Britney Spears Work Bitch Music Video
So far this new Britney Spears era has been both amazing and terrible. The good part is that she’s finally looking somewhat engaged and alive again, and her recent interviews –while still tightly controlled– are giving her the opportunity to say much more than she has in years. The worst part is “Work Bitch” which is clearly the worst Britney single to ever see the light of day.

Anyway, The Holy Spearit phoned in to a Boston radio station this week to plug the “Work Bitch” music video, where she made some now controversial comments about wanting to tone down the sex in her videos. I suspect that the host is a secret member of the #FreeBritney movement, because he knew exactly what to ask without being too obvious about it.

“Being a mum now, do you feel any less comfortable showing that much skin in a video, or is it cool with you?”

“Oh my god, we showed way more skin and did way more stuff for the video than what is actually there. Like, I cut out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children, and it’s just hard to play sexy mum while you’re being a pop star as well. But you know, I just have to be true to myself and feel it out and just let ’em know, you know?”

“So in some sense, are they pushing you further than you wanna go and then you sit in the editing room and say, ‘No that has to go’ and that’s pretty much how it’s all lined up?”

[Giggles] “Yes… Yes.”

“So, if you had a chance to have all your people not say a word and you got to pick exactly what you want Britney Spears to be, what would that look like?

“In the video?”

“Yeah in the video and they’re making you do all the sexy stuff and ultimately you have to cut it out. Is there a Britney Spears that you have in mind that you wish you could be today?”

“It’s so real that you say that because part of what I do and a lot of things that made me do so well in the live performances is, a lot of sex goes in to what I do, you know? But sometimes I would like to bring it back to the old days when there was, like, one outfit through the whole video, and you’re dancing the whole video, and there’s, like, not that much sex stuff going on. It’s about the dance. It’s old school. It’s, like, keeping it real and just making it about the dance. I’d love to do a video like that.”

(Listen to full interview)

Naturally, Team Britney was quick to rush statements out to the media downplaying Britney’s objections. “Work Bitch” director, Ben Mor, told MTV, “She does not do anything she doesn’t want to do. She’s in complete control the whole time,” while Jamie Spears and Larry Rudolph called TMZ and clarified that Britney wasn’t pressured into anything and was able to tone down some parts of the video.

I don’t doubt what Ben, Larry, and Jamie are saying, but just because she goes along with it doesn’t mean that it’s exactly what she wants to be doing. If Britney had more control over her career (and life, but that’s another issue) like Madonna or Lady Gaga, would she still have released “Work Bitch” and done the same music video, or would we be getting something different?

Don’t forget: When asked on Good Morning America what her favourite song from album No. 8 is, she responded, “The perfume song,” referring to the ballad she wrote with Sia.

The comments from the radio interview also tie in to what she said in her E! News interview about the sexy “character” she plays making her feel “silly” and “awkward,” and stating “This isn’t me, I’m not like all like this.” Granted, she’s always referred to her parts in music videos as characters, but the issue now is whether or not this is a role she still wants to play.

The sad part is Britney acknowledging how much sex has gone into shaping her career and image to date, as if resigning to the fact that she has to give the public what they want, rather than doing what she wants. I voiced this concern in my “Work Bitch” single review, so nothing she’s saying now is surprising to me at all. Like I’ve said many times before, I seem to be one of the few fans that LOVES “Ooh La La” and the relatively non-sexual Circus album. The fact is that most people –both stans and the general public– have little to no interest in anything Britney does if it’s not “fierce” and “sexy,” as if she has nothing else to offer anyone beyond that.

I wouldn’t care if Britney only recorded rubbish like “Work Bitch” for the rest of her career if it’s what she wants to do, but is it? It’s difficult to answer that question either way for sure (clearly I’m leaning more towards the “no” side), but one thing’s a definite: Britney Spears has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and earned her stripes the hard way, and at this point in her career she should be making ALL of her own decisions and doing EXACTLY what she wants.

