Sky Ferreira G-Dragon Black
I was not here for G-Dragon’s “Black” when I saw “featuring blah blah blah of YG’s next generic flop” tacked on next to it, but then he released a second version of the song featuring Sky Ferreira, and I was all in. Like, who the hell saw this collaboration coming? The King of K-pop (YG stans’ delusional words, not mine) hooking up with the Queen of Blog-Pop is the most random pairing since T-ara N4 collided with Chris Brown’s misogynistic fist.

Sky makes a great hook singer, enunciating her words like an ’80s pop star trapped in the body of a modern day youthquaker. The song’s melancholy hip-pop production sounds like something from an old Drake album or a new Usher album, but with more K-pop flavour. In other words, it’s basically a VVIP or Let’s Talk About Love non-single! G-Dragon should be ashamed of himself for jacking Seungri’s flaw-free signature sound. We all know that “Black” would sound better from the mouth of BIGBANG’s perverted maknae and that GD should just stick to his terrible “rap” songs and electro poop.