St. Lucia When The Night
On their recent single, “Elevate,” St. Lucia managed to create what was basically a “Best of the ’80s!” Hot AC hit and modernize it for the 2013 radio listener. The dreamy summer jam conjured up images of tropical island getaways, prancing along the beach at dusk, driving with the top down — and Phil Collins’ ugly mug after too many Piña Coladas. Now the South African synth-pop outfit are getting a little darker (okay, a lot darker) on the epic “Too Close” from their upcoming debut album, When The Night.

“Too Close” sounds like St. Lucia just listened to The Weeknd’s Kiss Land (or The Weeknd just listened to St. Lucia). Here’s a quick breakdown of this virtually perfect pop gem:

0:00-0:45: Sounds like the opening to an old John Carpenter movie.

1:06-1:22: Hooray! It’s those machine gun drum beats that The Weeknd stole from Portishead.

1:45-3:50: Hopped-up italo-disco, only scary.

3:50-4:05: Spooky sci-fi synths.

4:05-5:30: Everything but the kitchen sink.

5:30-6:56: Eerie fade out as the movie winds down and the credits roll.

When The Night drops October 8. I’m making a “must buy” mental note as we speak.