The first order of business should be removing that damn conservatorship!

  • SerferTJ

    Awww, poor thing. I legitimately feel bad that she can’t make her own decisions given her accolades.
    I hope her team will actually listen to her cuz their ideas (i.e. “Work Bench”) aren’t performing up to “Britney standards”.

    That being said, she kinda chose the WORST time to say this. She’s about to be doing a ton of shows in SIN CITY for the next 2 years, and no one’s traveling out there to see “cute” anything.

    • UncleFan

      “no one’s traveling out there to see “cute” anything.”

      Bite your tongue! #JusticeForOohLaLa

      • Trey

        #JusticeForOohLaLa indeed!

      • SerferTJ

        Not even the stans were here for Ooh LaLa.
        LBR, people wanna see sexy Britney sing “Slave For You”, “Toxic”, and “Hit Me Baby” and stuff.
        Ain’t nobody trying to travel across the country to see her lip-synch “Everytime” or something from the Smurf Soundtrack…

    • Celine Dion doesn’t do trashy shit and her last gig was a 5 year 700 show stint.

      Grown up Britney may attract a different audience, but there would still be people. Thing is though, she didn’t say she doesn’t want to do any of it anymore. She just said no more kinky Rihanna s&m shit

      • SerferTJ

        LOL, You’re comparing an apple to a vegetable here. First, Celine was more well-established act by the time she did her residency, and already attracted an older, more well-off audience. Britney’s whole career was built off of selling sex and dancing, where Celine was built off of her voice. And Celine’s voice has already lasted longer than Britney’s talents.

        Britney can’t sing or dance anymore, and she lacks personality, so if she’s not gonna sell sex or “fierce” anymore, what does she honestly have left to sell?

        • Well that’s my point. She didn’t say she won’t be fierce. She just wants to tone her image to a classier sexy… No more s&m kind of stuff. I agree with you whole heartedly, her voice and dancing are dismal. But I’ll also admit that I’m curious to see what she does next

    • Bobs

      Have you been to Vegas lately? Disney World is sluttier these days.

      • SerferTJ

        lol have you? I haven’t but my friend went last month.
        And unless Disney World now has billboards and trucks advertising…”escorts”… all over it, then I’m pretty sure Vegas is dirtier

  • syhrn


  • bluesatellite

    Interesting. You see that there’s a living, breathing, feeling human being beneath the popstar facade. I like what she said about “I would like to bring it back to the old days when there was, like, one outfit through the whole video, and you’re dancing the whole video, and there’s, like, not that much sex stuff going on.”

    And I also completely agree with what Jacques said. It’s puzzling that she’s the only popstar that never quite rebelled artistically. Every popstar must have one or two albums that serve as an artistic breakthrough for them, even if that may not be very well-received by the public in general. Madonna has Like A Prayer, Ray of Light and American Life; Kylie has Impossible Princess; Christina has Stripped; Kelly Clarkson has My December. Heck, even Mandy Moore has her pop-folk albums. I just don’t get it, since Brit absolutely has the right for that.

    On a sidenote, she still sounds like 16 in the interview. All the ‘like’s and ‘you know’s… gurl, please. What is it with American girls that they ALWAYS talk like, you know, like that?

    • She had some more creative input between In The zone up till around Blackout/Circus I think (like Someday I Will Understand which she wrote entirely herself about her desire to get pregnant and how a child would fulfil the hole in her life). But the one album she was working on that was going to be ALL her input (Original Doll) never fully materialized because she went off the rails, and it ended up becoming Blackout.

      And yeah, she does sound like she’s 16, but she never really got the chance to develop into a proper adult. She was controlled for so long that the moment she got a big of freedom she didn’t know what to do with it and ended up going insane and being taking advantage of. That’s why the conservatorship was a good idea at the START, but by the end of Circus era she should have been released from it for good.

      It’s absolutely disgusting that a woman who is able to tour the world, shoot music videos, record albums, and hold a Vegas residency still has no legal control over her own life or career.

