Seungri Gotta Talk To U
Did any of you guys check out the official K-pop chart rankings this week? G-Dragon just landed six songs in the top ten (and his album also charted on the Billboard 200 off digital sales alone), while Seungri’s “Gotta Talk To U” just plunged to No. 33 in its third week.

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Even Seungri’s album sales have been low by BIGBANG standards. His Let’s Talk About Love EP has sold 73,000 copies for the month of August, which is the same as B.A.P’s Badman EP, and less than the 84k of VIXX’s Jekyyl. Both B.A.P and VIXX’s albums were released before Seungri’s giving them a head start, but Let’s Talk About Love is already down to No. 13 on the album charts, while VIXX is still in the top ten.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t BIGBANG’s sexiest member be shifting more copies than rookie boy bands who have yet to place first on a music program?

Koreans needs to wake the fuck up and recognize the sex-crazed midget that is Seungri as the Prince of Pop and the country’s answer to Justin Timberlake. Fuck G-Dragon, Kim Hyun-joong, Taeyang, and all these other basic bitches who never made an album as good as VVIP or Let’s Talk About Love. Also, YG needs a kick up the ass for scheduling GD’s comeback so close to Seungri’s. It’s just as evil as SM putting EXO on top of f(x).