Britney My Only Wish
Team Britney hasn’t forgotten about The Holy Spearit’s classics just yet. Earlier today, VEVO officially uploaded the timeless holiday jingle, “My Only Wish (This Year),” to Youtube, officially rendering all other Christmas music that isn’t Kelly Clarkson or Mariah Carey irrelevant.

I could hyperbolically stan for “My Only Wish” for fun like I do with most stuff here, but in all seriousness, it is criminally underrated as far as festive pop tunes go.

Released as part of a star-studded Christmas compilation back in 2000 at the height of Godney’s teen stardom, “My Only Wish” never cracked the Hot 100, and it barely even scraped Billboard’s Holiday Songs chart. Perhaps it wasn’t promoted properly, or maybe people just didn’t appreciate it at the time. Like a lot of Britney’s early material, it’s deceptively melancholy, with the then 18-year-old songstress begging Santa to cure her Christmas blues with the gift of a new boyfriend.

Britney’s always been an eternally lost puppy and the sad undercurrent in “My Only Wish” is primarily thanks to her, but the production duo of Brian Kierulf and Josh Schwartz deserve a share of the credit, too. The pair were also behind my favourite Britney song of all time, “Don’t Hang Up,” which carries a similar wistful longing with it (albeit, in a more sexual style than the wide-eyed innocence of “My Only Wish.”)

With “Work Bitch” currently doing the rounds, “My Only Wish” sounds more potent now than ever. It’s terribly nostalgic, like listening to a different artist from a completely different time. I’m glad that I didn’t actually discover this song until a few years ago, or else I’d feel mighty old remembering where I was when I first heard it during the holiday season of 2000.

Instead of re-buying “All I Want For Christmas Is You” this season (which everybody already owns fifty copies of), throw Godney a bone and download “My Only Wish (This Year).” Please? I’m having beautiful fantasies of it finally smashing the Hot 100 and out-charting the evil “Work Bitch.”