      • Trey

        Someday I Will Understand is a masterpiece in my eyes, it’s such a beautifully structured and vocal song. In the Zone and Blackout are my two favorite Britney albums, next would defiantly be Circus. Circus was an album that fave you different layers. Songs about love, heartbreak, sex, anger, dance, and her career.

        • Bobs

          It’s a perfect Karaoke song.

      • bluesatellite

        LOL Jacques, I’m actually quite aware of most of these things. I may have stopped being a fan but I still keep up with her :p

        I’ve listened to the Original Doll tracks and all I can say is thank god it became Blackout. They’re not very good save a few tracks (Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On is a particular favourite)

        Your assessment on the other paragraphs is absolutely spot-on though. I completely agree. I actually listened to Circus the other day and I didn’t quite realize that it’s ‘relatively non-sexual’! Go figure.

        And yes, re: Someday (I Will Understand) is just lovely and sublime. Maternity songs are all like that (see also Nelly Furtado’s ‘Childhood Dreams’ or for the French counterparts, check out Anggun’s ‘Un de toi’ or Teri Moïse’s ‘Je serai là’)

        Britney is an interesting popstar, indeed. That’s all I can say

        • FreakyFlyBri

          Just a quick correction, but besides Mona Lisa NONE of the Original Doll tracks have leaked or ever been heard. Everything we’ve heard has either been early Blackout demos or In The Zone rejects. Sorry, just had to interject. :)

    • LizzyG

      Just so everyone’s aware not all American girls speak that way. Not to mention, there’s a lot of people around the whole world butchering the English language.

      • bluesatellite

        Of course I know that! And we Asians are some of those “people around the whole world butchering the English language”! Lol. I didn’t mean to generalize but I find that it’s the case with (mostly) white blonde American girls, and it’s kind of annoying… why can’t they just speak in a proper, articulate way? But well

        • LizzyG

          You’re absolutely right, it is truly annoying. I could never stand hearing it myself lol Yes! Why can they not speak properly?? It’s not hard, makes me wonder how some Americans got that way.

  • Riley Biers

    Lmfao is anyone else fucking dead at her wanting a video of just dancing? 4 minutes of her waving her arms and flipping her hair.

    • She probably just means it’d be a cleaner, more old-school video focused on performance (like old Janet Jackson videos) instead of sex sex sex. Sure she can’t dance that well any more, but I don’t think she specifically meant just a hardcore straight up choreography video with the comment. She probably means more like an entertaining old-school “performance” video, but she didn’t word it well because she’s not good at articulation

  • Trey

    I hope Britney gets what she wants soon. She’s said this album is her most personal yet. She defiantly seems more exited and alive about this project then her last. Even during the Femme Fatale album she said her favorite tracks were Criminal and He About To Lose Me, both mid-tempo emotional songs. Not about clubbing or sex. Britney in the past defiantly seemed to enjoy and flourish in a sexy image. slave 4 U and the In The Zone era were very sexual and she seemed happy and helped write many of those songs. She also promoted like a machine in those days and seemed happy about her image. But I get now at 31 and with two children she would prefer a more toned down image. I as we’ll staned for Oh La La. I thought her vocals were delightful and the song was catchy and fun. This all being said I myself am conflicted. I also love Work Bitch, but it is not my favorite Britney song. If I had it my way I’d still like to hear fierce club tracks, but also more heartfelt raw vocal songs. Is it so hard to want both?

    • That’s why Circus is so good because it has cool uptempo songs like Womanizer and Mannequin, but they’re not generic and the lyrics have some meaning behind them that relate to Britney. It’s the perfect balance.

  • byoing~byoing.

    From one non deluded Britney stan to another, thanks for this post.

    All my friends (’cause they don’t listen to K-Pop) who listen to the radio and that’s about it have little to no clue about how Pop music actually works. In fact one is under the impression that the recording artist comes in, sits down with her/his team, writes all their songs, works one on one with everyone who’s producing their album, sings the songs perfectly on the first go and call it a day and an album is done in less than a few weeks. (I know this due to an argument I had about someone on their status about Milegend’s skyrocketing infamy).

