T-ara Number 9
T-ara just released the first batch of teaser photos for their long-awaited K-pop comeback, which means you can officially forget about every other K-pop comeback for the entire month of October (and possibly the rest of the year).

It looks like they shot these photos on the set of District 9, which is fitting considering that their new single is a Shinsadong Tiger-produced future smash called “Number 9.”

This bad girl concept is like “Day by Day” meets “Cry Cry” with a twist of Mad Max and The Hitchhiker. You can really tell that T-ara don’t give no fucks and are ready to return to Korea and decapitate every bitch netizen who dared defy their holy reign after Hwayoung left.

Jake GIF

Slay-ara’s new album drops October 10.

T-ara Soyeon Number 9 T-ara Hyomin Number 9