Crystal Kay - Dum Ditty Dumb
Half-black half-Korean Japanese pop star, Crystal Kay, is now trying to crack America. And why shouldn’t she? She was schooled in the States so she’s got the language and culture down pat, and she’s gotta do something to make a little paper now that her records aren’t selling in JPN.

Crystal’s already signed to an American agency, and she’s just dropped a buzz track (complete with Tumblriffic artwork, above) called “Dum Ditty Dumb.” It ticks all the boxes of 2013 blog-pop: There’s twerkable handclaps, hip-hop bass, and exotic instruments. It’s the kind of thing that girls like Zendaya or Kat Graham who want to sound like Beyonce but don’t have the budget to buy a “Grown Woman” would release. As an official single, I wouldn’t be blown away, but it definitely works as a club track and online buzz magnet.

Can Crystal please not go this direction when her real single drops, though? Her disposition is too sunny, her smile, too bright. When sifting through demos, CK should ask her self, “Would Janet Jackson have recorded this in 2001?,” and base all her decisions on that. She already resembles a more natural Miss Jackson, so I’d like some fun R&B-tinged pop jams and wiggly synth-pop, à la “Be Mine?” and “Delicious na Kinyoubi,” from English-language Crystal Kay, American pop music needs a little more sunshine, and I’m not talking the sickly Katy Perry kind.

In other “CRYSTAL KAY SLAYS AMERICA” news, the biracial beauty plays the love interest in Travie McCoy’s latest music video. Does anyone else want them to date in real life? They’d make a cute couple.

  • KingBeaArthur

    She is so stunning! But WTF is that cover for “Dum Ditty Dumb”?? LOL The two pieces of sushi and the chopsticks were too much!!!

    They really would make a cute couple ^^

  • disqus_yJnUIMz9ep

    beyonce could neva,

  • phil

    I love her but this is embarrassing. The song is terrible and let’s not even talk about the tacky cover art (Sushi, cherry blossoms and a Maneki Neko, really…?). Does she expect anyone in the US to take her seriously like this?

    • Aviator

      The sad thing is, she is so much better than resorting to gimmicks to promote. She is a seasoned pop and R&B songstress, and she needs to serve up her carefree, bright-smile look when her real single pops out. That’s not to say that I agree with you totally; the song isn’t bad to me. Hell no. When the 0:27 mark hits the song is straight fire, since it has all the marks that Jacques mentioned.

      However… This kind of track is best left in the hands of someone else. Someone mentioned M.I.A. – this is way more someone else’s game than CK’s.

  • Josh Chinnery


  • sylfi

    Right off the bat, both the song and the cover made me think a poppier M.I.A.

    and gurl that ain’t no indian instrument, that’s a shamisen

    • It sounded Indian to me! I guess CK is tryna add a little Eastern flavour into the mix!

  • D.Ho

    It’s a pity they didn’t keep the English version of Yo Yo for a single release. That would have been a great song to launch her career stateside or even in the UK.