Sky Ferreira G-Dragon Black
I was not here for G-Dragon’s “Black” when I saw “featuring blah blah blah of YG’s next generic flop” tacked on next to it, but then he released a second version of the song featuring Sky Ferreira, and I was all in. Like, who the hell saw this collaboration coming? The King of K-pop (YG stans’ delusional words, not mine) hooking up with the Queen of Blog-Pop is the most random pairing since T-ara N4 collided with Chris Brown’s misogynistic fist.

Sky makes a great hook singer, enunciating her words like an ’80s pop star trapped in the body of a modern day youthquaker. The song’s melancholy hip-pop production sounds like something from an old Drake album or a new Usher album, but with more K-pop flavour. In other words, it’s basically a VVIP or Let’s Talk About Love non-single! G-Dragon should be ashamed of himself for jacking Seungri’s flaw-free signature sound. We all know that “Black” would sound better from the mouth of BIGBANG’s perverted maknae and that GD should just stick to his terrible “rap” songs and electro poop.

  • JammySmoochie

    Definitely a Seungri album leftover. Anything Seungri-sounding is amazing in my book. So good job (?) GD!

  • Sunny

    The moment i hit play, GD’s rapping automatically annoyed me. Thank goodness for Sky (the saving grace of the song). I wish someone would make a version cutting out GD’s parts.

  • Riley Biers

    goddamn g-dragon has the most annoying voice ever.

    smh @ sky’s fate tbh

    • Diogo Santos

      I see that u never listened to neither Ne-yo or Akon

      • Marhaebwa

        *KONVICT* *tribal scream*

  • Marhaebwa

    Nah sorry that was a generic Korean Drake-leftover.
    Sky tried her best, she did, I need to give them preliminary claps to her for trying cos I was never checking her, in the first place.
    All the same, this will never find its place on any of my devices, along with the rest of Coup D’Shat.

    • That’s hilarious… Drake was the first thing that came to my mind!

  • Monsi Simon

    I like this!

  • Nicole Naeun

    This is one of my fave tracks from the album, very beautiful. R.O.D, Crooked, and Who You? are also my favorite. The album as a whole doesn’t stand out, but there are gems here and there like this song.

  • Ahmed Heart-shapes

    She’s so beautiful that’s all that matters

  • Andrés Aguilera

    I wish it was all Sky lol btw it seems like her album WILL drop this year, she’s such a hot mess when it comes to release dates but I love her.

  • Quang Phạm

    You know she’s desperate when she collaborate with GD.

  • hahah i agree! i genuinely liked this song, but now i wonder how better would it sound if it were sung by a DECENT male singer.

    sky is flawless btw

  • Kaori Lee

    queen of blog pop?
    lmfao what in the flop never gonna release an album hell?
    love it sis!

  • leesigh3

    Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be listening to either Seungri’s or GD’s solo albums a week from now. Disappointed. When’s the next big K-Pop release?

  • KingBeaArthur

    Wow…just wow. I definitely wasn’t expecting this pairing one bit but then again I’m not shocked since that whole Pixie Lott/GD&TOP collab happened, so EH.

    Sky sounds good but GD is GD is GD. *goes back to mourning the death of the Piggy Dolls*

  • Scandalous

    I love BigBang and I love GD and T.O.P honestly. I may take a few try to get into some of GD separate songs, after I read the lyrics, but I always end up loving it. I don’t think he’s tapped into Seungri’s style though. You can know seungri, and you can know GD–both the good and the “MichiGO”, that was really not one I liked. I didn’t even look up the lyrics. But anyways, I heard the full Korean version with another girl, but I like this version better–maybe because I like how Sky sings and its English.
    oh and Jacques, are you a fan of Jay Park. I would seriously love to know your thoughts on him, whether good or bad.

  • Dhruv Angrup

    sometimes u just sound like an anti-gd and just hate him just for the sake of hating him..i’m not his fan or anything but when u throw trash comments even on some of his good works and say he ripped his new track from someone, and he isn’t the only one who’s ripping… you really think seungri’s songs are original even though they are good??everyone in kpop is ripping off from someone and please remove his thought from your mind that all those who like his songs are yg or gd stans….normal listeners like his tracks too and i’m one of them…..i hope these are your personal opinions and also don’t take in what i said in a sensitive way…

  • Ex10

    I think what’s funny is all the buzz with NYTimes praising him, I mean did they even read the whole review before going off and publishing those press. NYTimes did not praise him for his music, but compared to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj in terms of style which I don’t think can be taken much as a praise. Sure it points out he is becoming a trend leader for kpop but also mentioning he is just making fine music that has the most american style in mind and encouraging music synthesis. It also mentions how he focus too much on looks than on the music, which is totally not anything near to praising. I just get too tired with all the fans going, he is going global, even new york times reviewed him…….. In general, I like his music, because it is similar to the usual western music i listen to, with similar qualities but just in different languages, so I don’t know….I don’t think he’s as talented as korea and kpop fans trying to make him sound, but he does some good main stream music….

  • haiosh

    WOW is this blog is an anti GD or what?!!! GD is an amazing artists and all of his songs are amazing ! I don’t know who u are but I am sure u are a big loser who’s dreaming of becoming like GD but u can’t because U AREN’T HIM ! Poor you !