    I’m under the assumption there’s less control in the western world (I only base this on the amount of shit that a lot of pop artists do that I certainly wouldn’t let them do if I was their manager), but pop music has and always will be about the profit and the artists ‘image’, and not the actual artists intentions. Like you said, Britney acknowledges that she’s all about the sex and the EDM lately and she wants to change her image for the better. I also doubt the ballad that Sia wrote is going to be EDM trash like ‘Work Bitch’ is so I’m glad her album will have more diversity this time around (No, don’t even try, ‘Criminal’ was still overproduced as hell). However, I do, in an extremely selfish way, thank someone that Britney’s life was kinda taken over for a period because I’m a selfish stan who loves her and having lost Amy to drugs and Lily Allen to early retirement (thank god she’s coming back though) needed one of my faves to be pushing out music, even if it’s sub par shit.

    I’m really excited for album number 8 though. I have a feeling that’s her producers are going to take it to the next level (‘Femme Fetal’ definitely didn’t have the replay power that ‘Circus’ had & gurl no one is touching ‘Blackout’ ever) due to the fact that she probably won’t be releasing any new music once she sets up in Vegas as her life seems to be focusing on her family more and getting off the drugs. This era of Britney has been absolutely amazing so far (bar the single) and I can’t wait for some more interviews and everything. I only just wish that she had been on The X-Factor with this attitude but hey, who knows? She might of seen herself all dead-eyed and drugged and though it was time for a change.

    (also speaking of change – so glad Kylie took Jessie J’s spot on The X-Factor UK!)

    • bluesatellite

      LOL Kylie’s on The Voice not X Factor :p

      In regards of that, I’m not sure though. I suppose it’s a good thing? She doesn’t exactly need a TV show over there to make her relevant. If it was The Voice US then it’s something to be excited about…

      • byoing~byoing.

        Hahah thanks boo! I can’t keep up with all these music shows! :)
        I only really care because it’ll be fantastic promo for her upcoming album. But yeah, I do totally agree – her on The Voice in the US would be amazing!

        • bluesatellite

          Hahaha you’re welcome! You’re right, that’s why she signed up for it, obviously but… I don’t know. I’ll take her instead of Shakira or Christina on The Voice but I suppose the Latina quota had to be filled. Shak is just not suitable for this type of shows (she’s too smart and too serious for it) and I would trade Christina’s tedious all American-ness for Kylie’s eleganza and eloquence, tbh. Plus it would be a tremendous exposure for her in the US (since supposedly she’s coming for the US market with the next album)

  • Britney Lover


    • Bobs


      • Britney Lover

        Godney only knows!!! I can’t wait for her to spill the tea on her ‘mysterious book’ that she promised us during the iconic doc For The Record.

  • Josh Chinnery

    Hmm… This is shaping up to be one interesting era for Brit Brit. Her first single is definitely trash (I so wish she did more tracks like Ooh La La, but that line of thought is *clearly* in the minority), but it’s catchy trash that makes me want to shake it like I’ve never shaken it before (which is always a welcome quality in my pop music :3). *shrug* At least she looks like she’s alive and *kind of* enjoying herself XD I’m not exactly a fan, but I will definitely keep an ear out for this album; it seems like it’ll be a good one.

