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Core Contents Media is the hottest mess in all of K-pop, but the good thing about stanning for the shady agency is that there’s never a dull moment. CCM’s latest blunder is sticking T-ara N4’s Dani (remember, she was demoted from future member of the main group to a fill-in for the recently-departed Areum in the American subunit?) as a feature on the latest single from the struggling F-ve Flops.

I’m all for Dani working with F-ve Flops, but this could’ve been handled better. CCM should’ve just made Dani an official member of F-ve Flops from the beginning, rather than transferring a member of the already semi-successful The SeeYa into the group. It would’ve brought major publicity to the return of F-ve Flops, and also kept Dani away from T-ara for good.

Also, while I’m on the subject, can CCM please fire one of the F-ve Flops so they can actually match their name instead of being a six-member group named after the number five?

F-ve Dolls Dani

Anyway, F-ve Flops will release their new mini-album, First Love, on September 17, but the lead single, “Without Love,” will be performed for the first time on tomorrow night’s M! Countdown. First Love features production from T-ara hitmakers Shinsadong Tiger and Duble Sidekick, so I have no doubt that the songs on it will probably be just as fantastic as F-ve Flops’ underrated “Roly Poly” rip-off, “Soulmate #1.” I do predict another major flop, though. The group’s doing a pure and innocent concept this time around, and their single has been described as a “mid-tempo pop ballad,” which basically just means that F-ve Flops are going from T-ara copycats to A Pink wannabes.

I love F-ve Flops and the fact that they’re a total trainwreck is a tonne of fun, but after seeing how legitimately awesome they were during their “Soulmate #1” performances, I wish CCM would retool them (again) into a genuinely good girl group instead of just a guilty pleasure. It’s too late now, anyway, but if I had my way, I’d change their name to the scandalous S-x Dolls and replace the chick from The Seeya with Dani. That’d slay, right?

F-ve Dolls First Love

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  • UncleFan

    Flop? My F-ck Dolls would never! I wonder if Dani is actually going to sing, or is she just going to be hanging out in the video?

    • I bet just the MV, and maybe they’ll awkwardly sit her on stage with them or something.

    • MIKEE

      I read that she’s actually going to be rapping. CCM said some shit about her having a deeper voice. S-x Dolls are way too flawless for this mess. Excuse me while I place this gun to my head.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I’d support S-x Dolls.

    Dani’s teaser cover is just amazing! From the “special coming up” to the F-ve Dolls friend to that goofy/flaw-free look on her face: I’m ready.

  • Amigo

    Taking bets on T-ara’s comeback having a feature by T-ara N4’s Dani. T-ara feat. T-ara N4 sounds good

  • guest

    I loved their last song though! Between soyou (the superior sistar member tbh)’s flawless new song, that new icona pop song, and now my f-(a)ve girls… I’m actually really loving what september’s bringing me so far.

  • 364Leinad

    I actually approve of Yeonkyung’s addition to the group. Aside from the fact that she succesfully fills the “talent void” Chanmi left its a great gimmick for her to promote between both group, and God does kpop love its gimmicks. They need to kick out Sunghee, Nayeon and Eunkyo out of the group and replace them with Shannon and Dani so in addition they can get their “half-british/half-korean” and their “T-ARA reject” gimmick up and running.

  • 364Leinad

    tbh, I was kinda hoping that Dani was gonna be all dolled up for this promotions like she was in the Day by Day music video. I think she’s beautiful, but I’m kinda sick of just seeing her plain face after religiously following her on Instagram for months. Like I said, she’s absolutely gorgeous the way she is, but could you imagine what she’d look like if she spiced things up a little?


    This chick is too basic for words. They need to keep her in the CCM dungeon for life.

  • Marhaebwa

    Everytime I hear “CCM”, I pray for T-ara then zone out cos I cannot with the mess that is KKS.

  • Bluebeat

    LOL F-ve Flops.Only reason why I still bother with this group is because of the two original Co-Ed members, HyoYoung and Hyewon.

  • Johnnyyy

    I’m not here for T-Ara N4 or F-ve dolls… i’m only here for T-FUCKING-ARA!!!

  • XXX

    don’t know her, but she’s not very cute… a little bit more make-up could work wonders

  • CraezedGuy

    Hot ass fucking mess.

  • png

    Wow, the album cover looks like something A Pink would have done. They both have the same number of people so if you don’t know either group, you’d think it’s the same girls.

  • Thelma Herrera

    She’s fugly!?????!!!!!