Britney Spears Work Bitch
The Holy Spearit has blessed us with the cover art for her latest comeback single, “Work Bitch.” She’s giving me Circus: Vegas Residency Edition realness, and I love it.

“Work Bitch” was jointly produced by and the dude who did Nicole Scherzinger’s “Boomerang” — which I know sounds fucking awful, but considering Godney’s unspoiled track record of never releasing a bad single in her life, I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

But enough about the music. I’m still being slayed by the artwork, so I’ve made a list of seven things that the “Work Bitch” cover art shits on.

7. Katy Perry’s 2013 VMAs Performance

Katy Perry Roar VMAs

6. Katy Perry’s “Roar” spending a second week at No. 1 on the Hot 100

Katy Perry Hot 100

5. The “Hold It Against Me” Music Video

Britney Spears Hold It Against Me

4. Lorde’s “Royals”

Lorde Royals

3. G-Dragon Charting On The Billboard 200 With ‘Crap D’Etat’

G-Dragon Missy  Feature

2. The Femme Fatale tour “choreography”

Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour

1. Lady Gaga’s bullshit apology to Legend X

Lady Gaga WWHL

  • Kris

    You forgot everything Miley Cyrus has done this era.

    • But Miley’s era has been flawless. The aim was to piss people off and make them pressed, and judging by your comment, she’s succeeded <3

      • SerferTJ

        Yeah, but my biggest problem is that she’s using black culture (or whatever she thinks she learned about black culture from a 2 Chainz song) to do it.
        If you wanna act like trash, go ahead. Just stop trying to be “bout that life” and using black people as props to be such a “rebel”.

        • I think it’s half tongue in cheek and just trolling to be honest, but the other half is serious. I’ve always found everything she’s done since “growing up” to be really charming because it’s so normal. When I saw her Gypsy Heart tour she was rocking out and covering Nirvana and stuff, and it was so cute because it was this 17-year-old girl doing cliched Nirvana covers trying to rebel. Now she’s moved onto the whole “I’m cool because I like hip-hop” shtick. It’s all so predictable, but that’s what makes it so charming. It’s just so normal. she’s doing everything that young people do when they’re trying to discover themselves and grow up.

          Plus, it helps that her music has been soooo good. Her last album was amazing and so far this one is going to be too. And when you actually see her interviewed she’s really well-spoken and down to earth and seems to know exactly what she’s doing. I like that she’s very in control, and even when she’s a hot mess you know it’s coming from her. She’s pissing so many people off and it’s fantastic.

          In ten years we’ll look back at Miley and think what she did was tame compared to whoever the next star at the time is. People seem to forget the insane amounts of hate Britney used to get during her early days when she was doing all her shocking growing up stunts. Now we all look back and think it’s flawless, even though at the time everybody was hating and losing their shit. We’ll do the same for Miley too and miss the days when she was running around naked fucking rappers and shit lol

          • T.

            the only single reason why I don’t think maid miley is the next lady britney is because she’s fugly. and I just can’t with her face.

            plus, she’ll have to shave/give A LOT of heads to reach that flawless & iconic lifeless eyes/soulless body look of britney’s.

        • MIKEE

          They’re doing the exact same thing though. By giving one of the most well know celebrities on the planet tracks and having her feature in their songs, they get exposure. Not that I don’t agree with you but it’s a give and take.

      • Kris

        Nope. Still shit. We Can’t Stop was horrid and Wrecking Ball, while an amazing song, has had its meaning diminished by her riding butt naked and practicing fellatio on a slegdehammer. Britney was never this bad

    • Miley is amazing. The only pressed people about her right now are the Hannah Montana fantards and people who is afraid of their own skin and self acceptance, they aren’t unbreakable flowers like a lotus. xD

    • Fawoo

      What Miley has done this era is catapulting her into the league of legendaries.

      If she keeps up her brilliant marketing work, she’ll be used in the same sentence as Katy, Rihanna, Bey, Brit, etc. ~Pop excellence~

  • Nicole Naeun

    Why am I having a bad feeling after knowing that the guy who did Boomerang produced Work Bitch?

    • Fawoo

      Excuse me ma’am Boomerang is the anthem of centuries to come.

      If you expect anything bad from Ms. Spears you will be severely surprised because that’s one area where Ms. Spears is consistent. Her love life, home life, business life, etc. may all be a mess, but her music is always on p o i n t.

