Seungri Gotta Talk To U
Did any of you guys check out the official K-pop chart rankings this week? G-Dragon just landed six songs in the top ten (and his album also charted on the Billboard 200 off digital sales alone), while Seungri’s “Gotta Talk To U” just plunged to No. 33 in its third week.

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Even Seungri’s album sales have been low by BIGBANG standards. His Let’s Talk About Love EP has sold 73,000 copies for the month of August, which is the same as B.A.P’s Badman EP, and less than the 84k of VIXX’s Jekyyl. Both B.A.P and VIXX’s albums were released before Seungri’s giving them a head start, but Let’s Talk About Love is already down to No. 13 on the album charts, while VIXX is still in the top ten.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t BIGBANG’s sexiest member be shifting more copies than rookie boy bands who have yet to place first on a music program?

Koreans needs to wake the fuck up and recognize the sex-crazed midget that is Seungri as the Prince of Pop and the country’s answer to Justin Timberlake. Fuck G-Dragon, Kim Hyun-joong, Taeyang, and all these other basic bitches who never made an album as good as VVIP or Let’s Talk About Love. Also, YG needs a kick up the ass for scheduling GD’s comeback so close to Seungri’s. It’s just as evil as SM putting EXO on top of f(x).


  • Lin Misfits

    YG didn’t seem to promote or market him well enough. Usually they release several teasers over a period of time, but they didn’t even give any warnings for his release.

    Also what the hell? YG promoted GD’s album by showing a clip on their building! Where’s Seungri’s promotion?!


    • I know, it feels like they just threw the album out there as like a warm up for G-Dragon. I don’t know why they didn’t get behind it properly. Isn’t Seungri gonna do a Japanese version? I hope it becomes really popular in Japan lol

      • Josh Chinnery

        According to Generasia, it is all of VVIP and Let’s Talk About Love translated in Japanese


    It’s pretty clear they could give two shits about Seungri. His whole album is literally perfect. The mv for Gotta Talk To You is the classiest 4:43 of pure sex I’ve ever seen. His stages are clean, slick, simple and sexy. GD is an unoriginal, thunder stealing troll. I ENVOKE THEE MANON TO FUCKING END GD’S HORRENDOUS CAREER!! Btw I love your frequent use of flawless The Craft gifs :-)

    • mergong

      Hail to the guardians of the watch towers of the east.

      Powers of air and invention,

      Hear us!

      • MIKEE

        Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the north. Powers of mother and earth, hear us!

        I ❤️ u btw lol.

  • oppar is not yours

    at least SM still worked to make both exo and fx’s comebacks successful.

    didn’t Seungri’s sales increase from his last solo effort tho? if i’m not mistaken, he sold around 40k. tho 70k is still modest considering the major increase of BB’s popularity since then and that’s also about the same number infinite’s sunggyu sold D:

    But YG’s been a mess generally tho. Only cares about BB and GD.

  • Nicole Naeun

    First of all, I’m really surprised at how well VIXX is doing this era, but of course I’m happy for them. They’ve been releasing amazing music this year (all 3 title tracks are epic) and I hope they’ll continue that next year.

    “BIGBANG’s sexiest member” –> well, that’s arguable, I think T.O.P is, but I recently (& finally) listened to Seungri’s album properly, and I gotta say, it’s a HUGE let down from VVIP. VVIP was just as generic but in a good, amazing way while LTAL is kind of generic boring. I don’t find any song as good as Gotta Talk To You. GG Be is quite good, but all VVIP’s b-sides are so good and better than GG Be. So, honestly, I wasn’t surprised at how bad this era is for him (his scandal also takes part in causing his flopness though).

    • I thought the new album wasn’t that good compared to VVIP at first, but then I listened more and fell in love with it. I think I like VVIP more due to flawlessness of “I Know,” but the new album is really amazing as well to me and very similar to VVIP, just sexier.

  • Josh Chinnery

    Poor Seungri… As G-Dragon continues to be an embarrassment to rational K-Pop fans, Seungri’s sexiness is currently populating flopville. IT’S SO UNFAIR, YO!!!

    • Torvaltz

      Well what do you expect when it comes down to the “untalented member of Big Bang” and YG’s “Golden Child”? I mean, YG HIMSELF flat out said that G-Dragon was and still is his favorite in the YG Family. I love G-Dragon, but the favoritism that he gets is making me get fed up with him and YG in general. And you know Seungri already gets teased and bullied to high heaven by Big Bang. I mean, I know a lot of it is like brotherly teasing and I’m sure everything is alright in the end, but I don’t think any of them (especially GD) gets that there’s a fine line between lighthearted and just too much. It doesn’t happen now though. Not like it was a couple years ago. I just hope people realize what they’re missing out on when it comes to Ri’s album!

