SECRET Song Ji Eun Solo
Well, this is a very welcome surprise. Last night, SBS played a comeback teaser for Song Ji Eun’s new solo single on Inkigayo.

There’s been no prior announcement from TS Entertainment about a solo comeback for Ji Eun, so this is completely out of the blue. Judging by the teaser, Ji Eun’s going for another depressing, maudlin concept, which is totally fine by me. SECRET already has ultra sexy and ultra cute down to a fine art, so Ji Eun best stick in the emo lane she carved out for herself with 2010’s “Going Crazy.”

Speaking of “Going Crazy,” did you know that it’s the only single from SECRET –solo or as a group– to top the Gaon charts other than “Madonna”? The Bang Yongguk-assisted hip-hop ballad was a huge hit back when it was released, closing out 2011 as the 38th biggest song of the year.

It always seemed weird to me that TS Entertainment never tried to promote Ji Eun as a soloist beyond that one hit, but I guess with SECRET’s schedule being packed with unnecessary Japanese activities –followed by the heavy Korean activities they had to do to regain their popularity after squandering it during their time in Japan– there was simply no time.

“YooHoo” was really successful this year (it’s currently the 27th biggest song of 2013), but SECRET’s standing with the Korean public has been a little shaky ever since Hyosung’s ridiculous ilbe scandal. A Ji Eun solo is a perfect bridging single between “YooHoo” and SECRET’s next single — which will drop before the end of the year, according to Queen Hyosung.

Hyorin and Girl’s Day’s mystery soloist better hold onto their wigs!