    • SerferTJ

      LMAO, I will die a thousand deaths if Britney Spears is getting Nicole Scherzinger leftovers!
      I completely doubt it is tho…but tehehehehe

      • Legend X

        Britney’s management wouldn’t do that,they’d give avril the nicole rejects first <3

      • iAmAwesome

        I will die a million deaths if Britney Spears gets a Nicole Sawdvbsbdns;kl leftover and charts 100x higher than Rock n’ Flop. Lol! Could you imagine?!

        • SerferTJ

          lol, well It’s a good thing I don’t base my love for an artist on things like chart positions.
          If I did, I’d be stanning for some hella basic bitches ;)

          • iAmAwesome

            Lol, you should try bb. That way you’ll get WORLD TOURS and proper eras. I recommend godney cuz she does that and has fantastic music. Try it in small doses tho, don’t want ya to your yourself.

          • SerferTJ

            But when your fave’s world tours look like…this…are they REALLY worth bragging about?
            I’ll pass…


          • iAmAwesome

            YYAAASSSS! Sleeps for a whole year and makes $98 MILLION! Bless

          • SerferTJ

            Yeah she MADE $98 mil…but how much does daddy give her for her allowance? :0

            I’ll never understand why Britney stans brag about how much money Brit has. I mean, ya’ll ain’t on the payroll! Or does every member of BreatheHeavy secretly get a check every month or something?

            Either way, you betta save those retirement checks for X-Tina’s 2053 Bionic (Hip) Tour!!! It’ll be the must-see event for you and all of your golden girlfriends!

          • iAmAwesome

            Probably more than 3 generations of your whole family. She literally spent $7 mil on 99¢ stores and shit. My hillbilly princess ❤️

            It’s not bragging, I’m just simply pointing out how my fave is actually doing shit but struggling in her career.

            Can’t wait to hear her whaling at 73 (^_^). Probably go on tour together with Brit, and then we can all witness Brit’s extraordinary finger vogueing.

          • SerferTJ

            Lol, if getting paid millions to sit in a swivel chair on one of the most watched shows in the world is considered “struggling”, sign me up!

            I can’t wait to see X-Tina SAAAAANNNNG in 40 years while Britney is finger vogueing some sign language for those hard of hearing. Bless Britney’s heart!
            Can’t wait to see you at the show!

          • Legend X

            You’re disgusting. It’s people like you that make me Christina stans look bad. Not all of us blindly hate Britney, I love both of them and even when either of them disappoint me I dont make petty insults. Would you like it if people made fun of Xtina’s troubles with alcohol? No it wouldnt be funny because we knew what her home life was like. Anywho carry on making a fool of yourself.

          • SerferTJ

            I’m disgusting now? Because I said she can’t balance her own checkbooks??? LOL, why so serious?
            I don’t even hate Britney tho, I actually listen to her music. I just dislike her stans who honestly can’t acknowledge the fact that their fave has is a vapid puppet with hundreds of puppeteers pulling the strings. Now that was harsh, but AM I WRONG THO????????
            I don’t see all of this **SLAYAGEEEE**

            If the fans REALLY loved her so much, they’d stop supporting what her handlers are doing to her. The clearly aren’t that concerned with her well being, throwing her on X-Factor/Tours/Vegas-Residency when she’s not at her best, but these selfish “fans” will accept anything from her to the point that they’d pay to see her defecate on stage, so there’s no incentive for the puppeteers to let her get better.

            I can acknowledge that X-Tina likes to drink, got a DUI, is currently flopping like crazy, and had a really bitchy past, but doesn’t mean she’s dull the fact that she’s one of the best singers of our generation, one of most creative pop-stars out there, and she’s a strong independent woman who is gonna say what she wants, whether she’s considered a “bitch” or not. Even if X-Tina never has a hit song/album again, at least we’ll know she stayed true to herself, which is one of the most rare characteristics in pop-stars today.

  • poopeater

    It was also produced by 1/3 of Swedish House Mafia

    • He actually came out and said he didn’t.

      I think they’re just slapping certain people’s names on it to make it sound better lol. Britney probably didn’t write on it either, but she probably approved the song or something so put her on there too since a lot of people criticized Femme Fatale for having no Britney credits on it.