  • Honestly, I’m really happy she opened up. It’s been obvious for so long, but we’d never have heard this 2 years ago. I honestly think this is the reason ‘Work Bitch’ is such a slow burner. I think fans can tell this British robot bullshit isn’t Brit. Her heart isn’t in it. I really am looking forward to her album, and the residency, so I hope she takes Celine Dion’s advice to heart. Take control, find a balance of her personal vs the show, and find the passion again. Clearly Britney knows where she wants to go in the future. I hope she can take the control and be what she wants to be. Id rather see her retire and be a happy Mom, then make more mindless crap

  • iAmAwesome

    Sigh, it’s so hard when you love Britney Spears the popstar as much as you love Britney Jean Spears the person. I do LOVE her sexy and cocky side (“Slave,” “Kill the Lights”, “Work Bitch”) and then I live for the real-life, emotional girl (“everytime”, “Out From Under”, and I’ve been dying to hear “Petfume” ever since Sia and Brit mentioned it). For example, I believe I spent 50 percent of my “Britney time” watching her mv/performances and the other half just interviews and just footage of her being quirky and a goofball. It’s hard out here for a pimp :'(

    • But the issue is that you can still have a fierce Britney without it being some generic sex bot. She could easily tell her problems and things that make her angry to a producer and they could make an uptempo song about it. Womanizer is about Kevin cheating on her and that’s a fierce anthem. I just want her to keep on the cutting edge of pop music like she has done pre-Work Bitch, but make the subject matter personal or relatable. Even with “Hold It Against Me” there was a sexy melancholy to it that’s present in her old songs (and the then-trendsetting dubstep breakdown) so it still felt like a Britney song. Work Bitch just seems frivolous and the production is fucking generic, I don’t care what the stans say (many are trying to act like there’s more to Work Bitch than there really is). Work Bitch would be cute if it was will.i,am’s song with her as a feature, but it sucks for a Britney song.

      Circus really had the perfect balance for a britney album, because it was commercial but not generic, and all the songs were personal. It reminds me a bit of Hilary Duff’s Dignity album. I wish she stayed on that path of pop music.

      • iAmAwesome

        I agree for the most part with this. “Work Bitch” just gets me pumped with adrenaline, which is my purpose for that song, and in here for it. However, I don’t understand how her leeches/team don’t see how she can be all personal and sell it to the kids by having her work with fucking Rusko or any of the Swedish House Mafia members to keep it new and polarizing but still connect. And it doesn’t have to be about fame either, her life also has many aspects. Do you know what a hard on I would get for a Britney diss track towards her conservatorship?! (Waiting for that day!)

        And Circus will forever be her underrated masterpiece. I think it just suffered from being compared to the new wild child “The Fame” album sound and the trendsetter “Blackout” prior to it. But “Circus” can still be played in shuffle today and sound so coherent and fresh. From “Unsual You” to “Mannequin”, back to “Lace and Leather” and “Blur.”)

        • I’m a bit too harsh on “Work Bitch” coz technically it isn’t a bad song at all (listening to it again now for the first time since the week it premiered) but it’s more like a Paris Hilton single than a Britney single. I wish Paris released it instead of “Good Time” lol.

          • iAmAwesome

            I’m telling you, bro, get on a treadmill and play it and your life won’t be the same. “Yew want a hot bodeh? U bettah werk betch!”

            Wait! Why the fuck did no one tell Paris was releasing new gospel?!

          • Um I did/have, multiple times!

          • iAmAwesome

            Oops @ me then.

            Well I just heard it. How do I put this? “Stars are blind” is still her best song, let’s just leave it at that.


          • Bobs

            I actually think it’s a terrible song. It would be betteer if there was no talking or singing on it — and just a generic banger. The backing track is cool — everything else feels like an after thought.

          • Andrew

            Paris singing Work Bitch would be terrible cause she hasn’t worked a day in her life! Coming from Britney, it sounds like sound advice lol

      • I couldn’t agree more with this. I thought the desert dancing, and the me against the music throwback breakdown in the WB video were great, proving she can still look fierce… But the s&m shit is just unnecessary and feels cheap and emotionless

        • I agree. I think being explicitly sexual is fine for some artists (Miley, Rihanna), and it worked for Britney back in the day, but now it’s time for a new concept and image. Circus was sexy but classy, it didn’t have unnecessary sexual things thrown in and everything was done tastefully. Someone like Janet Jackson can get away with doing sexy concept all the time because that seems to be a true extension of herself, but that kind of sex crazed hottie isn’t who Britney is as a person. Even Ooh La La felt 1000X more genuine than “Work Bitch” because Britney went into it with the mindset of doing something fun for the Smurfs movie that her kids can enjoy.

