yasutaka Nakata went into a five-year-old’s bedroom and activated every toy that can possibly make noise –the monkey with the cymbals, the barking puppy that does a backflip, the electronic xylophone, Rock Band on the Nintendo Wii, and the tacky music box bought by grandma– and recorded them all at the same time. It makes “PONPONPON” sound like a Dr. Luke production by comparison. While a bit jarring at first, it turns into yet another wonderfully addictive Kyary hook song by the third spin.

The song’s title is a play on the word “mottainai,” which is used to express regret when something useful is wasted. That’s why Kyary’s wearing a gigantic matted wig filled with fruit compost and rubbish on the official single artwork. See, there’s a method to her madness! Is Lady Gaga making a statement about ocean pollution and the future extinction of manatees when wearing seashells in her weave? Hmm??

Listen to a radio rip of “Mottai Night Land” above, and check out a live performance of the future Kyary klassic below.