Bonnie McKee Sleepwalker
What’s our girl Bonnie McKee to do when she can barely scrape the Hot 100, yet The Walking Dead season 4 premiere can score over 16 million viewers? Make a music video with zombies, duh.

The flop behind today’s biggest hits gets her Resident Evil on in the music video for her new “#inBetwingle” (songs in between singles), “Sleepwalker.”

Yes, I just said the word “inBetwingle.” It’s the new most important word in Holy Bible of Bonnie.

“Sleepwalker” sounds like a Daft Punk-produced-by-Oligee-written-by-Bonnie -sung-by-Katy EDM smash. Our brave BonBon gets a little more personal (RAW) on the lyrical front than Katy ever would, though, with biting words about what it’s like to be emotionally-detached and unable to feel a thing.

BonBon gets serious (“Cut into my skin, I felt nothing“), tongue-in-cheek (“When I watched ‘The Hills,’ I felt nothing“), nostalgic (“They made me a star, I felt nothing“), and broke (“My card was declined, I felt nothing“).

Did she actually just put some personal, genuine, and pretty fucking dark lyrics that anyone with a drop of depth can relate to into a top forty dance song? YES SHE DID.

All hail Empress BonBon, the thinking man’s Katy Perry!

Bonnie McKee Gif

The official “Sleepwalker” music video starts off like an old ’70s splatter film, then turns into a modern day zombie thriller. The zombies, by the way, are a metaphor for feeling emotionally dead (just in case you didn’t pick up on that). The star of the video (it’s not Bonnie) is an idiot and makes several foolish decisions that eventually get her killed, but I’m telling myself that’s an intentional nod to dumb horror movie logic. That’s what you guys all thought, too, right?

The rest of the video is a rip-off of Queen Lavigne’s cinematic masterpiece, “Rock N Roll.” In one scene, BonBon shares a girl-on-girl kiss with her hot co-star, and when they fight zombies together, it’s a total copy of AVRIL VS. BEARSHARK. Also, BonBon is promoting “Sleepwalker” with animated virtual trading cards (see above), which was clearly inspired by Queen Lavigne’s cartoon comic book scenes from “Rock N Roll.”


Stanning hard for BonBon and Avril right now, even though they’re both flops with non-charting albums right around the corner.