T-ara Number 9
T-ara just released the first batch of teaser photos for their long-awaited K-pop comeback, which means you can officially forget about every other K-pop comeback for the entire month of October (and possibly the rest of the year).

It looks like they shot these photos on the set of District 9, which is fitting considering that their new single is a Shinsadong Tiger-produced future smash called “Number 9.”

This bad girl concept is like “Day by Day” meets “Cry Cry” with a twist of Mad Max and The Hitchhiker. You can really tell that T-ara don’t give no fucks and are ready to return to Korea and decapitate every bitch netizen who dared defy their holy reign after Hwayoung left.

Jake GIF

Slay-ara’s new album drops October 10.

T-ara Soyeon Number 9 T-ara Hyomin Number 9

  • Kris

    Mother of Godney…

  • Jafet

    Giving me AS Red teas and i’m loving it

  • UncleFan

    I love how they photoshopped the second picture from the first. Classic CCM. #facepalm

    • omg DEAD I just noticed that

      • UncleFan

        LOL, its probably a stock photo of Wyoming that Kim Kwang Soo ganked off of Google Image Search!

    • kpopalypse

      Actually knowing them it’s more likely that the first photo was shopped from the second.

      • UncleFan

        Admittedly, it’s hard to tell because they shot the photos on a cloudy day, so there are hardly any shadows.

      • dawson

        i think so cause boram and hyomin definitely look superimposed in the group photo

      • yeah they are all shopped into the first one for sure

  • t-errorist

    Crying. The Hyomin shot is giving me Britney I’m Not a Girl vibes.

  • Riley Biers

    I’m getting Gangkiz flop flashbacks tbh

  • KingBeaArthur

    I LOVE Hyomin’s shot!

  • Lin Misfits

    Jacques, what’s your bias list/ ranking?

    • byoing~byoing.

      Eunjung & Qri >>>> everyone else tbqh. I know I’m not Jacques but I’m just stating facts.

      • Lin Misfits

        What about Kpop idol wise?
        BEG > Tara > SNSD > ??

    • In T-ara my bias is Eunjung Soyeon, then Qri.

      My fave groups:

      Tier 1: Brown Eyed Girls
      Tier 2: T-ara, Girls’ Generation
      Tier 3: SECRET, TVXQ (homin), IU, Crayon Pop
      Tier 4: Nine Muses, B.A.P, Wonder Girls, KARA, Girl’s Day
      Tier 5: INFINITE, VIXX, D-Unit, Sunny Hill, Seo In Young

      That’s all I can think of out of my main favorites but I’m sure there’s several others that slipped my mind

      • Darwin

        i love that Qri is your bias now.

      • byoing~byoing.

        yayay being superficial with kpop groups. No Secret/AS tho?

        again, no one asked but my kpop groups

        1: BEG/SeeYa
        2: Davichi/T-ara/2yoon&Hyuna
        3: SNSD/DBSK/Wonder Girls/Nine Muses
        4: Sunny Hill/Girl’s Day/Crayon Pop/CN Blue/KARA
        5: RaniA/After School/f(x)/Miss A/SISTAR/BS2T

      • twerkdol

        Queenjung <3

  • byoing~byoing.

    I’m actually so excited for this coming month in K-Pop. So many top tier acts are going to make a comeback. Do you know the worst thing too? T-ara is probably going to have one of the best songs and netizens are just going to rip the shit out of them. :

  • JammySmoochie

    One of this year’s best teaser photos to be honest. Only second to IU’s iconic Modern Times photos. And thank God they are back with Shinsadong Tiger. Excited for this.

  • Darwin

    Queen Qri better get 90% of the lines in this song. I need a “Cry Cry”-esque intro


    that’s all! T___T

  • imthebass

    I’m so fucking excited, I actually don’t give a shit if Korea doesn’t care about them, they don’t care about most idols anyway. I’m glad that girl Dani won’t mess up the group already (I hope she just give up and dissappear from showbiz like she never existed)

    This K-pop fall looks more exciting than the K-pop summer