      • Ex10

        Honestly, I don’t think YG is good at publicity at all, and they just kind of rub it off by saying, well we have good music so whatever. Plus, YG just rushed to debut EVERYONE’s single at this time of the year, because that’s when they finally get everything done. I mean this whole summer is YG Artist after YG Artist, and I’m kind of tired even though I’m a huge YG Family fan. On the other hand, for the Seungri situation, I think its just always like that for bigbang solos, either they don’t come or they just come in a row. Plus somehow Seungri’s solo always goes right before GD’s, I’m guessing is also because GD always do featuring in Seungri’s, which will be easier for cross promotion , and he admit that he likes to have Seungri promote with him (and let’s admit that is totally selfish).
        As for the GD situation, it doesn’t surprise me that he is always the golden boy, because let’s admit, he is very talented, he has the most fans, and Koreans in general just eat up whatever he throws off. Plus, GD grew up in the company with all the artists and producers before it became the hyped up hip pop empire with colorful clothing. All the best producers like Teddy is his best friend, and while YG manage really loosely, all the producers just put their favorites on priority. Also, his style really did kind of define how YG is today, and I think YG has been treating him as SeoTaiJi No.2 and trying to fulfill his own music dream through GD.
        I still think GD’s new album is really artistic and creative, not just because its his album but it got all of YG’s top producer and composers working with every single song of it. That is really unfair for other artist, because its always GD who gets all the good resources, even taeyang have to wait to finally get his album done because all the best producers are with GD on every single song he makes.
        I like that Seungri is really bold and just goes off and make his own album instead of waiting to get his album after GD, taeyang, CL (now add the new boy group and girl group to that list). He kind of makes his own everything tho, publicity, manager, producer etc, which is really just normal in YG. Even PSY before the whole Gangnam style thing, is kind of his own managing company, which I’m guessing is also why Gummy after all these years with YG is signing to another company. It seems that in YG, if you are not good at making everything on your own, you will either get nothing or wait for tons of years to get something that should be done in a few months. I mean its kind of the same for SUJU in sm tho, they also get pushed back with almost everything since they are never the top top boy group in Korea, but at least they are given chances with almost everything and have on scheduled music, which YG gives nothing to its non-GD artist

    • Torvaltz

      I messed up on my last comment so I decided to re-do it. So I’ll try again and I’m taking it from the top. So let me just say one thing to YG… WHAT THE FUCK? I mean, what were you thinking putting GD’s comeback so close to Seungri’s?! Anyone with common sense would realize that everyone would be all over GD and his album and ignoring Seungri AS USUAL. It’s like an unfair cycle that will unfortunately go on as long as Big Bang does solo stuff: Seungri (or Daesung) releases an album or song that’s really good. Then GD or Taeyang (NOT HATING ON THEM NOT HATING ON THEM, SO DON’T ACCUSE ME OF HATING WHILE I’M JUST SAYING THE TRUTH!) comes out with an album or a song, and then you have everyone all over GD and Taeyang will Ri and Dae are left in the shadow realm. I mean, Ri’s already underrated and underappreciated as is. And Josh, let me ask you a literal honest question, what did any of us expect when it came down to Seungri vs YG’s “Golden Child”? In this, I mean the whole G-Dragon being displayed on the entire YG Building when I’m pretty sure Seungri only got one teaser and probably did his own thing on Twitter. From what I see in the comments, promotion seemed to have played a pretty big part in this unfairness. I mean, YG couldn’t have made his favoritism towards GD more obvious (other than when he outright said it in an interview. Just look up G-Dragon favoritism for the full article).

  • Marhaebwa

    YG threw Seungri under a Seoul subway. End.

  • Yeezus Croissants

    A plague upon those who do not worship at the Glory of the Second Cumming of Our Towel-Throwing Saviour Seungrisus.

  • leesigh3

    This album has already sold a lot better than his last album as far as physical copies go so it’s not like his world is ending.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Congrats to my VIXX babies!!!

    Poor Seungri :( I hate to see him struggling when all GD has to do is squeal a little bit and say “swag” a few times and he sells a shit ton!

  • Bluebeat

    It was in-competition with those other manufactured boybands like EXO and Teen Top during the time of its release. GDragon was lucky his only competition was KARA who’s not from Big 3.

    • James Smith III

      teen top is not withe the big3

  • Dhruv Angrup

    this is easily best release from yg this year till now and it going to remain the best unless bigbang makes a comeback later this year….even though gd’s album was not bad at all and has some pretty good songs… comes nowhere close to the perfection of let’s talk about love……

  • Langawi

    Gotta Talk to You is the kpop song of the year for me along with SITAR19’s Gone Not Around Any Longer.. I don’t understand how the hell it is not successful. It’s unique yet addictive at the same time!! #JusticeforSeungri

  • Torvaltz

    Oh My gosh. Are you SHITTING me?! I FUCKING LOVE Seungri’s solo album, especially Gotta Talk To You! (I’m dancing to it right now as I type this)It pisses me off how Seungri is ALWAYS overshadowed and underestimated when it comes to Big Bang as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the members of Big Bang to death, hell they’re my favorite idol group in all of K-Pop. But really, can’t Seungri have the spotlight even ONCE? I mean, Seungri has improved lots (not that I hated his first solo album), but does he get the recognition that he deserves? NO. I mean, the poor Panda even experienced depression and thought about quitting music because he thought that he was inferior to his fellow Big Bang members and that he was untalented. And that was only a year ago too! YG needs to get his shit together and start promoting ALL of his artists, not just his “Golden Child”

  • contranova

    I agree with everything minus the Justin Timberlake bit.

  • Janee’

    I bought his album. It was solid. I even like “Yoohoo” :/

  • Tami Menzed

    since he isn’t my fave, I’m glad he flops

  • keller

    wow i dont get why you all are blaming this on GD i mean if you have to blame someone blame YG then again seungris album was already flopping before G dragons album came out so….and anyway GD was doing so much for seungri like promoying his album in interviews and stuff and as far as favouritism go why are you blaming GD for that? its not his fault he’s a favourite you know.

  • Mattey

    Seungri’s a sex addict and that’s why I love that little fucker. Continue with the sexual controversies to get the attention Papa YG doens’t give you Seungri.