T-ara Number 9
Just over a week before the audio premiere of their new single, “Number 9,” and on the day of their official music video teaser release, a glowing report appeared on Korean news website, Sports Seoul, confirming that T-ara’s Soyeon has been in a relationship with a member of early-2000s boy band, Click B, for the past three years. The article came complete with paparazzi photos of the happy couple and several paragraphs about how sweet and amazing they are together.

The old T-ara is officially back, bitches!

This is classic T-ara media play straight from the brilliant PR department of CCM. They used to do this constantly back in the day –in fact, I’d attribute CCM’s savvy media play as a huge part of the reason that T-ara became so successful in the first place– but they toned it down dramatically following Hwayoung-gate last year.

Rumours of T-ara’s relationship have been floating around online forever (I first heard about it earlier this year), so to see the news officially released with such a positive spin is a sign that the old T-ara’s back and that CCM is not messing around with this comeback.

Qri Number 9 Gif

More proof of old-ara’s return is available in the official music video teaser for “Number 9.” The audio features a catchy acoustic riff that gets cut-off right before what I’m assuming is probably going to be an electro drop; it gives me major Flo-rida “Good Feeling,” Ke$ha “Die Young,” and Avicii “Wake Me Up” teas. What good would a T-ara song be without the girls stealing something from someone? Divine legends! I’m predicting an emo, T-ara-fied version of Avicii from “Number 9.”

My heart, mind, body, and soul is most definitely ready for this.

The “Number 9” audio will be released online on October 4. The song will be performed for the first time on October 6 at the Hallyu Dream Concert, while the album will officially be released on October 10 (the same day that T-ara makes their music program comeback).

Crying right now, tbqh.