      • sylfi

        Except numerous producers have said Britney doesn’t take credit for shit she doesn’t write. In fact, she usually wants to give credit to people who might not necessarily want it. She credited one of her backup singers for writing Everytime when said singer said that Britney just bounced ideas off of her. Britney may be dead in the pit of her soul, but she ain’t no liar.

        • Lmao I know all that, I used to use it on ppl all the time when defending her.

          But things have changed with Britney in recent years, so I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if and the people making the album have put her as a writer on songs. I don’t trust anything from the Britney camp since the conservatorship, so now I just enjoy her songs and hope for the best for her in her personal life. I don’t really care what she does as long as she’s happy.

          • sylfi

            Should’ve expected you would. You know your shit.

            I’m just saying that she obviously has standards, and I don’t think that she would break those, especially when she never has before. But yeah, her happiness is what’s most important.

            although i can’t be the only one that’s happy about not hearing a peep out of larry or adam this era tbh

          • Legend X

            They’re super busy with Miley. I legit don’t even think they’d know that Miley would blow up the way they did.

          • Legend X

            Jacques, her and her team wouldn’t stoop that low. I know things have gotten crazy in Britney’s camp these past few years, but c’mon if this were the case she would’ve had more writing credits on Circus, FF, S&S, Ooh La La just because people complained that she didn’t.When it at least comes to the musical aspect of things Britney’s team tries to keep it as fair as possible.

          • HausofJuanito

            ACTUALLY that isn’t the case at all :)

            Ingrosso said that one of his artists are writing/producing on the song. So it’s not shady busniess at all

      • Lin Misfits

        My opinion is that Britney had much more input into her latest album than she did with FF, but it’s definitely not as much as we believe it to be.

        • Legend X

          She has input on every one of her albums, and it sucks that a lot of the tracks she writes for her albums usually end up going to other artists or getting scrapped and then leak a few years later.

  • SerferTJ

    Is that half-melted/drugged-up face supposed to tie in with the whole Vegas dancer theme… or is that just something her team of photo-shoppers forgot to get to…

    • LMFAO

    • Legend X

      You’re an idiot. She’s clearly channeling Lady Gaga’s coked up stints and quen Nomi from showgirls. Get with the times.

    • Riley Biers

      omfg lmfao

    • FreakyFlyBri

      I don’t know what GPS told you to come for Britney but you need to re-route and find another way around, boo. That wasn’t cool, that wasn’t lukewarm, and it sure as hell wasn’t hot.

      • iAmAwesome

        LOL! I am so using this from now on.

      • SerferTJ

        I mean…did I lie tho?

        I see that you are a Guest here, so welcome! Please have a seat.
        Actually, have several seats……

  • Ben

    Work Bitch will shit all over Applesauce and SNOAR!


    • Fajar Zakhri

      I should make a song called “Applesauce” I guess!

    • iAmAwesome

      Winterney is coming.

      • Fantasy

        THIS HAS ME WEAK #dead

        • iAmAwesome

          Lol, Where’s the lie?


    How dare you throw Britney’s flawlessly free of flaws, Hold It Against Me video up there!!! May Godney strike you down for your blasphemous words!! Repent sinner!! REPENT!!! Sorry but she looks like drag queen Willam Belli in this pic. Where the hell are her tits?!

    • iAmAwesome

      Well if she does have Ru Paul sampled then it’s perfect, dontcha think?

      • MIKEE

        Sorry but I prefer my drag queens to emulate pop divas, not the other way around.

  • Lin Misfits

    Just a question, it says WRITTEN by X, Y, Z, but is that the same as PRODUCED by? To me, written implies the lyrics. So can anyone give me some insight on whether those people named only worked on the lyrics? Or the full song?

    Thanks :)

    • Legend X

      Britney and Will and Antony wrote it, Sebastian got writing credit because got a LOT of shit on his album for “stealing” beats/sampling without credit and he’s the one who came up with the idea for the beat. Otto Knows produced it.

      • Lin Misfits

        Ah okay. So basically when it said WRITTEN by…it means people who worked on the song as a whole? Written doesn’t mean who wrote the lyrics, it means everyone who made the song the way it is?

        If yes, thanks :)

        • Legend X

          Yeah that’s how writing credits work lol. You can get credit for composing the song, writing the music, or writing the lyrics. If you’re Beyonce you change a word and get credits, publishing rights, and the royalties.

          • Lin Misfits

            hahahaha ok thank you :)

          • Quang Phạm

            “If you’re Beyonce you change a word and get credits, publishing rights, and the royalties.”

