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Core Contents Media is the hottest mess in all of K-pop, but the good thing about stanning for the shady agency is that there’s never a dull moment. CCM’s latest blunder is sticking T-ara N4’s Dani (remember, she was demoted from future member of the main group to a fill-in for the recently-departed Areum in the American subunit?) as a feature on the latest single from the struggling F-ve Flops.

I’m all for Dani working with F-ve Flops, but this could’ve been handled better. CCM should’ve just made Dani an official member of F-ve Flops from the beginning, rather than transferring a member of the already semi-successful The SeeYa into the group. It would’ve brought major publicity to the return of F-ve Flops, and also kept Dani away from T-ara for good.

Also, while I’m on the subject, can CCM please fire one of the F-ve Flops so they can actually match their name instead of being a six-member group named after the number five?

F-ve Dolls Dani

Anyway, F-ve Flops will release their new mini-album, First Love, on September 17, but the lead single, “Without Love,” will be performed for the first time on tomorrow night’s M! Countdown. First Love features production from T-ara hitmakers Shinsadong Tiger and Duble Sidekick, so I have no doubt that the songs on it will probably be just as fantastic as F-ve Flops’ underrated “Roly Poly” rip-off, “Soulmate #1.” I do predict another major flop, though. The group’s doing a pure and innocent concept this time around, and their single has been described as a “mid-tempo pop ballad,” which basically just means that F-ve Flops are going from T-ara copycats to A Pink wannabes.

I love F-ve Flops and the fact that they’re a total trainwreck is a tonne of fun, but after seeing how legitimately awesome they were during their “Soulmate #1” performances, I wish CCM would retool them (again) into a genuinely good girl group instead of just a guilty pleasure. It’s too late now, anyway, but if I had my way, I’d change their name to the scandalous S-x Dolls and replace the chick from The Seeya with Dani. That’d slay, right?

F-ve Dolls First Love

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