Britney Spears Chatty Man
Slayed by the Britney Jean promo thus far (minus “desert-gate”).

We got that cute Extra appearance, several radio chit-chats (including the now infamous and iconic “STOP MAKING ME SEXY!Boston interview), and now Britney’s gone and done Chatty Man.

Queen Alan Carr had to carry the whole thing, but he’s so good that he covered up any potential awkwardness. Godney occasionally came off like a shy teenager being interviewed on TV for the first time, but she was still adorable.

To finish off, The Holy Spearit took part in a hilarious skit in which she whipped all of Carr’s staff and told them to “WORK BITCH!

Qri Number 9 Gif 2

Britney also called her new album “fun” and said most of the songs are about celebrating and having a good time, but that there’s also some breakup songs, too.

To be honest, I think I would rather a Britney reality show than a Britney album at this point. Despite having officially killed the lights back in 2008, the world (and by “world” I mean “me”) still wants more Realney revealing every intimate detail of her personal life to millions of people on TV.

First there was Chaotic, then there was For The Record. Now it’s about time for Britney Jean: Unhinged & Uncut.

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