          • Right? I loved ‘Ooh La La’, and frankly, my absolute favorite Britney photo of recent is her (in the blue dress) and her boys at the Smurfs premiere. She looked absolutely radiant, and so proud and excited to show off her boys. That’s a look I’ll take from Brit any day over work bitch

          • I know, and “Ooh La La” is just a really good pop song. I don’t know why people act like it’s immature or too childish. It’s like anything that isn’t Rihanna level porn is immature to many pop fans these days. If it wasn’t connected to the Smurfs nobody would even think that lol.

      • Mandy

        Preach! Your viewpoint on Circus has been my viewpoint FOREVER! No one believed me! I actually believe more people recognize it because it is her best selling album in iTunes and most of those songs are outselling her others

        • Happy to see another Circus stan here!!

          I talked about it a bit here too

          Even though I gave Work Bitch WAY too high of a score because I was being kind and expecting it to be a grower (which it wasnt)

          • Jason

            I love My Baby, and I almost always get dragged for saying it, by the same people that get their life from Work Bitch. So laughable.

  • iAmAwesome

    “The first order of business should be removing that damn conservatorship!”

    Yes! Very yes!

  • KingBeaArthur

    I’m glad Britney is speaking up! I’m not saying a woman should stop being sexy once she has a child; the clear difference being if she WANTS to be seen as sexy or not. Good on Britney for saying something, even if her handlers rushed in to silence her once again.

  • T.

    “1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2) A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.”

    I’m feeling harmed if she’s not happy, so she’s clearly breaking the rules.

  • Bobs

    Remember all those times she was forced to say she was a virgin???? She probably wanted to break out of that w/ SLAVE 4 U.. but now she’s stuck in the sex sells thing.

    TOXIC is her most iconic song, and that video is hardly sexual. It’s campy and amazing… Piece of Me, Circus, Radar, Hold It Against Me, Till The World Ends, and I Wanna Go were not sex-oriented. She was sexy in them, but not selling sex – and they were all huge hits…

    WORK BITCH doesn’t feel like Britney at all.

    The song sucks, and the video failed to capture some sort of campy narrative that would help sell it. Imagine a retro Vegas theme… Britney as RAT PACK gangsta in fierce bouffant or some sort of homage to SHOWGIRLS??? Britney is at her best when she’s doing tongue and cheek – and people seem to love her best in that roll.

    I totally agree about Oooh La La. It’s a much better song — and video at least was cute.

  • Bobs

    The biggest flaw with this ERA is that it was promoted as being PERSONAL and we get this horrendous song that’s anything but — and completely sucks on top of that. They need to rush out the second single, STAT. I’m still angry OUT FROM UNDER and UNUSUAL YOU weren’t singles. Not to mention KILL THE LIGHTS, INSIDE OUT, and UP AND DOWN.

  • DiegoZicoB

    Her quotes really got blown way out of proportion. Damn. Haha.

    What she essentially said was that she felt uncomfortable with some of the scenes and so had them cut. So they did what she wanted them to do. Not exactly controlling on their part.

    Ben Mor even said that what they cut, which she deemed too much, wasn’t even much to do with her scenes but rather the extras.

    Then that she felt pressure to be sexy and have the video have a sexy image. All of her dance-ey songs have sexy videos. If anything her having to be sexy is a trapping of her own making. She chose the school girl outfit which began this image. Hell, she still posts pics of herself in bikinis on her twitter on the regular showing off her body.

    If she wasn’t behind the concept for this vid she would have vetoed it in the brainstorming phase already. Her videos are usually the place she has the most control. So to suggest anything else just doesn’t make sense.

    This is a case of the interviewer putting way more words into her mouth than what she actually said and meant.