  • I don’t care what anyone says… I’ll wait and judge this project (yet again) by what I see on GMA come 9/17. Will we see pumped up, full of life Britney? Or will it be dazed out, can’t speak a sentence Femme Fatale era Brit? Hmmm….

    No matter what I may think of the tacky title, or the fact that fucking will-I-ain’t is still producing for her, I’ll cant help but admit my Queen looks HOT!

    Ps though Jacques… This cover doesn’t shit on Lorde! Lorde is LEGIT.

  • syhrn

    Jacques! May I know what it is that you hate so much about Lorde? I think Royals is amazing and it gets better with each listen! And I think it’s funny how Americans seem to be so infatuated with her when it’s taken Lana Del Rey all these years to break into the top 10 on the Hot 100, and even so it’s with a dance remix.

    • Well, when I first heard her at the start of the year when she was getting big in Australia, I just wrote her off as a manufactured Lana Del Rey rip-off, like Australia/NZ was just trying to churn out their own Lana now that alt-pop is becoming mainstream again. But after I read some of Lorde’s tweets, I realized she’s actually really smart and doesn’t seem like a puppet (at least, not yet, but with the success of “Royals” we’ll see what happens next). So I tried to give her songs another chance but I just can’t get into them at ALL. I hate her voice, and I think the songs are hipster corny. I think it’s just personal taste I guess. I have nothing against her personally. Maybe I’m just too old now!

      • Juztoon

        “like Australia/NZ was just trying to churn out their own Lana”

        Oh dear, Australia back to claiming anything big out of NZ as their own!

        No but seriously Lorde is fantastic, listen to her EP daily and her new single Team is amazing. I think for her age she is incredibly mature/smart. Incredibly happy for her and the success she’s having, for someone out of such a small country where opportunities in the music industry aren’t handed out everyday, let alone on an international level.

        • I totally agree that for her age she’s very mature and smart, and I’m also happy for her success even though I haven’t been able to get into her.

          And I wasn’t trying to take credit for her, but I just meant the Australasia region as a general sweeping statement since we’re all so close to each other and Australia was pretty quick to get behind Lorde

          • Juztoon

            Haha I know, I was playin’ :)

            As a fan naturally I’d say you should give her new single Team a try, had that on repeat all day.

          • I gave it one spin and didn’t like it at all, but the quality of the rip I heard was low. I’m waiting to hear Lorde one day and then have her click and be like “oooh, she’s actually amazing!” but it definitely hasn’t happened yet LOL.

  • Riley Biers

    Katy’s music video for Roar is literally the worst fucking thing I have ever seen. Holy fucking shit, what a piece of garbage her era is right now. Such a backwards movement for pop.

    • Fajar Zakhri

      It ain’t that bad boo. PS: You’re cute

    • I actually like the video. My problem with it is that it’s EXACTLY the same as a Teenage Dream era video. It’s literally just “California Gurls” but with a jungle theme. The reason that annoys me is that Katy made a huge point of emphasising how much she’s changing for this era she specifically said she wouldn’t just come out with Teenage Dream part II, and that’s exactly what she’s done.

      • Monae

        She actually said a few weeks ago for Digital Spy that ‘there’s no darkness’ on ‘Prism’ and that ‘There’s definitely some textures and colours but I think I was saying that when I was going through a different phase, but I really let that light in’.

        She’s keeping it real when it comes to her music – she knows she’s kinda basic and she’s not pretending her music is here to save the world.

        • I read that, but it wasn’t even THAT long ago that she was talking about the darkness on the album. And what about all those Prism teasers? Lol.

  • . : : H 2 O : : .

    DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ the “Las Vegas” tag

    She knows her place … nothing but a dried up irrelevant Vegas act with a flop album out

  • iAmAwesome

    “but considering Godney’s unspoiled track record of never releasing a bad single in her life, I’m sure it’ll be amazing.”

    This commandment right here!
    #whenWillYourFave #AcceptHerAsYourLordAndSaviour #beforeItsTooLate

  • OnlyGirlinTheWorld

    “Circus: Vegas Residency Edition realness” IM HOLLERING!

  • KingBeaArthur

    My QUEEN!!! That cover is perfection.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    LMAOOO @ the massive piece of shit that Work Bitch really is… it just leaked and it’s awful in all of its meaning