Sky Ferreira You're Not The One
Update: This is actually for a single, not an album (according to Amazon). So it’s the first single off of her upcoming debut studio album, which is due this year, so that’s good news.

Following As If! in 2011 and last year’s excellant Ghost, Sky Ferreira will return with her third EP, You’re Not The One, on September 17.

That’s only a week away. Fuck, yeah!

Don’t you just love this whole “one EP a year” thing Sky has going on? Judging by the quality of the last two, the new one will be about as close to perfect indie-pop as you can get. The title track and lead single has been floating around in high quality live form since late last year, and it’s every bit as good as “Everything Is Embarrassing.” Helmed by the same producer, Ariel Rechtshaid, “You’re Not The One” is a ballsy mess of restless guitar riffs, smashing drums, and reverb-y wailing from the throaty Sky. Super ’80s, super Siouxsie and the Banshees, and super fucking amazing.

Take a listen below from 4:35 onwards.