    In a nutshell she says: I know I have to have this sexy image but I need to balance it because I’m a mom now but I would also like to leave that behind a bit and do something less overtly sexual.

    Brit has never been that good at bringing across her views though. Sigh.

    • That’s one way to look at it and the same kind of mindset that most Britney stans have had since the conservatorship to use to justify the fact that they only want sexy edgy Britney dancing around in a bikini no matter how much she may or may NOT like it, but when you factor in everything over the years it’s definitely not far-fetched to take my views on this as valid, too.

      If this was just a one off instance I would totally go with what you’re saying, but when factored into everything else it’s worrying. Also, the “nutshell” summary you gave is what we’re all saying too, just that we think Britney may prefer heading in a different direction and that she should be able to do that if it’s what she wants.

      Her fans need to start being a bit more critical with these things instead of always accepting everythng that’s fed to them and looking at the so-called positive side. The fact that she is still under a conservatorship should still be a huge issue with the media and with fans because the fact that a seemingly healthy 31-year-old woman doesn’t have any legal control over her own life is extremely concerning and is reason enough for us all to question what’s happening behind the scenes.

      • DiegoZicoB

        Jacques, I totally get your viewpoint and share it to an extent. But the replies she gave are not as scandalous as it is being made out to be and the fact that it is being used to bring up the Free Britney thing again is making me roll my eyes. Not because I think she should be under a conservatorship but because this wasn’t the time to bring it up. I can see people drawing parallels by saying it’s another sign of her not being in control of anything but to me personally they do not relate.

        The conservatorship is still there for its own reasons. Who knows why she hasn’t had it lifted yet. Maybe it just makes her life a whole lot more manageable. People use her touring, recording etc as proof that she doesn’t need it anymore, okay but surely that shows that she is still able to have a very much normal life and career with it there or not. Why is it just automatically taken that the conservatorship is a bad evil thing? Nobody knows the details so it could be either way and will be debated forever so to even bring it up is silly in my opinion.

        I am being critical and stating that she still perpetuates this image that she wants to turn away from. Perfect example was the bikini pics she posts. Um you’re displaying your body in your private time to the whole world. She as well as her team have kept the image going.

        She made a sexy video now and will make a less sexy one when she releases ‘Pefume’. I don’t get the drama.

        And why does her being under conservatorship have to be extremely concerning for us when she seems fine with it? Or are we going to go down the route where we think she has made peace with it and would prefer to not fight against her controllers and risk losing her kids etc. It’s so overly dramatic.

        I feel like her career has become one big conspiracy theory.

        • “I feel like her career has become one big conspiracy theory.”

          You’re definitely correct there lol!

          With the bikini photo, I believe Britney posted that more as a way to show her fitness and weight loss, rather than to titillate.

          And if you remember back to the For The Record documentary or read Britney: Inside The Dream she definitely wasn’t happy with the conservatorship. She made it really obvious in For The Record and cried about feeling trapped and controlled. Also, if you look at her history, such as when she was planning the tell-all book with that Rolling Stone journo (can’t remember his name right this second) and recording Original Doll, she obviously had things to say at one point, both personally and professionally.

          If things are managed better with everyone else in control, there should be no harm in wiping the conservatorship and then leaving all the current methods in place as they are. Britney can legally sign to have so-and-so handle this and that so she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t need a conservatorship in place for that at all.

          And to me her people seem to be choosing all her career projects on money alone. She supports a huge network of people who depend on her being Britney spears and earning at her max potential, and people don’t want their meal ticket to stop. Didn’t she previously say she wouldn’t want to do a talent show ever? Then she did X Factor and she was not exactly the best on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if her team pressured her into it because the payday was so big.

          I’m glad she’s into Vegas though. I think she’s excited because it’s a steady job, she gets to have input in creating the show, and she won’t have to tour or do anything else because it’ll be bringing in cheques so the pressure will be off for her to have to do shit like world tours and reality TV shows.

