Lady Gaga Do What U Want iTunes
Poor “Applause” couldn’t top the US iTunes chart, but the reverse buttsexolian experience known as “DO WHATCHA WANT WITH MAH BAH-DEH!” is currently sitting pretty at No. 1.

Slaying with just a promo single! Yass Gaga, YASSS!

Farrah Abraham Gif 2

Goddess Gaga not only dethroned Lorde, but also beat out Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s new singles to reclaim her crown as America’s Queen of Digital Sales.

Instead of poppin’ a bottle of champagne to celebrate her iTunes victory, Mother Monster is said to have laid down on the ground and allowed R. Kelly to pee all over her like she was a 14-year-old girl instead.

Get that pee/digital downloads, Mummy!

Lady Gaga Charts

  • Jafet

    DEAD @ that title

  • cde

    I can’t with you today

  • Lin Misfits

    I’m happy for her.


    You are so wrong for this entire post. Fucking deceased…I prefer cremation thanks.

  • T.

    YASSS GAGA! keep giving us great songs and we, the world, will forgive you for the whole born this way era.

    • LMAO…. this comment is really everything.

  • Jacques I love how hard you are stanning for GaGa right now. I am on my knees every night praying that the good Lord keep me on this earth long enough to see the day when you stan for the next Beyonce single ….. Oh my God the blood bath that will occur on here …. It’ll be like the greatest train wreck in pop culture/blog history!

    and PS …. lest anyone get the wrong idea…. I’m not making fun of your stanning… I love it. GaGa’s come full circle from the mess that was that birthing sequence in the ‘Born This Way’ video …. I’m just gonna have to laugh when Beyonce drops her bullshit and does the same …. leaving us all with nothing left to make fun of. GET THAT MONEY ladies!

    • Gonçalo Fernandes

      He really is stanning hard for her xD but I can’t take him seriously just yet…I still have too many scars from all the dragging he did to her during the BTW era…hopefully all shall be forgiven! And he seems to be totally focused on Katy-dragging this fall :b BeyoncĂ© should definitely strike now while he is distracted…

      • I’m not even hating on Katy, I didn’t even listen to Prism or post her latest single lol. I’m over it

        • Guest

          lol well that’s always the best way to serve some serious shade isn’t it? In a month u’ll be like

        • Guest

          Well that is the best way to throw some serious shade on her! In a month u’ll be like

      • He’s not dragging on KATY… Just dragging on ‘Roar’ and the completely basic era she’s having. We ALL love Katy, but let’s be honest, the burning of the teenage dream wig was dark, and edgy… A complete contrast to her “letting the light in” era …

        I love her… Really do, and PRISM is fine, just quite basic…. Pretty sure that’s all Jacques has complained about

    • I will NEVER stan for Beyonce. Even with Gaga at her worst, at least she had a personality. Beyonce is just a blank canvas of nothingness

      • Copying this down so that I may post it again later ;)

      • Indie centric

        Kii lol at Robo-bey

  • talinekae

    Gaga is allowed to be an attention seeker, cause deserves all of it!!! Why the hell are people paying for Rihanna, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez’s music?! They could all sing the same damn songs and it would sound the exact same. Gaga is wonderful, and her music is unique but still pure pop fun.

  • DiegoZicoB

    Only thing I took from this post was noticing that GIF from Flawless free porn site!

    This is one of those cases for me where I do not get the hype for a song. This song isn’t even album filler level to me. It’s so boring and just plods along. Your Body>>>>

    Great that it’s a success for Gaga and will build more hype for the album but I’m not rushing to put this on my playlists.

  • iAmAwesome

    wow, at how right you were with that post back in the summer when you predicted she was gonna sell sex with this era.
    Now try the same with lottery numbers…

  • ovendisco
  • Indie centric

    I think this song looks better on paper than it actually sounds, like Ciara ft. Nicki Minaj I’m out…

  • Nicole Naeun

    I’m so obsessed with this anal sex song. Can’t wait for the album!

  • Memo Memz

    She should make it an official single ASAP

  • ksenofont

    Write what you want and say what you want about her..

  • KingBeaArthur

    Good for her. “Applause” never really hit me as hard as I needed it to.

  • She is very happy.