BoA Message Call My Name
After taking some time off from the Japanese market to re-establish herself in Korea, BoA has been going hard on the J-pop front since the start of the year. She dropped “Only One” in February, followed it up with the Summer-themed “Tail of Hope” in June, and today, she officially released a new double A-side single, “Message / Call My Name”.

Like “Tail of Hope,” “Message” is another seasonal single, so fits the musical mould of K-pop’s warm acoustic Autumn midtempos (see K.Will for more). BoA’s still Asia’s dancing queen, but she’s been remarkably strong when it comes to midtempo ballads lately. There’s “Only One,” of course, as well as the incredible “Disturbance.” Anyone who tries to say that either “Hurricane Venus” or “The Shadow” trumps those songs isn’t going to have a leg to stand on.

The other single, “Call My Name,” replaces the acoustics with melodic piano and adds some synth-pop into the mix. The melancholy chorus provides a lovely contrast to the warm & fuzzy sentiment of “Message,” making this the perfect double A-side single.

I don’t expect this to be a hit because BoA’s Japanese sales have been on the slide for years now, but if she can just place in the top ten I’ll consider it a success. “Tail of Hope” tanked at No. 12, so this really needs to do better than that.

You can do it, BoA!