  • Ahmed Heart-shapes

    “holly Spearit” lol that got me goood

  • Ich

    I’ll avoid any upcoming posts about Britney on this site after this piece I’ve read, and I’m really sorry about it because I love arcadey, Jacques… but I’ve had it. You seem to take the bits and pieces that fit your own vision of the matter and avoid all the other stuff going on. I’m a music journalist too and sometimes it happens to me as well, it’s easy to focus on the stuff that ‘confirms’ your opinions or views. But it doesn’t work like that.
    Still in love with you and your site (minus the Holy Spearit posts).

    • I’m hardly the only one saying this though. Many other Britney fans are agreeing with it here, the same fans who often disagree with me on other Britney related posts and this post is VERY objective if you read it properly without the Britney stan judgement making you biased. All I’m doing is referencing other things she’s said before and other incidents, and saying that what she’s doing right now might not be exactly what she wants. Please don’t be one of those fans that treats Britney like a zoo attraction solely designed to please everybody else. At least open your mind to both sides of the argument as I have, rather than solely choosing one.

  • Ciejowski

    Its really easy to go along the Free Britney line but lets be honest with ourselves for a second, Britney Spears is not a business women, she is not an innovator and has always been a manufactured pop product.

    Unlike Madonna, Britney unfortunately does not have the sheer ruthlessness, business acumen and innovation to make it alone.

    I am all for getting the real Britney in theory but the real Britney is probably relatively boring and not very intelligent. The real Britney would not sell 100 million records.

    In fact I don’t even think the real Britney wants to be a pop star. I think she would be happier at home raising her children

  • FreakyFlyBri

    Personally I’m just happy to see Britney finding her voice again. I can honestly say as a stan that there was something off about the entire Femme Fatale era; Britney was just not present, at all, whether it was in interviews, on her tour, or even on her album. I do not know what that necessarily means. I’m not going to sit here and formulate conjecture regarding what exactly happened during that period of time to make things go the way they did. What I will say, though, is that I love that Britney is feeling more comfortable speaking up about who she is and what she wants again, and from the bottom of my (broken) heart, I hope she ultimately knows that there are a lot of fans who love her regardless of what persona she employs in her music or how “fierce” she is. I would still support her even if she decided to hang up her dancing shoes and never perform a single step of choreo again, as long as she was happy. She’s been one of my heroes and sources of inspiration for a while now, I only hope one day she realizes how much she means to so many people. She is more than just a robot or a sex doll to be ridiculed. Even at her lowest point she is still a human being, and one that happens to be much more amazing than many give her credit for.

    Britney Jean, you keep doing you and figuring things out. In the mean time, I wish you all the best and hope that you ultimately find what it is you’re looking for. :)

    Okay, sorry. /stanmodeoff

  • simplyfly

    Well Put.

  • Matthew Charlery-Smith

    Hey Jacques, I like your write-up but I’m a bit surprised by paragraphs 2 and 5 when you support Miley Cyrus’ wild behaviour. Miley is now being shaped on a sexual image and it seems to be a mix of what she wants and what she’s made to believe will make her popular. Will she be able to shake this image off in 5 years when she wants to be taken more seriously as a real grown woman and not someone who’s JUST out of their teens? In fact, have you voiced any concerns about Miley? You must be able to see something is wrong. Let’s all listen to Mother Sinead!

  • LizzyG

    I love Britney’s idea to go old school and focus on the dancing. Should add quality music to the list of changes though. Maybe the next single will be better, maybe she’ll make this happen.

    I don’t agree with the Ooh La La praise. It was a cutesy song. I don’t need cutesy or sexy or fierce from her for that matter, I just want to see cool. When she first started she was just cool, ie BOMT and Crazy, maybe that can be interpreted as sexy but if kids catch a glimpse of it they’re not going to have to ask what are those people doing to each other.

    I loved Circus but wasn’t a fan of the video. Circus album was good. Circus and Oops are probably my most favorite Britney records to date.