Britney Jean Artwork
I lost faith in Britney album covers after the terrifying cut & paste job of Blackout, but I thought that maybe things would change this era.

Instead, we’ve got Britney Jean makin’ half a derp face in what looks like an unusable outtake from an old photoshoot with some Bangerz font stuck over the top.

Why RCA, why?

T-ara Cry Cry Gif

Meanwhile, somewhere in the galaxy, Lady Gaga has released “a sequence of covers” for her new don’t-call-it-a-single, “Venus.”

Mother Monster looks like a naked Tilda Swinton with a scorpion on her face and a half-eaten bagel top in her mouth.

Farrah abraham Gif 3

I’m too scared of the Britney fans to say that I like the artpopsy “Venus” covers more than Britney Derp, so I’ll just say “Mazel tov, bitches!!!” and leave it at that.

Britney’s new Sia-penned single, “Perfume,” comes out on November 5, followed by the new album on December 3. I don’t know when the fuck “Venus” drops, but I’ll be listenin’ when it does.

Lady Gaga Venus 03 Lady Gaga Venus 02 Lady Gaga Venus 01

  • SerferTJ
  • Lin Misfits

    Haven’t all her album covers been very simple and just her face?

  • Jawrsche

    You mustn’t forget to share the snippet!

  • ICONI3

    Both are giving zombie realness. Gaga covers are my favorites from her ever. Britbot’s cover looks like some kinda FF outtake.

    • My thoughts exactly! Looks like a Hold It Against Me cover outtake.

  • Bobs

    Diana was the only one who did the “personal” self-named album cover correctly — It looks like Britney made this on her Iphone while waiting to fill her perspiration for Prozac, Lithium, and Marzipan at CVS, then finished it at Starbucks.

    • FreakyFlyBri

      Perspiration? She filled her sweat for Prozac, Lithium and Marzipan?

      • Akie_Of_Winterfell

        Some people are so pressed that they become too stupid to function. Ignore that beast.

      • Bobs

        It’s called auto correct bitch!

        • FreakyFlyBri

          Awww, love you too, dear. <3

          • you’re a little to literal, honey. It’s a joke. I’d hate to see you a comedy club.

  • HausofJuanito

    There is no “font” it’s handwritten. She also did the heart it’s from her signature

  • Mity

    You just don’t like adult Britney. You think it’s because of her team but no, that’s the real Britney now, you just wanna think that she is different than that, that she is more like the thing you want her to be. sorry bitch FUCK OFF

    • Uh, actually it’s the opposite of that.

      And what does that have to do with her having a cheap looking album cover?

      • LizzyG

        We know it’s her Mity, that’s why it’s so sad. So CHILL

        And ya know what she can do better, she could take her own advice and work.

  • gotgotgone

    I hate the cover for Britney’s new album but I have actually grown to love the Blackout cover the craziness/tackiness of it fits the music and the era so well. As for Venus it sounds like a fun campy song but I’m glad its not the 2nd single as it would flop on the charts.

    I would love have the 2nd Gaga pic as poster

    • “I hate the cover for Britney’s new album but I have actually grown to love the Blackout cover the craziness/tackiness of it fits the music and the era so well.”

      I agree lol, even though it took me years to feel that, and technically it is still an awful cover even though it eventually became perfect once the era was done and you could look back and see what it really represents.

    • I agree. The Blackout era makes so much sense in retrospect.

  • FreakyFlyBri

    I like Britney’s album cover. It’s infinitely better than the Femme Fatale cover, and that half-derp face has almost become one of her trademarks (I think it’s her take on a smirk). The simplicity is nice.

    As far as Gaga’s go, I like them mainly because I’m getting NiN teas from them, mainly from The Downward Spiral era. Gaga must stan the “Closer” video, such a flawless disturbing work of art. <3

    • LizzyG

      Defeintly that derpy expression has been over done by her, once was too much.

  • KingBeaArthur

    One’s not doing enough and the other is doing WAY too much for me.

  • Matthew Charlery-Smith

    Let’s all pray for Gaga…

    And I like Britney’s album cover.

  • Britney Lover

    I hate her derp face OMG!!!!!! WHY OH WHY?!!!!! When u put FF cover and this cover side by side it looks like they jst superimposed the face to a diff pose. SMH SO FED UP W HER TEAM. UGH.

  • ksenofont

    Different covers, different artists. Britney’s cover is on the lower level than basic and Gaga’s cover is screaming: Fuck you bitches, try to outdo this shit in years to come, while blasting LET’S BLAST OFF TO ALL NEW DIMENSION!

  • iAmAwesome

    Brit’s “…baby one more time” UK album cover and ITZ are still her best covers. This one is the best since ITZ, which just draws attention to how bad her covers can be.

    With that said, worst covers than your faves! You mad?

    • I actually love the Circus cover even though her expression is a bit off on it.

      In The Zone is by far her best cover though. And Britney cover is amazing too.

      • iAmAwesome

        In Circus she was “smizing” with just one eye, and her weave looked like cashmere lol. But the content was iconic and that’s all that matters with Britney albums.

        I always forget the Britney cover, I think it’s the most “Britney Spears” out all of them, but yeah In The Zone takes the cake.

  • DNNY

    You have to give Britney some props Jacques, this one looks as if she made it herself

  • Bobs

    The cover should have been a photo of all Britney’s meds on her nightstand.

  • LizzyG

    I thought things were changing too Jac. Very sad face. ITZ, definitely her best cover. I also liked Oops and Britney. Anyway, she definitely is making a derp face and I don’t even know what derp is, but it sounds like a word that describes her dumb stupid expression on this new cover perfectly. UGH.

  • Scott

    For the first time I appreciated Gaga’s pretentious art when compared to Britney’s derp face…