BoA Message Call My Name
After taking some time off from the Japanese market to re-establish herself in Korea, BoA has been going hard on the J-pop front since the start of the year. She dropped “Only One” in February, followed it up with the Summer-themed “Tail of Hope” in June, and today, she officially released a new double A-side single, “Message / Call My Name”.

Like “Tail of Hope,” “Message” is another seasonal single, so fits the musical mould of K-pop’s warm acoustic Autumn midtempos (see K.Will for more). BoA’s still Asia’s dancing queen, but she’s been remarkably strong when it comes to midtempo ballads lately. There’s “Only One,” of course, as well as the incredible “Disturbance.” Anyone who tries to say that either “Hurricane Venus” or “The Shadow” trumps those songs isn’t going to have a leg to stand on.

The other single, “Call My Name,” replaces the acoustics with melodic piano and adds some synth-pop into the mix. The melancholy chorus provides a lovely contrast to the warm & fuzzy sentiment of “Message,” making this the perfect double A-side single.

I don’t expect this to be a hit because BoA’s Japanese sales have been on the slide for years now, but if she can just place in the top ten I’ll consider it a success. “Tail of Hope” tanked at No. 12, so this really needs to do better than that.

You can do it, BoA!

  • Indie centric

    I still Stan for her American album, it was flawless. …I blame fucking Sean Garret for having too much control..he can’t even get his career off the ground

  • Internet Bully

    I can still TWERK to hypnotic dance floor *puts hair up in a nasty Beyonce ninja bun* Im dancing around in my trench coat and my panties

  • a_chan

    BoA’s mid tempo ballads have always been strong… I’m incredibly bias of course, but still lol. Message is written by BoA as well, explaining why it fits so nicely with Only One and Disturbance/Baby You. It probably won’t be a hit but it has me excited for her upcoming J-album.

    • One good thing is that Japanese albums usually do better when they’ve had more singles released from them, and BoA’s done heaps for this one. Woo Weekend, Milestone, Only One, Tail of Hope, and Message/Call My Name. Hopefully the album won’t totally tank coz it’ll be filled with singles and be her first since like 2010 I think

      • a_chan

        That’s true, more single releases tend to lead to higher album sales. But I have a hunch that Woo Weekend and maybe Milestone won’t make the album though. The press releases for Message really emphasise BoA’s work in 2013 and since it is presumably the lead in single, I have my doubts.

        And you’re right this is her first studio album in Japan since 2010’s Identity – the era when BoA “the producer” debuted. It was polarising, to put it mildly.

        • Luke

          I agree, Seems like Avex have just been throwing singles out randomly hoping to catch a hit and none of them were similar in sound. I think The only ones that will be included out of those released will be “Only one” and these two.

      • Johnnyyy

        when is the album coming out?

        • Luke

          Who even knows? :P

  • Legend X

    I’m so glad she’s back! I really love these songs.

  • Luke

    LOVE these songs and I agree with (Almost said Proph) Jacques that “Only one” shits on “Hurricane Venus” and “Game”, I freakin love BoA bringing the cool adult kind of R&B sound but still catchy.
    I really dunno why she’s slipped so much in Japan? I guess because FLOPvex threw out a ton of non consistant crap singles like “Woo Weekend” etc but I think BoA needs to PROMOTE her ass off and get on all the TV shows and stuff, She’s a legend in Japan too so she needs to get on it.
    Looking forward to the album.

  • Josh Chinnery

    Love these songs!! *melts into a puddle of stan*

  • Kris

    Message has been slaying me since I heard it early last week. BoA’s midtempos are always good and hopefully this does something for her on the charts.

  • Alauno Porter

    I’m sorry, but I haven’t liked BoA since I did it for love. Sumni has the best K-Pop single this year. I wish their was an english version, it would put wig shops into foreclosure.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I think I like her Japanese releases more than her Korean ones (or maybe she just sounds better in Japanese to me). I love both songs! The PV for “Message” is so simple and gorgeous.